Scott Number Prefixes

Originally a work in progress at this location but is no longer present (too many errors in code I suspect; at least that's what I found). I bother as Scott is so widely used that it is worth becoming familiar with their thinking... - aj.

Scott Prefix Postal Usage it Indicates Comments
Scott Prefix Postal Usage it Indicates Comments
Why aquaiant yourself with Scott Prefixes? - It makes a good 'shorthand' language. Most codes are simply combinations; some are not.
NoneRegular Postage
BSemi Postal Stamps
BKBooklets: Panes & CoversUS (I suggest 'Bk')
CAir Mail
CBAir Mail Semi Postal
CBOOfficial Air Mail Semi Postage Stamps
CEAir Post Special Delivery Stamps
CLPAir Club and Space Flight'air', 'local', ?
COAir Mail Official
CVPUsed to illustrate Computer Vended Postage StampsHere I would suggest 'Cvp' to indicate there is no 'combination'.
DNot a postal usage
ESpecial Delivery
EBSemi Postal Special Delivery Stamps
EOSpecial Delivery Official StampsThe Philippines
ERDelivery Tax Stamps
EYAuthorized Delivery
FRegistration Stamp
FACertified Mail Stamp
GInsured Letter
GYMaritime Insurance
HAcknowledge of Receipt
JPostage Due
JQParcel Post: Postage Due
LLocal Stamp Issues
MMilitary Stamps
MCMilitary Air Post Issues
MCBMilitary Air Mail Semi Postal Issues
MOMilitary Official IssuesSudan
MRWar Tax
NJapanese Occupation IssuesStraits Settlement, The Philippines
NAllied and Greek Occupation IssuesThrace
NBJapanese Occupation Issues: Semi Postal IssuesThe Philippines
NJJapanese Occupation Issues; Allied and Greek Occupation IssuesPostage Due
NOJapanese Occupation Issues: Official StampsThe Phillipines
OOfficial Stamps
ODOfficial Department Stamps
PNewspaper Stamps
PBPostal Stationary
PRNewspaper Stamps
PSPostal Savings StampsU.S.A.
QParcel Post
QESpecial Handling
RRevenue Stamps
RAPostal Tax Stamps
RABPostal Tax Semi Postal Issues
RACPostal Tax Air Post Stamps
RAJPostal Tax Due Stamps
RBProprietary StampsU.S.A.
RCFuture Delivery StampsU.S.A.
RDStock Transfer StampsU.S.A.
REWar Tax Stampssee 'MR'
REWine StampsU.S.A.
RFPlaying CardsU.S.A.
RGSilver StampsU.S.A.
ROMatch StampsU.S.A.
RSMedicine StampsU.S.A.
RTMatch / Medicine Proprietary StampsU.S.A.
RUPlaying CardsU.S.A.
RWHunting Stamps
RWDuck StampsU.S.A.
SFranchise StampsSpain
SSavings StampsU.S.A.
UStamped Envelopes
UCut Envelopes: USA, Postal Stationary: Canada
UCAir Post Stamped Envelopes and Air Letter Sheets
ULLetter Cards: Canada
UOOfficial Stamped Envelopes
WSWar Savings: USA
WStamp Wrappers
XCarlist Stamps: Spain
1LCantonal Administration: Zurich
1LBSemi Official Stamps: Baltimore, MD
1OOfficial Stamps: War Board Of Trade
1X Postmaster Provisionals: Alexander, VA
1XUConfederate States of America: Aberdeen, MS
2LCantonal Administration: Geneva
2LUCantonal Administration: Geneva: Envelope Stamp used as Adhesive
2OOfficial Stamps: League of Nations
2XUPostmaster Provisionals: Annapolis, MD
2XUConfederate States of America: Abingdon, VA
3L Cantonal Administration: Basil
3LBSemi Official Stamps: Boston, MA
3O Official Stamps: International Labour Bureau
3X Postmaster Provisionals: Baltimore, MD
3XUPostmaster Provisionals: Baltimore, MD: Envelopes
3XUConfederate States of America: Albany, NY
4LBSemi Official Stamps: Charleston, SC
4OOfficial Stamps: International Bureau of Education
4XPostmaster Provisionals: Boscawen, NH
4XUConfederate States of America: Anderson Court House, SC
5LBSemi Official Stamps: Louisville, KY
5O Official Stamps: World Health Organization
5XPostmaster Provisionals: Brattleboro, VT
5XConfederate States of America: Athens, GA
6LBSemi Official Stamps: 11
6OOfficial Stamps: International Organization for Refugees
6XPostmaster Provisionals: Lockport, NY
6XUConfederate States of America: Atlanta, GA
7LBSemi Official Stamps: Philadelphia, PA
7LCRevolutionary Overprints : Burgos Air Post Stamps: Spain
7LERevolutionary Overprints : Burgos Special Delivery Issues
7OOfficial Stamps: United Nations: European Office: Switzerland
7XProvisional Issues: Milbury MS
7XUConfederate States of America: Augusta, GA
8LBRevolutionary Overprint : Cadiz Issue Semi Postal Stamps
8LBSemi Official Stamps: St Louis, MO
8OOfficial Stamps: World Meteorlogical Organizations
8XUProvisional Issues: New Haven CT
8XUConfederate States of America: Austin, MS
9LBSemi Official Stamps: Cincinnati, OH
9LCRevolutionary Overprints : Canary Islands Air Post Stamps
9OOfficial Stamps: International Bureau of The Universal Postal Union
9XProvisional Issues: New York, NY
9XUConfederate States of America: Austin, TX
10LRevolutionary Overprints : Malaga Issues
10LBSemi Official Stamps: Cleveland, OH
10LERevolutionary Overprints : Malagasa Issues : Special Delivery
10OOfficial Issues: International Telecommunications Union
10XProvisional Issues: Providence, RI
10XUConfederate States of America: Autaugaville, AL
11LRevolutionary Overprints : Orense Issues
11LBRevolutionary Overprints : Orense Issues : Semi Postal
11LERevolutionary Overprints : Orense Issues : Special Delivery
110Official Stamps: World Intellectual Property Organization
11XProvisional Issues: St Louis, MO
11XConfederate States of America: Batan Rouge, LA
12LRevolutionary Overprints : San Sebastian Issue
12XConfederate States of America: Beaumont, TX
12XUProvisional Issues: Tuscumbia, AL
13LRevolutionary Overprints : Santa Cruz De Tenerife Issue
13XConfederate States of America: Bridgeville, AL
14LRevolutionary Overprints : Seville Issue
14LERevolutionary Overprints : Seville Issue : Special Delivery
14XUConfederate States of America: Canton, MS
15XUConfederate States of America: Chapel Hill, NC
16XUConfederate States of America: Charleston, SC
17XUConfederate States of America: Chattanooga, TN
18XUConfederate States of America: Columbia, SC
19XUConfederate States of America: Columbus, GA
20XUConfederate States of America: Dalton, GA
21XConfederate States of America: Danville, VA
21XUConfederate States of America: Danville, VA
22XUConfederate States of America: Demopolis, AL
23XUConfederate States of America: Eatonton, GA
24XConfederate States of America: Emory, VA
24XUConfederate States of America: Emory, VA
99XUConfederate States of America: Christiansburg, VA
103XUConfederate States of America: Courtland, AL
104XUConfederate States of America: Fincastle, VA
113XUConfederate States of America: Columbia, TN
118XUConfederate States of America: Carolina City, NC
119XUConfederate States of America: Colaparchee, GA
120XUConfederate States of America: Forsyth, GA
Hardly Exhaustive