's Stamp Related Software Page The Ultimate Collector for Stamps - Complete U.S. thru 1999
"Scott Publishing, the leading authority in stamps, and Mindscape have joined forces to bring you the world's largest collection of U.S. stamps on CD-ROM. Ultimate Collector for Stamps includes the 1999 Scott U.S. Stamp Catalogue complete with Scott Numbers, Images, and Values for more than 5,000 U.S. stamps. Perform customized searches for stamps, and add them to your collection, with just one click. Instantly total the value of your collection using Scott Values and Numbers. You can even create reports to monitor your trading and selling activities and print detailed reports for inventory and insurance purposes. Ultimate Collector for Stamps is the fastest way to access information from the Scott Catalogue."
Manufacturer Description
"Inventory and value your collection based on the 1999 Scott U.S. Stamp Catalogue with the Ultimate Collector for Stamps on CD-ROM.
* The 1999 Scott U.S. Stamp Catalogue
* The world's largest collection of U.S. stamps on CD-ROM
* The only stamp collecting CD-ROM with Scott numbers, images, and
values for every U.S. stamp--over 5,000!
* The fastest way to access information from the Scott catalog
* Instant online updates

Very good but needs some improvement
April 13, 2000
Reviewer: John Fischer from USA
For $10 the program is an excellent buy. It does everything it should, but you need to change your screen res to low as possible. Especially if you have a 17 inch monitor. The type is very small. It would nice to be able to minimize it as well in case you do a lot of multi-tasking. Scott has their own software now but it is $70. I would consider this the better buy. In fact, the best buy of any Stamp inventory currently on the market. END

Stamp Album Page Design Software

StampsCard the computer solution for Philatelists and stamp collecting

PCSG's Page lay-out Philatelic Application Programs links

SCV Systems AlbumPager softwar

Design Your Own at

STAAP - Excell (97, 2000) software program for stamp collecting - making album pages (site: English & Danish) (Editors of periodicals may request a Code for review purposes)
In a word: STAAP, for Excel 97/2000 (PC)
The now current STAAP 99 is much more than just 'Stamps & Text'. It is a full-fledged facility with a whole new concept for doing stamp album design.
STAAP is for serious stamp collectors, - but beginners can be serious about their hobby, too! STAAP is equally well suited for mounting of competition collections and for production of albums for standardized catalogue collections, - or not quite standardized catalogue collections. Even developing collections...
...At first startup STAAP 99 auto-fits itself to your PC configuration (language, printer and paper size). And STAAP 99 is fitted with the ability to run in any language, which can be typed by Roman characters. (And I mean ANY language! /mS)
You can download a full trial version of STAAP 99 [print
locked] with complete documentation: online help and
manual. - ...
Morlin STAAP is serious about Belgian stamps and likes to drive a comfortable car of a certain Swedish make.
STAAP 99 software for producing album pages has everything to do with stamps and nothing to do with the fine car of the 70's, SAAB 99, produced 1967-85. But in its field, STAAP 99 likes to aspire to the same fine qualities as the SAAB 99 in its time: to be usable, durable, practical, unassuming, versatile, ingenious, ....
morlin STAAP
(M J Lintrup)
Tagensvej 61, 3th
DK-2200 Kbh N
STAAP Opportunities
Clubs can earn free copies

AlbumGen Page Layout Software
The easiest & most intuitive Album Page Design Software! Fully integrated with EzStamp so that all images within EzStamp are accessible to AlbumGen. Stamp Sizes are pre-supplied for USA & CANADIAN stamps. Others coming soon.
Also available via Subway Supplies

Inventory Software

Coin and Stamp Collectors' Electronic Album: Computerize Your Collections (from Barnes & Noble - about $20 - aj.)
From The Publisher
"Organizing your stamp or coin collection is a labor of love, but it can be time-consuming. The Coin and Stamp Collectors' Electronic Album gives you the software and step-by-step instructions to move your collection to your personal computer. The book provides gentle direction on how to boot up a PC, run Windows, and install and use the included software - even if you've never used a computer before. The CD-ROM contains Organize! Your Collection coin and stamp software for Windows and DOS. These powerful menu-driven shareware programs let you build searchable, sortable databases of your collection. They'll calculate values, build "want" lists, and print out reports in any way you choose. The Windows version even allows you to attach sounds and graphics to every entry - coin and stamp graphics files are included on the CD to get you started."

StampTRAC Stamp Collection Inventory Software - "FREE"
"And best of all, it's FREE! Simply by clicking below (follow the link above - aj) you can download your free copy of StampTRAC right now. It only takes a few minutes...and soon you'll be marveling at how easy it is to keep track of your stamp collection right on your computer. And note the many special features it contains ... NOTE: This program will only operate on Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0. StampTRAC will prepare collectors to be able to search the Internet electronically. It will also let them offer their collections to dealers via Linn's site in a format that will allow them to download it and precisely evaluate how well it fits their needs. This assures collectors access to a much broader, competitive market when they need to sell.Many other future benefits will also be possible.
StampTRAC via
site provides tips, updates and downloads

STAMPCATalog Plus - "The Complete Computing Environment for Stamp Collecting" 'Donationware' from "Ray's Home Page"
A new way to track and inventory your stamp collections. Click your mouse on a cat stamp in the table to find out more. :
What is STAMPCATalog Plus?
Why STAMPCATalog Plus?
What are its capabilities?
What's required in equipment and software
What users say and reviews
Take a look at STAMPCATalog Plus
How to download a copy
How to register
Want some collection databases?
Need a database converted?
How to find stamp pictures
Message Board and User's Exchange
Version 3.01 upgrade.
Plug-In Utilities and Utility Pack
requires 386/better, MSDOS 3.1/better, Win3.1 up
STAMPCATalog Plus is a donationware program. The donationware concept is very simple. You download a copy of STAMPCATalog Plus for a 30 day free evaluation. If you want to keep the program and use it to organize your stamp collections, you make a donation to a recognized charity of $35 (US equivalent) or more and you receive a registration number free. You also receive free documentation, support, upgrades, utilities, additional country and topic listings as available. I will also convert your existing collection databases to work with STAMPCATalog Plus (I hope to provide a free generic converter in the future).

Collect-A-ROM -- Win 95,98,NT
High quality 400 dpi True Color pictures
Extensive thematic register
Possibility to import three alternative numbers
Very fast database
Value in guilders, euro's or any other currency
and more...

EzStamp Computer stamp inventory program - CD-ROM full color images
The all NEW (a/o 6/2001) v6.03 50,500 Images - featuring the Minkus numbering system. The USA database has over 12,000 entries plus FREE Plate Number Coil database with an additional 850 entries! - Subway Stamp Shop (v3.54a w/Scott numbering available while supplies last)

Philatek. Excellent Stamp Collecting Software for only $14.95.
e-mail Philatek
13028 Nandina lane,
Jacksonville, FL 32246
"... go ahead and download the trial version. You can also order the trial version of the software for $4.95. This price covers our shipping and handling expenses. If you like the software, you can upgrade to the full version for only $10.00. and from their FAQ: ...3) Q: I installed The Philatek Software under Windows 3.1, Will it still work if I upgrade my computer to Windows 95? A: Yes, The Philatek Software works under both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

StampCAT software
With StampCAT you can REGISTER and look up information about such things as: country, catalog number, face value, issue date, design, topic color, perforation, condition, watermark, date acquired postmark (type, city and date) location, price, market value and quantity.
FNProgramvare Pb 721 Krapfoss N-1536 Moss Norway E-mail:

Information Explorer - Win 95/98 -

Information Explorer - Shareware
Using Information Explorer it is possible to organize your personal information; to organize stamps, coins, etc.. collections; books, videos, CD, tapes, etc.. libraries; and to publish your catalogues on the net.

Every product in the family Information Explorer family includes:
Easy personalization and tailorization to Your specific needs.
Support for hierarchical structures.
Internet bookmarks management;
WYSIWYG Report writer.
Inventory reports writer.
E-Mail and Fax support.
Backup and Restore utility.
Data security utilities.
Web pages generator.
Advanced and quick find utilities.
Support for to do.
Import/export of data from-to a variety of data sources.
and... much much more.

Telephone +55(32)251406
FAX +49(89)424570
Electronic mail
General Information:
Customer Support:
To Order by telephone
From U.S.A: NorthStart Solutions: 800 699-6395 (Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, CST)
From Outside U.S.A. : NorthStart Solutions: +1(785) 539-3731 (Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, CST)
You may pay using: Check, Money Order, Visa, Master Card

Window-Explorer like Philatelic (Stamps,Covers) Collection Organizer; a section of Information Explorer
(note: page is now '404' a/o 6/2001 aj.)
"Information Explorer for Philatelic (stamp) collectors fulfills the needs of every kind of philatelic collector allowing to store all your stamps (covers) data, including stamp pictures, and to organize your collections as YOU want it. By theme, by period or by... what you like. ... And a Web resources database containing pointers to the main philatelic resources on the net. - Downloads - Information Explorer for Stamp Collectors
Information Explorer for Stamp Collectors is free-to-try software that can be used to organize and publish your stamp collection. The program has a Windows Explorer-like interface and has drag-and-drop features. You can organize your collection, store unlimited notes, mail or fax your collection items, and publish to the Web.

MICHELsoft program (download a German Demo Version free)
(follow the link 'MICHEL english')

PrimaSoft Stamp Organizer; Windows 95, 98, NT - works w/IE 4

proPhil (in German; available in English?): from Dr. Ing. D. Michael
(Bablefish translation:) ..Extensive list output on display, printer or in files of different text and table formats, in order to be able to continue to process these lists e.g. in MS Word for Windows or MS-CExcel or also in the HTML format. .. proPhil- data base corresponds to the newest status of the market situation, it is
constantly revised and completed. ..." - these are only a few of the features - aj.

PSD : Philea Stamp (and Collectibles) Database (PC or Mac)
data records are extra
(Also handles FACIT CD Catalog for Sweden)

SCDB Home Page ... stamp software program - DOS/WINDOWS
SCDB Software, Inc. started producing The Stamp Collector's Data Base (SCDB) in 1984. At the time, our software was the first program available for stamp collector's. In fact, it was at our request that Linn's Stamp News created a classified heading for philatelic software. Since then, our software has evolved into the best selling philatelic software.
Member: APS, 1-800-321-SCDB Toll Free in US

PCSG (Philatelic Computing Study Group) Inventroy Software Reviews & Links
Covering Win, Mac and DOS

Related Software

Horizons Innovations. The Multimedia And Software Services Company
Offers a line of philatelic software.

Paralogic Software Corporation - chat software
When you just gotta talk...

Phila-Live Auction Software
  • Additional auction related software info.

    Looking Glass - scanner software for stamps...
    From: Qi Software, PO Box 43158, Tucson, AZ 85733 USA's Scanning Tips and Guides

    Stamp Software links

    B & N : Linn's Guide to Stamp Collecting Software and Collecting on the Internet by William F. Sharpe [Linn's writer]

    Collecting Software : A New Challenge for Archives and Museums - by Bearman of the Society American Archivists

    Scott Kitchen's Philatelic Software Page

    StampGuyz Philatelic Software list

    Wardrop's Philatelic Software list

    PrimaSoft's Collectibles Resources, Software for Collectors and Hobbyists list

    NetCollection's - Stamp software - a good listing Stamp Software list

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