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Mission Statement extract:'s mission is to be the largest online community of information and merchandise in the antiques and collectible market. It will provide collectors world wide access to an online community of information and communication services ... buy, sell, trade ... (Krause Publications) searchable Classifieds database - Coins and Stamps - ( has: Click here to place a Free Ad )
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and you can post yours for $10 / 100 words for TWO MONTHS
Stamp One Classifieds Free Classifieds's International Philatelic Register ; like a paid classified ad, insurance portection ...
The International Philatelic Register is a service provided to any collector or dealer to register images and detailed descriptions and histories of rare and important philatelic items. Registration may be for a variety of reasons, including:
- To provide an independent worldwide site for registering an image and history for insurance, resale or historic record purposes.
- To provide a means for showing an item being offered by private treaty sale.
- To solicit offers for an item.
All registrations are made on a confidential basis and the level of access to the image and ownership information is strictly determined by the registrant. Images to be registered can be done by the owner via emailing an image file or by sending a photo (such as from an auction catalog). Registered items will be assigned a number and password which is the only way the image can be called up. The owner can thus control who has access to the image file and descriptive information. Ownership information is never disclosed unless the owner wishes, such as when he is soliciting bids. The charge for registration of an item is $25 when you supply the image files and $35 if we have to create them from a photo submission. If an item is sold, it can be re-registered by the new owner for a nominal fee.
FREE Classified Ads for stamps at NetCollection ; NO LONGER AVAILABLE - 5/20/00
Free Classified Ads are provided free of charge to you. You are welcome to place up to three ads per 24 hour period and the ads themselves should be limited to 250 characters or less. Free Classified Ads! # of Ads posted: 213 (1/11/98) (site offered only a '' email link except internal order forms)