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Wednesday, April 16, 1997

Having more time than money (and maybe good sense) I started this little project. I found that I had many Bookmarks to Philatelic Home Pages. But to find the information I was looking for, I had to spend a lot of time, "surfing" from one page to another. So these are my "bookmarks". I have also included individuals personal home pages as I found them. These home pages contain many offers of trades, expert information on different subjects, pictures of stamps, and many other interesting things. It is worth the time to visit them. ALSO, I have a list of e-mail addresses for those individuals who do not have home pages.

For those of you who have visited my pages before, you can see the new format. I did this because of the "loading" time and to make the entering of new links easier for me. Please note that the numbers before the links may change as I add and delete links. But can be used when referring to a link with me.

If you do not find what you are looking for here - check the Topical Page, where the links are by Subject. I will be moving links from this page to there as I have time.

This will be an on-going project and will be updated as often as I can. If you want to be included on this page, make changes, or be deleted for some reason, please let me know. To be included, please sent me your URL or E-Mail address and a brief description of your interest to me at

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My Newest Project - Chuck's International Numbering System


  1. Stamp Auction Central - Now carries notice of any upcoming Auction whether they have a web site or not. If I don't have it below - Tom will.
  2. European Auction Site - European Auction Calender and Auction Catalogue. In German, French and English.
  3. Century Stamps OnLine Catalog - Net Sale Catalogs of US mint and used stamps. Regular Issues, Back of the Book, Duck Stamps, etc.
  4. Chalon Stamps Home Page - British Commonwealth and Others
  5. Dan Hamernick - U.S. Stamp Auction
  6. Kansas City Stamp Shop - Auctions and many other Philatelic Services
  7. Lynco Stamps for Collectors - Auctions and other Philatelic Services
  8. On Line Auctions Home Page - Links to other Auctions on one home page
  9. Lakeside Philatelic Auctions - Candian and British Commonwealth
  10. WWW Stamp Auctions - The Name says it all
  11. IVYDEE- Auction Page & Philatelic Services
  12. Playle's Postcard Auctions - Old Picture Postcards of all kinds
  13. Andre Viau - Stamps for collector Andre Viau - Stamps for collectors - Canadian & Foreign, Stamp Mixtures & Singles
  14. Stamp and Coin King
  15. Geostamps WWW Stamp Headquarters - View highest and place bid on line
  16. - World Wide List of Auctions, some with links to them
  17. Robert A. Lee Philatelist Ltd. - Exclusively Canadian Stamps and Items
  18. Stanley Gibbons Auctions
  19. DJ'S STAMPS - US Auctions
  20. Philatelists Online - Interactive Online Auctioning Service. Has SmartBid Bidding, Images and lot descriptions and WEBPEX, a Want List Service.
  21. AuctionWeb Classifieds - On-line Bulletin Board, and Bidding; Classified Ads, and many other features.
  22. Weeda Stamps Ltd. - 90 World Wide Lots Weekly, plus weekly special. Bidboard has been running for over 20 years.
  23. DBE STAMPS- World Wide Lots, Lots of nice Great Britain.
  24. James C. Young's US Auction Page
  25. James C. Youngs Foreign Auction Page - British Commonwealth and World Wide Lots
  26. Ian Kimmerly Stamps - Home Page - Five Auctions a year - Specializing in Canadian and British North America. A storefront location since 1986.
  27. Ivy and Mader Philatelic Auction
  28. James J. Reeves - Mail Bid Catalog and ALL kinds of philatelic supplies.
  29. KeMP On-Line Philatelic Auctions - Home Page - On-line Philatelic Auctions held monthly, with a one week open window bids
  30. Oslo Stamp & Coin-center - Monthly Auctions, Bid on-line, Saleslists. - In English and Norwegian.
  31. France International. Pierre Wertheimer, Mail Bid Sales, Topicals. French, US, Foreign.
  32. Regency Stamps, Ltd. - St. Louis, MO. Conducts about 4 public sales a year either in town or at major stamp shows.
  33. Auction Universe! - Collectible auctions by Collectors: AuctionUniverse! - The name says it all.
  34. Philatelic Phantasies - On-line auctions, plus mail order service.
  35. Andre Viau - Stamps for collectors - Mail bids - Canada, Foreign, Mixtures, Accumulations, Covers and Collections. In French and English
  36. The Superior Auction Gallery
  38. zstampz, stamp auction, frimärksauktion - Stockholm, Sweden
  39. R Maresch & Son - Family owned Auction House in Toronto, Canada
  40. www.StampAuctions.Com - Full Service, On-line Acutions
  41. The Auction Store - All types of acutions, including Stamps.
  42. Joe Treadway Auctions - World Wide Lots

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Dealers and Traders

  1. Australia and the South Pacific Stamps - Charleston Stamps - Year Sets, singles, FD Covers, Booklets, Topicals, Packets & Mixes. Topical Links. Updated regularly - What more can you ask for?
  2. Richard's Stamps - World Wide, but mainly U.S., G.B., Australia, Canada, & Germany. If you are interested in Machin Heads - Richard can help you
  3. Coughlin's - Specializing in Stamps and Postal History of the US Possessions, including all eras of Canal Zone, Cuba, Guam, Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Ryukyu Isands. Look for Ray at Shows also.
  4. Swan Stamps Specialist in British Stamps - Pages of British Stamps for sale. GREAT graphics.
  5. Stamp O Rama Web Site - A web site for Stamp Traders and more
  6. The Blue Eagle's Nest - Of cousre Alton has stamps For Sale, But he also has US & Foreign Future Stamp Issues, Words and Terms, & a Classroom Ideas page with ideas to get young people interested in Philately submitted by teachers
  7. Don's Stamp Collecting Page - Stamps and Packets
  8. Icelandic stamps for sale
  9. BADEN 1851 STAMP - Offering Rare and Important Stamps including an Unused Baden 1851 - Have any pocket change laying around?>
  10. Burkhart Stamps Home Page - U.S., Foreign and World Wide Revenues
  11. Canadiana Philatelics - Specialize in Canadian and German Stamps. Postal History, Stamps, Covers, Booklets, and Stationary - Neat Want List Form
  12. Chalon Stamps Home Page - Mainly British Commonwealth
  13. Don Mullins, KILOWARE LIST - The name says it all - World Wide Mixes
  14. FLG Cachets - Hand Painted First Day Covers
  15. Henry Gitner Philatelists, Inc. - Something for Everyone - Lots of nice Pictures
  16. TULIP PHILATELICS Worldwide Unhinged Mint Stamps - Sjoerd Jager's Title says it all.
  17. Philacollect of London - Again something for everyone, covers, lots of different countries
  18. Australia On-Line Stamps - Mostly Australian and the Areas and Islands near Australia
  19. JC Stamps - Plymouth, England - A "Full Service" Stamp Store
  20. J. E. Stewart Philatelics - British Commonwealth
  21. LC STAMPS - large World Wide selection.
  22. L.B.Stamps - Specialize in Canadian Stamps
  23. Lynco Stamps for Collectors - Has Auctions and Mail Sales - All types of U.S. and World Wide.
  24. Shakespeare Stamps - World Wide Packets of Stamps
  25. The Stamp Trader Home Page - Canadia, Czechoslovakia, Australia, New Zeland and others - Butterflies on Stamps
  26. Mark Leon US Mint Stamps - The Name says it All - Lots of Pictures
  27. Westminster Stamp Gallery, Ltd. - Stamps by Subject or Theme
  28. Seaside Book & Stamp - Science Fiction/Fantasy Books, Stamps, Stamp Supplies, Philatelic Literature - The link says is all
  29. SDC StampsStamps of Canada and Germany
  30. Kei-Mar Stamps - Keith & Mary Rathbone - Foreign and Topical Stamps
  31. First Day Covers - Ed Kosciolek's Covers
  32. Geostamps WWW Stamp Headquarters - Bulk, Wholesale, Individual Stamps & Philatelic Products
  33. DJ'S STAMPS - U.S. including Booklets and Sheets
  34. Christ Stamps Homepage
  35. Jamestown Stamp Company, Inc. - Have a special on U.S. Commemoratives
  36. Baltic State Stamps - Constantine Kliorys - Year Sets & Souvenir Sheets
  37. DTS International - All types of Philatelic Supplies and Services. Auction coming in March
  38. Icestamp - Specializing in Icelandic. Have Faero Island & Greenland
  39. The Stamp Shop - U.S. and World Wide Mixtures
  40. Fortunes of War - Philatelic Items related to different Wars - and different Countries
  41. Stamps price list: Early U.S. mint and used - Joseph Luft's. Over 1,700 Lots for sale, with pictures.
  42. Gregory K. Deeters Online Stamp Shop - U.S., WW, Unpicked and Premium Mixtures
  43. Empire Collection Stamp Company - British Commonwealth Stamps.
  44. Don & Arline - British Commonwealth Stamps.
  45. BC-InterStamps Home Page - World Wide - strong in Scandinavia, Europe, Br. Commonwealth and Thematics
  46. Ronald C. Alfin's Philatelic Material - Needs for the Beginner, Intermediate & "Pro" collector. Buy, Sell & Trade
  47. "Ted's Coins & Stamps" - Still under construction, but looks like it will be interesting
  48. Stamps for collections - Switzerland - In German, French and English. Lots of stuff here.
  49. Postage Stamps of the ex-USSR States - E-Mail Links for ex-USSR & Romania
  50. Don Black Stamps - World Wide Stamps, Postcards, Nice Beginners Page
  51. The Merz Pages - Packets of World Wide and Topical Stamps
  52. Unique Estate Appraisals - Stamps and Postcards. Still under construction but has Price List and a neat form for posting your want list. Keep checking back
  53. TT WEB PAGE - Topical Stamps, provide Topical Approvals, Price and Want List
  54. AmeriCom Philatelic - Mint U.S. Stamps - Has price for "special" issues
  55. Jim Mehrer's Postal History Page - Jim has 6 mail bids a year, sells supplies, and publishes postal history reference literature also.
  56. Oost Europese Philatelie - In Dutch - Peter van Esch - in the Netherlands. Deals in philatelic material from East European Countries
  57. Peach Stamps - Warner Robins, Georgia - All kinds of US Mint, Never Hinged. Including "Back of Book" and Duck Stamps
  58. Chappie's Chinese Stamps - Packets, Brokerage Service, Fills Want List
  59. Stamps! - Gary Gompt - World Wide Stamp Packets
  60. Jamestown Stamp Company, Inc. - Full Service Dealer
  61. Anguilla Stamp Page - Order Anguilla Stamps online with Credit Card
  62. "Stamp List Page" - Alan Anderson's Stamp Store - World Wide, Nice Photos, Loads quickly
  63. WELCOME TO PAPERLESS STAMPS - Rick Mingee's Electronic Stamp Store - Dealing in Early US Stamps. Graphics of all lots. Also collects San Francisco Postal History
  64. Kontinet's Home Page- In English and Spanish. World Wide, nice photos
  65. Edward Kosciolek's First Day Covers
  66. UN Price ListHenry Gitner Philately Inc.
  67. Americana Resources - Stamps & First Day Covers
  68. Betsy & Chuck Christmas Seals & Stamps for Collectors - Specializing in Christmas Seals, EFOs and Japan
  69. Cyber-Stamps - On-line source for Stamps and Collectables
  70. PostLine International Home Page - Information about and Sale of Stamp Cards
  71. Don & Arline - Bargainville Stamps - British Commonwealth, MNH Topicals. Has e-mail form on web site.
  72. Welcome to Stanley Gibbons!
  73. Stuart Katz - Stamps For Collectors - US & World Wide, Disney, Topical, Collections and Accumulations.
  74. West Nissouri Stamp Company - Canada, Baltic States, Canada & British Commonwealth, Scandinavia and Western Europe
  75. Philip R. Spitzer, Philatelist: Stamps, Covers, and Anything Philatelic - The name says it all
  76. Oceania Philatelic Galleries - Specializes in Stamps, Covers, and Philatelic Material of the Island Countries of the Pacific and Indian Ocean
  77. Collector's Corner Home Page - U.S. Stamps and Coins. Also Baseball Cards. On-line order form
  78. Zanaria Philatelic - Located in Milan, Italy. On-line Order Form.
  79. George C. Baxley's Home on the Web - Japan, Ryukyus, Far East, France, French Colonies and Western Europe. Buying and Selling. Price List on web site
  80. Pugh Cachets, Inc. - Handpainted U.S. FDCs (since 1979).
  81. Swedish Stamps - Lars Ohlson - Mint Never Hinged, Used, Year Sets and Some very nice graphics.
  82. Ben R Rosenthal's stamps and covers - Dealer in Covers - World Wide, Military, Occupations, First Flights and also picture Postcards for the turn of the century, many with small town post marks
  83. Jim McCain Stamp Page - Jim has some very nice graphic, Lots of stamps to trade, Useful hints to new collectors, and links to other Philatelic Sites.
  84. Tim "Stretch" Streed's Stamp Page - Tim is still working on the pages, but will have want and trade list, so check back regularly
  85. Stein Langorgen's stamp page - Trade Lists by Michel, Scott, AFA and Facit Numbers.
  86. JAN VIDAR'S STAMP PAGE - Collects Christmas, Fish, and World Wide. Would like to trade for Norwegian issues.
  87. Faircloth Cachets: Hand-Painted First Day Covers - Nicely done, good looking covers
  88. Welcome to Sunflower Philatelics Home Page! - World Wide Stamps; Graphics of US; Auction and Links.
  89. Island Stamps Online - Welcome Page -Exclusively a Newfoundland Stamps Site. Includes Auctions, Stamp Profiles, Links, Proofs and Plates, Marketplace, etc.
  90. Don Mullins - Homepage - Wants to Trade. Want Lists, Mixtures on Paper & Music on Stamps
  91. Thomas Schmidt - Stamps - Link to Stamp Traders List. Specializes in Great Britain used, Great Britain Coil & Booklets, Machin Heads
  92. Tecnopolis - M2 - Antonio De Girolamo - Antonio collects mainly Italian Mint and Used Stamps but likes to Trade stamps of other countries. Pages in both Italian and English
  93. Robert Schaps' Stamp Collecting Main Page - Collects World Wide and would like to Trade. Has want lists.
  94. Jorgen Aabach's Home Page - Lots of different countries and topics to trade
  95. Dave's Canadian and Commonwealth Stamps - Dave Marasco - Canadian and British Commonwealth to sell or trade
  96. Postzegels-Postage Stamps - Jan Nackaerts - Collects Belgian Stamps. Also Topical Fauna & Flora.
  97. STAMPS... Collecting and trade - Mark de Hoo - A Family affair. Mark collects Aruba, and anything that lives underwater and scuba diving. His mother collects Flora and Fauna.
  98. CHINA STAMP PAGE by Sunji - Nice Graphics of China Stamps. Trade and Want Lists via E-Mail.
  99. Swappers & Collectors Pages - Home Page - Stamps, Phonecards, Postcards. List of people to trade with. Links.
  100. Rare Stamps of Great Britain - Thomas Mathe - Specialises in the Great Britain, Queen Victoria Issues. Trades, Buys and Sells.
  101. Johnson Philatelics - Mainly deals in British Commonwealth
  102. Bart's Stamps - World Wide
  103. Wombat Lake Stamps - Home Page - Warren Laker - Australian Stamps - Great Graphics
  104. The Stamp Guy - Richard Kropp - US Stamps and Topicals on Approval.
  105. ebourse, Stamp Collecting Marketplace - Hard to describe - Lots of good information - Lists - Classified Ads - and more - Check it out.
  106. Tina's Fabulous Home Page - Tina has lots of lists of stamps to sell.
  107. National Wildlife Philatelics - Specialize in Federal, State, International, and Junior Duck Stamps. Album Pages for the Federal and Junior Duck Stamps. Also stock of World Wide Conservation issues
  108. NBC Associates - Infocachet - Publishers of INFO, INFO GOLD & USA First Day Covers. On Line Catalog.
  109. Birdland Stamps - Stamp collections, lots, offers...Something for everyone - Walter Bird - The name says it all.
  110. Mickie's Stamps & Covers - Mickie Johnson - Deal in U.S. and World Wide Stamps, Covers, and Postal History. Specializes in U.S. Postal History.
  111. Mark O'Neill Philatelic Supplies - On-line Mail Order Services - Thematic/Topical, Country and New Issues Listing.
  112. Collector's Home Page - All types of Philatelic & Coins supplies.
  113. The General Store - Specializes in Stamps and Coins of Hawaii
  114. minnstamp - Minnesota Stamp & Coin Co. - Complete Source of U.S. Stamps. Has 88 page catalogue.
  115. Stamps for sale / Eladó bélyegek - Jr. Attila Ambrozai - World Wide Used and Mint
  116. Rainer's Stamp Homepage - Rainer's Stamp Corner, Fine Stamps and Postal History World Wide. Pages in German and English.
  117. China Stamp Market ..... China Stamp 19XX' - Stamps of China Un-used, Minst, s/s
  118. Philately - Stamps - Collections - Thematics - Auctions - AB Philea - The name says it all - in Swedish and English
  119. Stampjan's Home Page 2 - Mixtures for sale
  120. Soeren Andersson & Co. - Scandinavian and Worldwide Postal History and Covers.
  121. Rainer's Stamp Homepage - In German and English
  122. The McCain's Home Page - Over 3,000 stamps, to trade. World wide selection
  123. U.S. Stamp Specialists - Extremely conservative on grading.
  124. Lakeshore Philatelics - Specializes in Canada and Germany, but also carries World Wide Stamps.
  125. Collector's Gallery - - Ken Greenberg - US Stamps, Graphics, in business since 1976
  126. Macao Stamps - Nuno Melo - Just getting started, Graphics
  127. ARPIN PHILATELY Inc. API, Free stamps & albums! Approvals - The name says it all.
  128. C&J's Stamp Stuff - Tips for Beginners - Approvals
  129. Julian Goldberg - Supplies & Accessories, WWI & WWII collections & sets. Palestine Covers.
  130. Mike Sagar - Collector/Dealer in Postal Stationery from Canada and the World. Complete list of material for sale. Links
  131. Mill Creek Limited - Steve Crippe - US Error Stamps - new graphic each week.
  132. Post-Age Collectibles - Philately (Stamps) - Specializing in China, including PRC, Japanese Occupation, Provinces. Also U.S. and General Foreign.
  133. Shades Stamp Shop Ltd - New Zeland Shop. Carries New Zeland, Australia, Pacific Islands and Antarctic Stamps and Covers. Cater to the Thmatic Collector.
  134. "Col. Larry R. Davidson, Georgia, USA" - US, World Wide and Topical Approvals
  135. Osborne Kaufmann - Your American-European Stamp Connection - Shops in US and Europe. Buy and Sell World Wide Collections
  136. "Stamp Dealer Central (SDC) WebSuite Collectible Stamp Sales" - A list of, and links to Dealers who have sites at Stamp Dealer Central
  137. G & C Stamp Company - Something for Everyone
  138. Jim's Stamp Page Index - Jim is a collector and part-time dealer in US and some World Wide stamps
  139. Collectors World - Canadian Stamps and Coins; Russian Stamp year sets; Country and Thematic stamp packets. - In English and French
  140. Patrick Salitra's Stamps - Stamp dealer in Vancouver BC, Canada. - check out his "Year of the Ox" page
  141. Magazzu Stamps - World Wide Selection
  142. Willem's Stamp Site - Want and Trade list for Western-Europe.
  143. Glen Stephens, Worldwide Mail Order Stamp Dealer - The Name says it all.
  144. World Wide Stamp Collections - Collin Deane - The Name says it all - Large Selection to choose from.
  145. William Lawrence Philatelics - British Empire - Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II, Mint, Used, Sets and Singles.
  146. Icstamp's Home Page - Luc Champagne - Mainly Canadian Mint Stamps. In French
  147. CelMark Corp. - U.S. Stamps, Classics, "Back of Book", Specilists in Postal Stationery and Revenues - in other words - everything.

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Personal Home Pages

  1. Charlie Leck Home Page - Interested in US Stamps, Horses on Stamps. Charlie has lots of other interests - check them out.
  2. Stamp Collections - Per Lindqvist's & Linda Andreasson's Stamp Collections
  3. Bob's Stamp Collecting Interests
  4. Bjørn Munch's Stamps Page
  5. Charles Davidson's Home Page - Collects US & Performing Arts. Articles from Global Stamp News
  6. STAMPEDE - Derek Yardley's Home Page, Philatelic Traders' Society and Stampex
  7. FJC's Stamp Page - Has stamps for sale
  8. Jacques' Stamp Page - Topical Projects - Scouting & Endangered Species. Making List for Endangered Species - would like input
  9. Home Page for Joseph Luft - US Stamps, Used and Mint for Sale
  10. Mark Ludwig - Postage Stamp Page - Briefmarken
  11. Mark Rutheiser's Home Page - Collects US Mint
  12. Paul Herber's home page
  13. Stamps Page & Stamp Links - Roger Hare - collects Japan, French, German, and Italian Colonies. Railways and Mathematics on Stamps
  14. stamp forum, english home page
  15. SteinL`s want lists
  16. Suomen Postimerkkeja - Finnish Stamps
  17. Thorbjorns Stamppage - Some very interesting reserch material here
  18. Old Long Island - Jim Fordyce's Old Long Island Postcards, different postcard picture each week
  19. Old Postcard Exhibition - Lars-Olov Stenborg Postcard Page. Lots of Pictures of Old and Interesting Postcards
  20. Paul Herber's home page- Collects Iceland and Danmark
  21. Toke Nørby's homepage - Mostly Danish Post History
  22. Carsten Abildgaard's homepage - Collects Bosnia, Greenland, The Faroes, Norway and Sweden
  23. French Postal History - Jean-Luc Bonnafoux's Home Page. Excellent Pictures of Covers from the mid-1800s
  24. Halfdan Helgason´s Homepage - Icelandnic Links
  25. Japanese Trains on Stamps - all in Japanese, but over 30 pictures of Japanese Trains on Stamps - nicely done
  26. The Trains - Another Japanese Trains on stamps site, with English pages
  27. George Pike's Stamp Page - Stamps and Postal Cards etc. for sale. Want Lists. Philatelic Resources in the Pittsburg, PA area
  28. Visit India via Stamps - Rahual Jain's Home Page - Pictures of India Stamps
  29. Lebanese Philatelist Archives - LOTS of Excellent Pictures of Lebanese Stamps
  30. Ofer Schwartz's Home Page - Stamps - Pictures and Descriptions of Israeli Stamps
  31. Custom Designed Post Cards - Elliot has some very nice pictures of old "Gold Rush" post cards
  32. Want List for French Colonies Stamps - Warren Brigham's Want Lists
  33. Juan Tobar's Cartographic Stamps - Some very nice stamp graphics
  34. Alan Arnold's Stamps Page - Philatelic Links, Australia Archives. Collects Australian, Early Canadian (particularly revenues), Early New Zeland, Papua & New Guinea
  35. Wellington's Home Page - Covers and Post Cards for sale
  36. Bob's stamp page - Pictures of his stamps for Sale - U.S., G.B., Germany, Austria, Canada, Hungary & Ireland
  37. T:mi Arto Nopanen - Arto's Page is still under construction. But, it looks like he will have some very nice pictures and maybe in several languages. Will keep you informed
  38. Bill's Philatelic Bargains - Bill is down sizing his personal collection. He is selling Canadian, US, World Wide and Topical issues as different lots
  39. John D. Hayhurst - Mark Hayhurst's Pages in Momery of his father, who wrote articles on The Pneumatic Post of Paris, which is very interesting reading & The Pigeon Post into Paris, which is still under construction
  40. Stamp and Postcard Page - Home Page of Garry & Rossa Wong - They collect mainly Hong Kong. Rossa collects Medical related. Garry collects Lunar (Chinese) New Years animal issues and World Postcards
  41. Mike Davis' Stamp Page - Collects mostly Full Sheets. Pictures of sheets by name and number. Want list.
  42. Ships on Stamps - Erik Philippus' Home Page. Fully dedicated to Ships on Stamps. Very nice pictures.
  43. This is my personal homepage - Hans-Werner Meiners - Collects Stamps of Prussia (1850-1867) has want list of Numeric Cancels. Also collects Exotic Fishes, Germany, GDR and West Berlin
  44. Stamps & Money - Nico Derks - Homepage of Lighthouse Philately
  45. STAMPS AND POSTAL HISTORY: FOR SALE - Michael Hyman - has a list of available material
  46. Stamp Web Page - Robert Grant's web page - Large Collection of Canada and World Wide, 1800's to 1970's. Collectors Only, No Dealers Please
  47. Rob's Philatelic Autorama - Interesting site about Cars on Stamps
  48. Dave's Stamp Page - Graphic of new U.S. Issues
  49. The Laraway Page - David Laraway - Nice graphics of Irish Varieties.
  50. Zoltan's page - Interested in Hungarian (pre 1955), 3rd Reich and East Europa. Collects mint and used World Wide
  52. Ed's Philatelic Page - Graphics and Technical info of most, if not all, 1995-96 U.S. Issues
  53. Intro to Thilo's Homepage - Has South African stamps to sell. Also has a nice on-line order form.
  54. Fred's Stamp Homepage - Fred collects Australia & Bahamas. Has Sets and Singles for sale from many countries World Wide. A very nice site.
  55. Cliff Eisen's Homepage - Offers Mint Never Hinged sets of British Commonwealth, Western Europe and Asia.
  56. Douglas Boynton Quine - home page (c) 1996 - Doug is a good source of information on USPS bar codes, and publications about them. Also links to many other interesting sites.
  57. Stamps Home Page - Bill McDonald - World Wide Revenue Stamps. Has lists and is a growing site.
  58. Mike Davenport's Stamp Place - Mike has an interesting site and some very nice images of US stamps.
  59. Francis Chan's Home Page For Windows 95 & Stamps Collectors - The name says it all, links to Stamp and Win. 95 Resources.
  60. Universita' degli studi di Trento - Home page di Fontana Paolo
  61. Hans Karman's Home Page - Lots of information on Australian Philately
  62. Stamps ! - Richard Soppe - Graphics of his topical collection on Trains, Explores and Dams on stamps.
  63. Stamps Home Page - Bill McDonald - Bill collects World Wide Revnue Stamps and has same for sale.
  64. CINEMA ON PHILATELIE - Manuel Fructuoso - Interested in exchanging with other Cinema Topical collectors.
  65. Martin_nicholson/ - Lots of info on UK Stamps and Postal-History.
  66. Gunnar´s Homepage - Gardar Johann - Collects Birds of Prey. Has great list of all the Birds of Prey that are Icelandnic stamps.
  67. Skyworld - Simon Gregoreie - Slovenian Stamps - nice graphics, non-English.
  68. CHINA STAMP PAGE by Sunji - Nice Graphics of China Stamps. Trade and Want Lists via E-Mail.
  69. Peter Aitken's Page - Want and For Sale List, but also some interesting links on programing and Computers & the Internet
  70. Betsy & Chuck Christmas Seals & Stamps for Collectors - Surprise - Lots of information about Japan and Japnesse Philately. Helpful tips about Philately. Betsy & Chuck Christmas Seals & Stamps for Collectors: VAPEX 97 - Entry Form etc.
  71. Olympic Philatery
  72. Miguel Diaz - Christmas Seals
  73. - David Cassar - Lots of good information on the hobby of Stamp Collecting (Philately)
  74. BG on the arts, handbells, Lions, waterfall stamps - BG has some nice graphics of Waterfalls on Stamps
  75. Callen's Home Page
  76. Coppoweb : Stamps, Poems and Corsica - Coppolani Toussaint - About French Stamps. In French and Englis.
  77. Frank's Stamps Page - Frank Daems - Frank exchanges stamps by catalogue value. No Buy or Sell. Works with Michel, Scott, Stanley Gibbons and Yvet & Tellier Catalogue Numbers. Speaks English, French, German and Dutch. You should be able to trade with Frank.
  78. Steve's Philatelic Page, dedicated to stamp collecting, stamp collectors, and philatelists everywhere. - Steve collects all forms of US, plus Germany and First Day Covers.
  79. Stamps Home Page by Andrea Di Carlo - List of Andrea's collecting interest and lots of links.
  80. David Cassar's Malta Stamps - David has a lot of useful information for stamp collectors and for beginners. Also a nice selection of graphics of Malta Stamps.
  81. Stampjan's Home Page - Stamp Exchange Club
  82. Earl's Stamps Page - Collector disposing of sections of inherited World Wide Collection
  83. Guido`s Homepage - Collects German and Russian Stamps. Like to Trade. Want List.
  84. STEEN'S RESIDENCE - STAMPS - Steen collects Denmark, Greenland, Danish West Indies, Faroes Islands and Germany

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Philatelic Resources

  1. Chuck's International Numbering System - A numbering system that I "stumbled" on while making databases for the  STAMPCATalog Plus  program. Easy to use with any database or program. Will make the databases available for download for free.
  2. Phildex - Created by Richard Babin - Cross-checking software for Scott, Stannley Gibbons and Yvert & Tellier Catalogues. More than 150 Countries are available.
  3. - Another International Numbering System by Jim Yeaw
  4. Stamp Collecting Links, Philately - Roger Pearce (Pearce & Associates) - Links Broken down by Country, Subject, etc. - Another Good Place to Visit
  5. Francis Chan's Stamps Resources - Francis even has more links than I do. And is located in the Pacific Area so if it crowded contacting US URLs, check out his links.
  6. Scott Publishing Home Page
  7. Junior Philatelists's - Lots of Good Information about stamp collecting for both Young and Old.
  8. Colors of Machin definitives - A Linn's article, so it may be a temporary site. Writen by Larry Rosenblum (check my E-Mail Page for his e-mail address).
  9. Xenon Labs: The Universal Currency Converter(tm) - It works and a must link for any World Wide collector.
  10. Collecting The Works Of Czeslaw Slania - NOTICE - CLOSED ALBUM - I have recieve a message that Chuck Matlack passed away in his sleep on June 3rd. Although his e-mail connection is no longer up, his web pages are still up at this time. I incourage anyone who has not visited this site to do so before it is removed from the web. We will all miss him and his fine work
  11. The Sierra Leone Stamp Collector Index - Actually a series of online Newsletters by Don Carter and Paul Vreugdenhil on all aspects of collecting Sierra Leone Stamps
  12. The Icelandic Stamp's Page. Vigfus Palsson Stamp's collector - This is a Fantastic site. Excellent graphics of Icelandic stamps set up almost in a catalogue format. A great place to check what the catalogue says and what the stamp looks like. Also has online price list/order form.
  13. Stamps FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Acturaly a book - different people give their answers to FAQ's. Now has 29 Chapters. Download from different sites. U.S. site here
  14. Stamps FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - European site for the above
  15. Table of Contents - Australian Site for the FAQ above
  16. Table of Contents - South American Site for the FAQ above
  17. Philatelic Resources Stamp Collecting - Don & Richard's Links to Web Resources
  18. The American Philatelic Society Topical Organizations List
  19. - a stamp indexing project
  20. Unofficial Index of Canadian stamps
  21. Heritage Post Interactive - Pictures and Issue Detail of Canadian Stamps
  22. Computer History - in a Different Way (Stamps)
  23. Postage Stamps of the Republic of Croatia - Lists of Stamp Issued
  24. Estonian stamps - Sami Paaskoski's Page. Pictures and details of stamp issues, Postal Rates, and Where to buy
  25. German Stamps Page - Frank Weiler's Pages - In English and German, Lists and Pictures of German Stamps issued, Philatelic Software Programs with Screen Shots and more. A place to take a look at.
  26. Gopher Site - Contains files on major Philatelic Collections
  27. Penn State Gopher Site - Files on the American Philatelic Society, the APS Research Library and the Penn. State Courses on Stamp Collecting - Note this site hasn't been updated since 1994, but may still have some useful information
  28. Welcome to The APS - The Current American Philatelic Society website
  29. English Stamp Page - Actually about Icelandic Stamp Issues, but very complete
  30. Index of /SCL/Pictures/Liban/>
  31. International Stamp Dealers' Network
  32. Introduction to Linn's Stamp News
  33. Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web - The "other" number 1 page
  34. Toke Nørby. Perpetual Calendar - a helpful tool for Postal Historians
  35. Post Cards - Actually about world wide Postal Codes
  36. Organisations Postales /World Post Offices - Another site with links to Post Offices World Wide nd Postal Codes
  37. Postcards of the World
  38. Scott Kitchen's Stamp Collecting Page - Has some very interesting articles
  39. Stamp Universe - Lots of information and Links
  40. Stamps of Israel - Index with Pictures and Descriptions. Parts still under construction, but will be a good one when done
  41. Stamps of PANAMA - Patrick Lamastus's Page. Panama Postal History, and stamps to trade
  42. Stamps and Postal History Page - A "Mystery Cover". Lots of good Pictures, and links to historical organizations. Nice
  43. Worcester, Massachusetts Postal History - An Overview - This will get you started in collecting cancellations
  44. The Postcard Page - If you are interested in collecting Postcards - start here
  45. World of Stamps - Gayland Bird's Resources Links Page, Software
  46. Asian Philately - On-Line magazine of Asian Stamps, Postcards, Postmarks & New Issues. Lots of Asian Links
  47. Interesting Philatelic Items - Lots and Lots of very good pictures of world wide Mini Sheets, Covers, etc
  48. The Internet Stamp Cross Reference
  49. Directory of /pub/exchange/jackson - Ed Jackson's FTP Site - FAQ's, Images, Shows, and lots more
  50. The History of Writing in Stamps. - Topical List of - by Jonathan Blake
  51. Home page of Richard Soppe - Topical Collections List. Topical Database Project - with search and input capabilities. 1200+stamps now. Sure to grow, as it is a great project.
  52. New Commemorative and Definitive Stamps in Hong Kong - List of Stamps issued from 1994 on and Hong Kong Postal Rates
  53. Danny Ko's Stamp Book in Hong Kong - History of Hong Kong Philately. Pictures and Descriptions of New Issues
  54. The Haiti Philatelic Home Page
  55. Stamps of the Chechen Republic - Pictures of
  56. Stamps from Bi-H PTT - Pictures of Bosnian Stamps
  57. GEnie Holiday Web: Stamps - Pictures and Articles about US Christmas Issues
  58. La Posta Publications - U.S. Postal History Publications, Auctions of Historial Items and Database
  59. Washington Press Home Page - White Ace Albums, Artcraft FDC's, Stamp Mounts and other Items and Supplies
  60. Luxembourg Stamps - Pictures and Information about all Luxembourg Issues for 1995 & 1996. Nice Place just to visit
  61. Infomeister - Stamps - Pictures of Ukrainian Stamps
  62. Philatelic Bibliopole - Leonard Hartmann's Books - Books on US, CSA, GB, Postal History, Place Names, and Forgery
  63. Press Releases - FTP Site for 1995 US Stamp Issue Releases
  64. Directory of /pub/bosnia/culture/stamps - FTP Site at Caltech - Pictures of Bosnia Stamps
  65. Stamps from Bi-H PTT - Pictures of Bosnia Stamps
  66. Computer Stamps - A list of over 300 stamps dedicated to computers or dataprocessing. Has both Scott and Michel Numbers
  67. Philatelic Museums & Libraries
  68. The Stamps of China 1878-1949 - A Question & Answer Page, a Handbook of Chinese Philately under construction and a Chinese reference page. Some very nice graphics
  69. The American Philatelist - The American Philatelic Society's Publication
  70. Radiology Centennial Slides IV - World Wide pictures and information on this Topical subject
  71. ED Denson's Philatelic Home Page - Complete listing of US PNC's along with price list. Working on Swedish Pages which look like they will be very complete and interesting
  72. James Bendon Ltd. - 100's of World Wide Philatelic Publications
  73. The PTT and Philately Page - Extensive list of Links for Postal Codes of different countries
  74. Chinese Stamp - Publications about
  75. Maritime and Forwarding Agents - Publications about
  76. German States (Altdeutschland)
  77. Confederate States of America - Publications about
  78. PHILATELY - Very complete Topical list & Want List for Spanish Stamps
  79. Edward A. Locke: The Ever-Growing Space Philately Page - Topical List of Space related Stamps
  80. The Laraway Page - David Laraway - Ggraphics and list of Irish Varieties. Nicely done and growing.
  81. Douglas Boynton Quine - home page (c) 1996 - Doug is a good source of information on USPS bar codes, and publications about them. He even has a program that will decode the bar codes.
  82. Zoltan's page - Hungarian Stamps - Graphics of, List of collectors without access to the net.
  83. The Stamps of Armenia - Graphics of and how to order sets of, from 1992 - 1996
  84. Eugene Rougeau's Home Page - An on-going site on Ukrainian Stamps. Nice graphics and information. One of very few sites on this subject.
  85. ZEPPELIN STAMPS - John Dziadecki's Images of and information about Zeppelins on Stamps.
  86. The World of Alan Barasch - Falkland Islands 1878 - 1901. Also lots of links about html, Windows `95, and Microsoft programs.
  87. Glossary of philatelic terms - Not complete yet, but lots of information already.
  88. Rob's Philatelic Autorama - Topical site on Cars.
  89. Chess on Stamps
  90. Ships on Stamps
  91. Dubai Stamps and Postal Stationery
  92. Brazilian Stamps - In Portuguese and English - Graphics, and Information on Brazilian Commemoratives, 1994 - 96.
  93. Jacques' Stamp Page - Topical Listing of Endangerd Species.
  94. Phil Bansner's Home Page - Philatelic Literature of All Kinds
  95. >Lighthouse Publications - Stamp Albums and Accessories
  96. Walter Christ's Stamp Collector Supplies - The name says it all
  97. - Der Sammler Treff - Philatelic Links in German
  98. ebourse, Stamp Collecting Marketplace - Hard to describe - Lots of good information - Check it out.
  99. Stamp Shows - Paul Edney - Over 500 Stamp Shows listed Worldwide, most with their own webpage link. A place to bookmark
  100. Yvert et Tellier Home Page of Yvert & Tellier Publishers
  101. Subway Sstamp Shop's Home Page - America's largest discout stamp and coin supply company. Free 90 discount accessory catalogue.

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