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Web Sites of Special Interest : Ireland

  • Belfast Philatelic Society (Belfast Philatelic Society)
  • Eire Philatelic Association (Eire Philatelic Association, USA)
  • FAI ~ Main Web Site (Forschungs-und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Irland, Germany)
  • Irish Airmail Society (Irish Airmail Society, Ireland)
  • North of Ireland Philatelic Society (North of Ireland Philatelic Society)

  • B.P.S. (British Postmark Society)
  • Karl Winkelmann's Philatelic Pages for details of the Irish Airmail Society
  • Mike Connelly's Philatelic Pages for details of the Éire Philatelic Association
  • Dave Laraway's Philatelic Pages for details of varieties on Irish stamps
  • Bill Murphy's Philatelic Pages for details of Irish Airmails
  • Ken Sanford's Philatelic Pages for Aerophilatelic Literature and Crash Covers

    European Postal Authorities

  • An Post (Irish Post Office)
  • UK Post Office (The Royal Mail)
  • Guernsey Post Office (Guernsey Post Office)
  • Isle of Man (Isle of Man Post Office)
  • Jersey Post Office (Jersey Post Office)
  • European Postal Authorities (Other European Links)

  • Web Sites of Special Interest : Thematics

  • Balloons on Stamps (K. Stanecki - Poland)
  • Worldwide Stamps Showing Bicycles (C. McCormack - United States)
  • Chess on Stamps (S. Trussel - Japan)
  • Chess on Stamps (C. Rose - Australia)
  • Stamps and Chess (O. Herzog - Germany)
  • Cinema on Stamps (M.F. Abellan - Spain)
  • Computer History on Stamps (V. Gustin - Slovenia)
  • Computer Related Stamps (H. Rauhala - Sweden)
  • Dinosaurs on Stamps (R. Margulski - United States)
  • Medical Stamps (M. Kuzui - Japan)
  • Medicine Stamps (T.G. Blocker, Jr. - United States)
  • Music on Stamps (T. Furuya - Japan)
  • Norwegian Railways on Stamps (J. Digranes - Norway)
  • Philatelic Ornithological Listing (V. Ng-Thow-Hing - Canada)
  • Paintings on Stamps (V. Manta - Switzerland)
  • Physics Related Stamp Images (J. Reinhardt - Denmark)
  • Radio and Telecommunication Stamps (A. Haddeman - The Netherlands)
  • Sea Turtle Postage Stamps (N.B. Linsley & G.H. Balazs - United States)
  • Scouts on Stamps (H. Slettebo - Norway)
  • Scouts on Stamps (Troup 11, Kent, CT - USA)
  • Ships on Stamps (E. Philippus - the Netherlands)
  • Space Stamps (E.A. Locke - United States)
  • Space Related Stamps (B. Maurizio - Italy)
  • Stamps of Trains (M. Kominami - Japan)
  • Trains, Aeroplanes, Lighthouses and Others (J. Biera - Spain)
  • World Volleyball Stamps (K. Russel - United States)
  • Zeppelin Stamps (J. Dziadecki - United States)

  • Web Sites of Special Interest : Miscellaneous

  • Links to Stamp Web Sites (Joe Luft - U.S.A.)
  • Collecting Classical Stamps (C. Ozdoba - Switzerland)
  • Classic U.S. Stamp Images (D. Aeschliman - United States)
  • Line-Engraved Postage Stamps of Great Britain (T. Burgess - United States)
  • 1996 Olympics Stamps (F.G. de Melo - Brazil)
  • Stamps With Errors (E. Delperdange - Belgium)
  • Teaching with Stamps (P.M. Stohr-Hunt - United States)

  • Web Sites of Special Interest : Postal History

  • Machine Cancel Electronic Forum (R. Small - United States)
  • Medifila Medical Philately (Dr.M. Marginean - Romania)
  • The Postal History Page (H. Karman - Australia)
  • Postal History and Post Cards (H.S. Soerensen - Denmark)
  • Postal History including GIF files. (B. Swanson - United States)
  • Paquebot (Ship Mail) (R. Konkolski - United States)
  • Stamps and Postal History (H. Mouritsen - Denmark)
  • Tourism on Stamps, Covers & Postal Stationary (B. Marsden - United States)
  • Topical Philately and History on the Sea (P. Pacheco - Portugal)
  • The History of Writing on Stamps (J. Blake - United States)

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