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*** 3 Stars *** - Exclusively philatelic or many philatelic items available

Stanley Gibbons Auctions, London ; On-Line and Live
The world's oldest stamp dealer.

Philaa-Live, Germany - Philatelic- Online-Auctions - ph.: 49 6021 98407 , (Greman, English)
Also produces/sells auction software.

Philatelic Phantasies a division of D& J Stamps , Reno, NV - - internet only
Auctions, net sales, msg board

Cherrystone Auctions - Weekly Online Philatelic Auctions

Philatelists Online: Stamp Auctions, Collecting and More!
Philatelists Online is a web based service for stamp auctions and net price sales from stamp dealers and auction houses which allows you to participate in public auctions where you would normally have to be present. Also advertises 'webcasts' of shows but I think it's just a 'web-report' (see Sotherby's for a real webcast) 5/00

**  2 Stars   ** - Stamp category ; worth a look
No specific category was listed but a search for 'stamps' turned up 34 pages ; not items but pages of items. 5/19/00
. also features Sotherby Auctions ; go to Amazon's coins & stamps sections and you'll find the link... aj.

MA, Scituate :Kukstis Live Online Auctions -
Bi-weekly auctions - a new sale every other week - Auction Agent Service
(I note they advertises in Scott's Specialized Catalog of U.S. stamps - 1998)

Regency Stamps Ltd. : Public Auctions and weekly on-line acutions
I find they turn up a lot on some of the search sites.. - Reverse Auctions
Register your wants and dealers bid on your business.


Wardrop's: Auction Central
perhaps inactive?

7Day Lifestyles Web Auctions
In association with SDI (Stamp Dealers International) - looked like a start-up when found via SDI - 8/1/00 : advertising for charter sellers
SDI Stamps Auctions

Public Auctions

To name only a few ... Also note many will accept telephone, fax, email bidding ; check closely
No specific category was listed but a search for 'stamps' turned up 34 pages ; not items but pages of items. 5/19/00
. also features Sotherby Auctions ; go to Amazon's coins & stamps sections and you'll find the link... aj.

Stanley Gibbons Auctions, London ; On-Line and Live
The world's oldest stamp dealer.

Robert A Siegel Auction Galleries, NYC They are the ones..
Auction house boasts over 65 years of service to serious collectors. View the current catalogs, or read over descriptions of rare stamps sold.
Resources for collectors, including a currency conversion table, a perpetual calendar and Siegel's Encyclopedia with 'articles on each stamp issue and census information on 24 of the rarest U.S. stamps" .. (very nice - aj)

Christie's : Worldwide
View their webcast! Worldwide Representatives in The Americas, United Kingdom, Europe and the Rest of World (each is listed ..Hong Kong, Taipei, Melbourne...)

Afinsa - Subastas ; auction division (in Spanish) features stamps on the opening page
Afinsa, whom I've refered to elsewhere, claims to hold an interest in Greg Manning and, indeed, the link lists them. Afinsa's stamp division is one of Europe's largest dealers.
Afinsa : Philatelic Division (in English)
Also publishes Cronica Filatelica, claims an interest in Greg Manning Auctions, Inc. and has "MUNDISINTER" - the wholesaler which provides dealers with the finest philatelic supplies ... Seems to also have interests in DOMFIL (Topical albums), De Rosa, Philagentur GmbH (Germany), and Filagent Nederland B.V. (Holland).
Auction information:
Lagasca, 88, 5ª planta
Tel: (+34) 91 4360990
Fax: (+34) 91 4360991
28001 Madrid (España)

Harmers of London
Many of the world's finest collections have passed under the hammer in our galleries ... beautifully produced all colour catalogues are sent free of charge to our clients ... For those unable to attend the auction we offer a choice of alternatives. We will execute the bids for you at no cost, or for a small charge you can bid live by telephone or we can supply a list of agents who will bid anonymously on your behalf.

R. Maresch & Son - Canada
A very fine house.

Israel : Unistamps - Public Stamp Auctions - Tel-Aviv
We offer an online catalogue and bidding service,as well as a free catalogue by mail to new visitors.

Greg Manning, Inc.

Greg Manning Auctions
"We stand as the nations leading auction house." (follow 'Business Interests' link - they now also have auctions at - go to the Amazon link above and follow to auctions/coins & stamps and you will find the link - aj)

Greg Manning Stamps - U.S. Divisions

Greg Manning Auctions - Europe

Greg Manning Auctions - Asia (alternate url for


or 'Mail Bid' auctions
a few selections

Check to see if they will accept email bidding... some also have live auctions..

Argentina, : Buenos Aires Subastas
office in Miami also

Estudio 20 , Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a branch office in Miami. : Stamp auctions, expertizations ..
Certificates for your own stamps. The best experts for latin american stamps (recognized worldwide) are part of our expert comitee.
Experts certificates available for every lot sold through our sales.

Uniphila, Buenos Aires, Argentina : Int'l Stamp Auctions (castellano | english)
Maipú 466,
Shops 13, 15 & 17.
Buenos Aires.
Tel./Fax: 4322-2835.
Postal address:
P.O. BOX 3303
(1000) Correo Central.
Buenos Aires. ARGENTINA

La Posta U.S. Postal History Subscribers' Auctions ; NSW, Australia
Three or four times each year La Posta conducts mail auctions of material submitted by subscribers. Each auction typically contains 600-800 lots and material ranges from the stampless era to modern. Participation in La Posta Subscribers' Auctions, as either a buyer or seller, is limited to current subscribers of the journal.

Belgium, : Corneille Soeteman S.A. - International Philatelic Auctions

Belgium, Antwerpen : Luk Vanduffel bvba ( Auctions; 3/yr )- (03) 233.89.70 ,
buys, sells...

Belgium : club92 : Auctionner Stamp and Cover-Letter -

Canada : Victoria Stamp Auction Ltd.

Canada, NB, Bathurst : Eastern Auctions "Canada's largest stamp auction firm" ; public and mail auctions
Our Public Auctions are featured four times per year, and focus on Canada, Newfoundland and Provinces, rare and better sets and singles, plate blocks and postal history. We also have better quality US and foreign material.

Canada : Vance Auctions Philatelic Mail Auctions

Eastern Auctions : "Canada's largest stamp auction firm" ; public and mail auctions
Canada, NB, Bathurst : "Our Public Auctions are featured four times per year, and focus on Canada, Newfoundland and Provinces, rare and better sets and singles, plate blocks and postal history. We also have better quality US and foreign material."

The House of Stamps / La Maison du Timbre, Marseille, France (in French or English) : Stamps Auctions, sales ...
(note: they have and English message board under the term 'News' and sells all stamps from 30 to 50% of Yvet & Tellier; except the stamps from 1996 to 1997)

Stamp Auctions from Roumet S.A. SINCE 1896 ; French and English pages

Philatelic Federation of Finland - AUCTIONS
Their auction page offers an English/Finish Philatelic Dictionary (at bottom)

Germany : Nordphila gmbh - Europe's biggest mail stamp-auctioneer

Germany, Hanover : Grobe & Lange Auctions : INTERPHILA - Briefmarken und Münzen -
Accepts mail bids. They appear to sponsor the 'What Am I Bid???' European Online Auctions.

Sukhani Europhil, Calcutta, India - Public Stamp Auctions ; online bid sheet -
You can fax your bids to us.
Our permanent fax no.
+91 (33) 2158475
or +91 (33) 2486604

India's Philatelic Congress Auctions : monthly

In The U.K.

T.G. Barnes / Filatelic Phriends - Stamp Auctioneers - Hout,So. Africa - +27 21 790-5943 ,

Switzerland, Wil : Rapp Auktionshaus : Internationale Briefmarken-Auktionen - 0041 71 923 77 44 ,

County Philatelic Auctions, England
Under the heading: How does a Postal Sale work? . A short excerpt: ...For example: consider a lot estimated at £10. Andrew bids £9, Beth £11 and Claude bids £20 - he wants to be sure he gets it. Claude wins because he placed the highest bid. However, he does not pay the full £20, he pays just £11.50 - one step above the under bid of £11. In the event of 2 equal bids, the first one received wins. If a lot attracts only one bid, it is sold at the reserve price. (sounds fair enough...)
County Philatelic Auctions
We have a no quibble refund guarantee - No Buyers’ Premium - No added VAT. 15 years of auction service; 40 in business. We now average 2,500 - 3,000 lots every 2 months: GB, British Commonwealth, Foreign and philatelic literature and Cinderella material. Bids accepted by email.

UK, Cheshire, Knutsford : Sandafayre Postal Auctions ;
"The worlds largest mail bid company!" - We are probably the largest speciality auction on the Internet! Our web site offers more stamps than Ebay! More boxes and cartons than! More collections than! - With the added bonus that we also offer printed catalogues as well! (processes about $25Mil/Yr.) - Produces a 'Stamp Atlas'.

Sandafayre Postal Auctions "the worlds largest mail bid company! ... more stamps than eBay!"
online bidding. Located in Knutsford, Cheshire, just south of Manchester, England.

In The U.S.A.

James J. Reeves Inc - Mail Bid Auctions and Hobby Supplies.
More coin related? - Offers email and fax bidding too.
"Our mail bid auctions include thousands of lots and close every four weeks. We auction Autographs, Coins, Currency, Comic Books, Ephemera, Gems, Jewelry, Models, Post Cards, Sports Memorabilia, Sports Cards, Railroad, Model Railroad, Stamps (Foreign and U.S.), Stock Certificates, Telephone Cards, Vintage Clothing and more. ... (his search facility resulted in several 'stamp' related references - aj.)

James T. McCusker, Inc."World's Largest U.S. FDC Dealer & Auction House"
Offers Mail/Web/Phone Auctions, Public Auctions bi-annuyally and a 'Want List' service besides retail sales - all dedicated to First Day Covers. And you can earn frequent 'buyer' miles on the retail purchases.

AZ, Scottsdale : Paradise Valley Stamp Company, Inc.

Superior Stamp & Coin - Beverly Hills, CA
Posts prices realized, Accepts bid by email ...

Wilmington, DE : The Stamp Center - auctions every 2 months; offers FDC service; retail coins, stamps, appraisals

IL, Chicago : Richard E. Drews Philatelic Auctions - (773) 775-2100 ,

France International at - English or French (from No. Carolina - Phone: (919)932-1193)
Also offers shipments on approval to collectors worldwide.

NY, NYC : H.R. Harmer - Philatelic Auctions : 212-532-3700 ,

OH, Willoughby : Fusco Auctions : stamps, sports- (440) 975 - 8938 ,

AFDCS (American First Day Cover Collectors Society) Fund Raising Auctions
holds 3 per year from donations:
"The American First Day Cover Society is a nonprofit, noncommercial, international society that is the worlds' largest society devoted to First Day cover collecting. Because the AFDCS has been recognized as a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the (U.S.) Internal Revenue Code, all donations are tax deductble to the full extent allowed by the law. Your donation will be acknowledged with a letter that you can use with your taxes. Auction donations can be sent to AFDCS Fund Raising Auction chairman Barry Newton, PO Box 201177, Cleveland, OH 44120, USA. If you would like to learn more about donating to the AFDCS, you can contact the Auction Chairman or the AFDCS Central office,
PO Box 65960, Tucson, AZ 85728 for more information

Superior Galleries - America's Numismatic Auctioneer


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