The appreciation percentages represent absolute percentage increases over the indicated period based on Scott Catalog (retail) valures for stamps in very fine condition.. The "Variety" field indicates whether the item is a regular issue (00) or a variety.

Mint pricing is generally for hinged stamps prior to 1960 and never hinged thereafter.

Variety Codes:
  • 00 Normal issue
  • A Printing variety
  • BL Block
  • C Color-var. (shade)
  • CE Color-error
  • CM Color-missing
  • G Gum variety
  • MT Multiple-Tete Beche
  • MI Multiple imperforated
  • MB Multiple-in bklt form
  • MG Perforation-gutter Pair
  • MO Multiple-O/P difference
  • MS Multiple-different stamps
  • O Overprint-variety(other)
  • OD Overprint-double
  • OK Overprint-inverted
  • P Paper variety
  • U Perforation variety
  • UE Perforation-error
  • MG Perforation-gutter Pair
  • UP Perforation-imperf pair
  • UI Perforation-imperf sngl
  • SS Souvenir Sheet
  • W Watermark variety

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