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Jewish Chess Masters on Stamps
Felix Berkovich,
Nathan Divinsky

More books..

formerly: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Park/5135/
Internationale Motivgruppe Olympiaden und Sport
(FIPO Deutschland) In German only.

  • Olympic Philately, Numismatic and Memorabilia Commission (OPNMC)
    The Commission "is responsible for advising the IOC on the dissemination of the Olympic ideal through the worldwide promotion of stamps, coins and items commemorating the Olympic Games."
    And under the heading: "Stamps at the origin"
    "Collecting items commemorating the Olympic Games started with the first Games of the modern era in 1896.
    Olympic stamps, issued to balance the budget of the Organising Committee, were the first objects of Olympic collecting, and have been the passion of several generations of philatelists. Collectors of Olympic memorabilia soon joined stamp collectors and, in 1951, when Olympic coins were struck for the first time, coin enthusiasts also entered the world of Olympic collectors." International
  • Sports Philatelists International
    SPI is a member of the American Philatelic Society, the American Topical Association and is the U.S. member of the Federation International de Philatelie Olympique.
    Peter Laimins, E-mail

  • Ed Stephan's Baseball Stamps list
    plus articles on the subject.
    Also a listing of 'demographic' stamps
    E-mail Ed
    www.ac.wwu.edu/~stephan/webstuff/es.stamps.baseball.html ('404' c.2011)





  • Chess On Stamps Study Unit ATA-11, APS-05
    Publication: Chesstamp Review
    editor, Jon Edwards jedwards.chess@gmail.com (c.2011)
    COSSU (incl. Chess Stamps, Postal Stationery & Covers) is an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society (APS) and the American Topical Association (ATA) and is a non-profit organization dedicated to chess philately and open to anyone interested in this area. (good set of links too - aj c.2011)

  • Chess Philatelists Society, UK (c.?)
    10 Watling Court, Cow Hill, Norwich, NR2 1HA, England

  • Gemeinschaft der Schachmotivsammler (GSM) (c.2011; in German)
    (German Association of Chess thematic collectors; about 400 members)
    (aka: Chess on Stamps Club (COSC)
    Contact: Herbert Roeder (@), Italy
    (speaks English)
    old: (GSM On-line)

  • Motiefgroep Schaken – Netherlands
    Contact: Nico van der Plas (cf.), @, .nl

  • Vlaamse Schaak-Philatelisten (VSP) More... – Belgium
    Publication: De Schaakphilatelist (in Dutch)
    Mr. Eddy Bruyns, Tel. 03. 288.49.72., URL
    Postbus 3, 2650 Edegem, Belgium

    Personal websites:

  • Chess On Stamps, by Colin Rose
    The original and best. aj.
    Alt. URL

  • Chess on Stamps - Steve Trussell, @
    Other topical stamp pages at this site: (c.2011 the data is c.2001)
    Detective Fiction on Stamps
    The Philatelic Sherlock Holmes
    Robert Louis Stevenson on Stamps
    Anti-smoking on Stamps
    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    old: www2.gol.com/users/steve/f_stamps.htm '404'

  • Chess Stamps, By Alberto Borges, (@)
    (Alberto Cabral de Mello Borges, Brazil)
  • Chess on Stamps - Nico van der Plas (cf.), @, .nl
    Old: http://www1.tip.nl/~t175549/chessstamps.html '404' c.2011

  • Chess on Stamps - Riccardo Andreis, .it
    users.libero.it/ricky.and/ ('forwards' c.2011)

  • Chess on Stamps - Roberto Cassano
    also has (had) work on cancels
    old: geocities.com/Colosseum/5286/artfilat.htm '404' c.2010

  • Zaremba Artur wants to trade Chess on Stamps
    A 'Live' e-mail link

  • Stan Steliga's NetChess
    Play online chess - a free service - cool. aj.
    Stan also hosts a couple of chess webrings.

    The Immortal Game: A History of Chess, by David Shenk (2007):
    (contains several chess stamp images.)


    Football (aka: Soccer)

  • Football and Philately
    These pages trace the history and excitement of the AFL (Australian Football League; Soccer, Rugby - all football types) and it's clubs using philatelic items such as... "Stamps, Booklets, Postmarks, Covers & Overprinted PSE's, Postcards & Maximum Cards, Meter Stamps, Slogans & Prepaid Stamps, Cinderellas. (Member of Sports Philatelists International and Thematics Queensland & Includes his ' Listing of Australian Football related Philatelic items and Want List'. ; has a good page on the origins of football. c.2011) - e-mail: Mr Paul Davies
    old: http://www.ozemail.com.au/~pgdavies/ ('404' c.2009)

  • Football Topical Society
    12 The Green, Knapton, North Walsham,
    Norfolk, NR28 0RU, England

  • Cricket Philatelic Society (CPS)
    Publication: Wickets (Quarterly)
    Pres. (c.2009): Mel-Brown (a stamp designer too)
    11 Weppons, Ravens Road, Shoreham-by-Sea,
    West Sussex, BN43 5AW, England
    or c/o: Derek Gallimore
    30 Pinewoods Avenue, Hagley, Stourbridge
    West Midlands, DY9 0JF, England
    or c/o: David Kirby's Sportsworld
    PO Box 61, Mount Eliza, Vic 3930, Australia


  • Golf on Stamps - Joseph Messoten, .be

  • Golf on Stamps, Jim Dewar, .uk (on disk directory c.201104)
    listings by country or year - incl. bogus issues (too bad; it was good!)
    old: http://www.aeve01.ukgateway.net/ '404' c.2011
  • "Golf Topical Stamps"
    - for sale from Albany Stamp Co., .us-SC
  • Stamps, Phone cards and Golf Sport, .be


    Philatelic Exhibit Pages by Tom Fortunato... tmf
    APAN Sports Stamp Collecting, .us-
    See Also:
  • The Sports Card Show - not philatelic

    &: Bicycles
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