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What is an Auction Agent?
Why do I Need One?

"Editor's note: Jeff doesn't claim to be unbiased in his article and he surely isn't. In fact, some auction firms may be offended. But remember, Purser Associates has a well deserved, excellent reputation in the industry. Consider his view in the context of our other articles. ...."...Anyway you look at it, if you bid "on the book" by mail, phone or fax (or eamil - aj), you are in the majority. Only a small minority of bidders use an agent. If the sale is typical, you can't help but notice that in terms of dollar volume, the floor bidders and agents are buying more than the book bidders. Maybe something's going on here that you should know more about. ..."

Later noting, "..We're good, but we're not that good. Even if we were, our verbal opinions would be worthless to you when you sell your material. If you're concerned about any item we urge you to get it EXPERTIZED (Emphsis added A.J.). Ours is primarily a bid execution service. We do not issue certificates, nor do we render expert opinions. ..." - But, in another venue, notes they "will prove that NOT using their service will cost you more than if you DO use it."
- By Jeff Purser, President of Purser Associates (originally housed at Stamp Auction Central [now Stamp Auction Network])

Typical of most Auction Agents - A.J.
    Agents #
  1. Alan G. Burrows 2, .ca-ON M4P 3E4
  2. Alan MacGregor 8, .za
  3. Albert Chang 2, .us-AZ 85029
  4. American Coin and Stamp Brokerage 2, .us-NY 11566
    (Also conducts Public Auctions, Mail Bid Sales)
  5. Charles Cwiakala 1, 2, 8, .us-IL 60068
    Accepts Day-of-Sale Bids
  6. Charles G. Firby Auctions 2, .us-MI 48327
  7. Charles G. Meyers 2, .us-MI 48076
  8. Charles Lee Grassman 1, .us-MO 63125
  9. Claude Michaud 3, .ca-NS B3K 5Y1
  10. David Connolly 1, 2, .us-TX 77243
  11. Declan O'Kelly 2, Ireland
  12. Douglas MacPhail & Co.2, .us-MA 02536
    Speciality: Auction Information Svcs
  13. Enger-Frimerker Stamp Auctions 2, Norway
    Offers Expertization for Norweigan material
  14. Frank Mandel 1, 2, 8, .us-NY 10014
  15. Fusco Auctions 2, .us-OH 44094
    Paul J. Fusco 3, 4
  16. G.N. Kellow, FRPSL 7, .au-Vic
  17. Gerald Tucker 3, .ca-NS B2Y 2N2
    C/O Seaside Book & Stamp
  18. Harold Gordon 2, 6, .ca-QB H4V 2G7
  19. Harold Wasserman 2, 8, .us-la-CA 90025
  20. J F Gates Clarke 4, .us-DE 19808
  21. Jean Lancaster 1, 8, London, England KT1 2AU
    or: Surrey, England; same addr: resolve  
  22. Jochen Heddergott 1, Germany D-80796
    (Also provides selective Expertization; see listing)
  23. Karl Schaefer 2, .us-MI 48237
  24. Lyndel Walker 7, .au-Vic
  25. Mary Weeks Sup>8, .uk-SU KT17 1LE
  26. Mike Wallis 2, .us-OH 44201
  27. Pamela Vogt 1, 2, .us-CA 94010
    cf.: Phillip Vogt
  28. Paradise Valley Stamp Company 2, Bx .us-AZ 85252-8948
    Also conducts public auctions
  29. Paul Hoyer 2, .us-DE 19803  
  30. Pasquale J Rinaldi 4, .us-CT 06708
  31. Peter Rennie 2, .ca-QB H9J 1N5
  32. Phillip S. Vogt 6, .us-CA 94010
    cf. Pamela Vogt
  33. Purser Associates, Inc. 1, 2, 6, 8, .us-CT 06811
    Says they "will prove that NOT using their service
    will cost you more than if you DO use it."
  34. Richard C. Frajola 5, .us-NM 87557
    Provides Expertization: US Covers pre 1935 online;
    a 'Opinion Service' ($10); especially good for eBay.
  35. Richard Friedberg Stamps 2, .us-PA
  36. Rudy Roy 2, .us-VA 23455
  37. Scott Taylor 3, .us-MD 21660
    aka: Scojo Stamps 2
  38. Sergio & Liane Sismondo 5, .us-NY 13290
    Also ofc in Canada & provides Expertization for:
    "the entire world, any period, any condition" (Cape & BNA esp.)
  39. Sherry Straley 1, 2, .us-CA 95825 & 95815
  40. Stanley Jameson 1, 6, .us-FL 33731  
  41. Stanley M. Piller and Associates 2, .us-CA 94610
    An auction agent specializing in eBay.
  42. William Chang 2, .us-VA 22192
  43. William Stanley Associates 2, Bx, .us-AZ 85261-4190
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