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Wholesalers and Bargins Buyer's Guide: Wholesale
No Limits Stamp 'Club'? - retails postally used stamps only ; Retail & Wholesale
subway stamp shop's wholesale prices for dealers
US, NY, Ogdensburg : Ellis Philatel's Big Shoe Box Sale!

Discount Postage (remember Joe Luft)

J. E. Stewart Philatelics -British Commonwealth w/U.S.Discount Postage special P. O. Box 1017, Hollis, NH 03049-1017.
SDC STAMPS - Canada, Germany (some at face; will customize a bit)
Steve Haddock says, "Need mint Canada at face or better Germany? Try my good friends at SDC Stamps in Scarborough, Ontario. Steve and David Correia E-mail: Telephone: (416) 284-4544 Fax: (416) 284-6965 Address: P.O. Box 15548 265 Port Union Road Scarborough, Ontario Canada, M1C 4Z7
Henry Gitner Philatelists, Inc.: Discount Postage

US, WA, Bellingham:The Mystery Box: Mystery, History, and Stamps ; Stamp related mystery stories; books
US, NY, Middletown : Henry Gitner Philatelists, Inc

Stamp packets, mixtures, kiloware .... Buyer's Guide: Packets Buyer's Guide: Collections Buyer's Guide: U.S. Mixtures
Danmark - AFA - (in Danish) literature, ww stamp packets and kiloware ... catalog publisher - incl. a CD-Rom
Aarhus Frimærkehandel
- AFA Forlaget - Populær Filateli
Bruunsgade 42 - 8000 Århus C - Danmark - Fax: 86 19 92 81
- E-mail:
click on "Prisliste" (price list) to get listings of packets and kiloware of world wide stamps but especially Scandanavian, European - and look for the term "Motivsamlinger" for thematic packets.
Speciality Albums offered:
Danske områder: Grønland, Færøerne,
Slesvig og DVI
Finland og Åland, 2 bind
Sverige, 2 bind
Slesvig og DVI, uden bind
Danmark, julemærker, uden bind
and a ton (20+) other countries...
B&B Packet Stamps - Home Page
William J. Stanbery
B&B Stamps
34 McAker Court
San Mateo, Ca 94403-1726
World Wide Packets from Seven Seas, Sydney, Australia
These top-quality, economically priced packets enable you to build your stamp collection one country at a time.
They contain all different used postage stamps. The higher-quantity packs will contain more unusual, less common stamps.
Seven Seas Stamps Pty Ltd.
PO Box 321 Brookvale, NSW,
2100, Australia.
Ph: +61 2 9905 3255
Fax +61 2 9905 7922.
E Mail
Thematic Packets from Seven Seas, Sydney, Australia
One of the most popular branches of stamp collecting is Thematics - collecting stamps which illustrate a particular subject or theme. You're sure to find a theme to interest you - and the stamps for that theme - from the list.
Seven Seas Stamps Pty Ltd.
PO Box 321 Brookvale, NSW,
2100, Australia.
Ph: +61 2 9905 3255
Fax +61 2 9905 7922.
E Mail