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  • Country Index lists more than 600 stamp-issuing entities along with the years in which they issued stamps. (500k+)
    Thanks Jim! Also lists prior name and next name if known. I've used this as my initial guide - aj.

  • Biographies of People of the World on Stamps
    This is cross linked with Jim's individual country pages. Your comments, suggestions and additions are requested e-mail: jyeaw@interests.com or skladny.sr@cityweb.de

    Biographies of People of the World on Stamps is by Paul G. Partington and Dr. Udo Skladny - descripiton:
    The following index allows you to find various sections of an alphabetical listing of identified individuals on postage stamps. Most well-known nationals are normally honored by their own countries, but they are unknown elsewhere, so this listing will include individuals not listed in many reference sources. Paul G. Partington of Whitter, California collected much of this biographical information over many years. Dr. Udo Skladny is a German Protestant theologian, now retired, who lives in Berlin, Germany. For many years he also has compiled information on important people on postage stamps. He has refined many of our listings and continues to contribute much of the research information.

    There are many individuals listed where we are unable to locate biographical information. If you know about additional information, please submit it by mail to jyeaw@interests.com or skladny.sr@cityweb.de
    (Here is a reference in Linn's Stamp News ; at the bottom of page)

  • Dictionaries -- Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia

  • filigrana do fabricante - 6 languages translating philatelic terms incld: PT, EN, IT, FR, ES, DE

  • Philatelic words & phrases in 6 languages from StampShows.com

  • Unidentified Philatelic Objects

  • Stamp Glossary from Stamps!
    (Now '404' but he's got to be out there! - Please help.)

    "Among these are pages for grading stamps, an in-depth stamp glossary, and a page of stamp abbreviations and a Feature Article of the Month.

  • AskPhil -- Glossary of Stamp Collecting Terms

  • AskPhil -- Inscriptions / Overprints on Stamps

  • Joe Frasketi's Space Covers - Notes, Abbreviations and Philatelic Terms

  • Phildex - english - a cross-checking service for Scott, Stanley Gibbons and Yvert & Tellier catalogs (updated URL 3/2001)
    Richard Babin email: rbabin@altavista.ne

  • California Post Offices, Postal History, Philately, Place Names

  • Toke Nørby's Perpetual Calendar - a helpful tool for Postal Historians
    EMAIL: Toke.Norby@Norbyhus.dk

  • Toke Nørby's - The Perpetual Calendar - References Page

    Printed references (in text referred to as e.g. (1) for "reference 1")

    E-Mail References: (in text referred to as e.g. (e1) for "e-mail ref. 1". Thanks to all!)

    Recommended Related Calendar References (if referred to in text: e.g. (r1) for "other related reference 1")

    Useful Programs/Sites for Postal Historians - and Genealogists!

  • How to calculate the day of the week for any date; Updated URL 6/2012
    "Most of the methods I've seen on the Internet seem to be for computer programmers or mathematicians, and are not practical for mental calculation and everyday use. The following combination of methods seems to be very quick and easy to learn, with some good shortcuts."

    Guy Rimmer = grimmer@bigfoot.com c.2000, calendar@guyrimmer.com, c.2012 (cc)
    old: http://www.dayoftheweek.cjb.net

  • Philatelic Periodicals
    one of the better lists.
    See Also: Our listings of books et al.

  • Presidents of the United States and their Cabinets ; good info file

    And From the old stingraystamps.com

    Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Farley's Follies": One the of the first things President Franklin Roosevelt did upon being elected president in 1932 was to appoint his campaign manager, New York politician James A. Farley, as his Postmaster General. Farley, in order to please the president, immediately embarked upon a policy of giving his boss full uncut (and imperforate) sheets of each new stamp issue just before they were to be released. In addition, Farley would also be generous with other luminaries in the FDR administration by giving similar sheets to some of his and FDR's friends and cabinet members.
    When stamp collectors found out about this favoritism, they began to holler loudly that FDR and Farley had created special issues for their friends...with items that would never reach the hands of the public. The issue was even debated in Congress and, together with pressure from the general public (and most particularly, philatelists), Farley was urged to do something to right this wrong. So...in 1935 (Scott Nos. 752-771 inclusive), Farley re-issued all of the uncut, imperforate sheets (mostly representing the National Parks issue of 1943) to the general public.

    General Reference

  • CIA World Factbook

  • Mapquest Interactive Atlas
    For USA, Canada, major international cities and airports. Also offers mapping for telephone area codes in the US!, postal codes in Great Britain. (Coming soon: Street-level-mapping for Great Britain!) 1/00 - ! aj.

  • Welcome to Microsoft TerraServer, "...presenting the earth in a mosaic of photographic imagery."
    World Imagery Database

    Have you ever wondered what your neighborhood looked like from space, or wished you could get an aerial shot of your favorite vacation spot? Welcome to Microsoft® TerraServer, one of the Web's most engaging sites - providing a bold demonstration of Microsoft's scalability while taking on the ambitious challenge of presenting the earth in a mosaic of photographic imagery.

    Database Size: 1.01 TeraBytes ( in 1999)

    Autographics- Celebrity Autographs

    Autograph Reference Library- Historical - with images of autographs

    Biographical Dictionary Search Page

    THOR+: The Virtual Reference Desk
    "ZIP, and International Country Codes -
    Listings of ZIP and country codes as well as postal service abbreviations. "
  • Language translations

  • Minou International --- Translations - English French Dutch German---

  • InterTran (tm); Dutch, Croatian, German, Russian, French...
    InterTran (tm), short for Internet Translator, is a free web translation service that can translate single words, phrases, sentences and entire web pages between 729 language pairs.

  • See also: Glossaries & Identifiers
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