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AJ's Basic Stamp Collecting Tips and Techniques = basics.htm
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"Intro.." link - plugs Linn's $1 book on basic collecting
American Philatelic Congress "knowledge"
AskPhil -- stamp collecting questions and answers, etc. "decernment"  
Information for beginner stamp collectors. Matthew Crandell stamp collecting supplies and stamps. "approaches"
Linn's: Reference: An Introduction to Stamp Collecting
ISWSC Handbook of Stamp Collecting Basics

basics.htm links - not in order

'R' Stamps FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
The American Philatelic Foundation - stamp,stamps,appraisal,appraising,stamp collectors,michael,dubasso
Here You Can Identify Your Weird Stamps And At The Same Time Help Other People Out
When this site was first conceived, we used this silly name for a title. Still, it says what it is so we do not want to change it.
Scott Kitchen's Philatelic Charities Page
Archival Internet Resources
Lions International Stamp Collecting Project
Posten på Åland - Stamps contest
Caring For Works of Art on Paper
Questions about Photographic Materials
Preservation Basics for Paper Based Records
Archival Storage Products by E. Gerber Products, Inc.
Re: Mylar protective sleeves
Conservation Resources International: Welcome
PB STAMPS WEBPAGE (good place for beginners)
Has loads of lots and mixtures at good prices - aj.
email: laos124@aol.com
Steven Haddock - Caring for your stamps
amoung other points is #:
6. Sometimes, you just can't save a stamp
Some stamps, mostly printed in the last 50 years, are actually self destructing. Either they were printed on a high-acid paper (which yellows and falls apart over time) or the gum used will degrade and discolour a stamp. The best thing to do in these situations is to remove the offending material, if possible, before it does any further damage.
Postal Postings of Everett "Ev" Slosman - rants and philatelic raves
Southern California Stamp Shows Calendar
The Stamp Trader List at Shamrock Stamps
Kiloware Stamp Mixtures at Shamrock Stamps
Doug Dobson Postage Stamp Mixtures (Kiloware), Packets, Lots etc.
Ouch! - the story of the Morley Bright; watermarks on cover
Welcome to (U.S.P.S.) StampsOnline's Collector's Corner! : Philatelic Centers
World of Stamps - Game: Wildlife
Stampguyz Message Board
Classified Search Area at Stampguyz
Hugh Wood - Philatelic Insurance for Members of the APS
Hugh Wood International - Global Independent Insurance Brokers
Bosham Industries Ltd - producers of stock-sheets and folders for collectors of stamps, etc etc...
Bosham Industries Ltd.
Rockall House, Brooks Lane,
Bosham, Nr. Chichester
West Sussex, PO18 8JU
Telephone: +44 (0) 1243 573500
Fax: +44 (0) 1243 573238
E-mail: info@boshamind.u-net.com
Over the 33 years since Bo Hagner's invention of the Original HAGNER stock-sheets, they have been constantly improved. They are today distinguished for their unsurpassed quality, ease of use, perfect protection of the stamps and their outstanding ability to keep their shape and long life. Long term tests under extreme conditions have shown that Original HAGNER stock-sheets will retain their valuable properties over centuries.
James Bendon Ltd. - links (including Insurance by HW Wood)
Welcome to Rainbow Online's own Philatelic Literature Website featuring Philatelic Literature reprints and Billig's Catalog (new url?)
"U.S. SELF ADHESIVES" - Matthew Crandell stamp collecting supplies and stamps.
ISWSC Free Stamps for Youngsters... tmf
Stamp Collecting Encyclopaedia - Introduction - from Filahome (Dutch magazine) a fair form of Glossary w/short articles on basics
'I Want a Date but I'm Fussy' - a "cheap, fun, one frame exhibit" (won a Silver)
American Philatelic Congress (affliated with the APS)
On-Line Philatelic Chats
Rob's Stamp Collecting Tips
ICQ Inc. - ICQ Community - Stamps
Linn's: Reference: Stamp Collecting Basics
Linn's: Reference: Local Stamp Clubs: A
Linn's: Marketplace: Classified Ads Search
AskPhil -- How to Watermark Stamps
Yahoo! Clubs - stamps (147 at the time 1/00)
STAMP TAGS Stamps Software , jokes, more
Odds, Ends, Gems of Jerry Jensen
Stamp Hinges - Stamp Collecting - Date: 01/22/99 - A Stamp Collecting Guide and Community for Stamps, Philately and Postal History for beginners and experts, featuring guides and articels, a newsletter, bulletin board and chat room, "Helping Stamp Collectors Build Collections."
(A 'Philatelic') Tale by Everett "Ev" Slosman
re: Monocco's heavily 'philatelic' ecomony
Linn's: Marketplace: Calendar of Events Search
Society News - Plastics Report for Stamp Use - Jan. 2000
Jan 1, 2000
Plastics Report for Stamp Use
For those BIA members who may have missed the announcement in the philatelic press recently, the study by the University of Alabama on the safety of plastics for storing and displaying stamps is still available. Dr. William Souder of the Center for the Management of Science and Technology conducted one of the first scientific studies of plastic products for use in the stamp hobby. Dr. Souder, himself a stamp collector, presents results that indicate modern PVC plastics are safer than previously suggested and that much confusion exists in the plastics industry regarding this issue. The report is free and is available by request from:
William E. Souder
Center for the Management of Science and Technology
126 Administrative Science Building
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL 35899
Linn's: News: Strange cut square is auctioned

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Stamp News - Stamp Collecting - A Stamp Collecting Guide and Resource Community Center for Stamps and Postal History for beginners and experts, a site featuring articles and links, guides and advice, including a newsletter, "St. Rowland's Penny Post;" The Stamp Board bulletin board; and the Tong Hall, chat room.
Collect.com - Discussion Forums
Stamp Exchange - Stamp Trader List - searchable ver. (also has HTML and text versions)

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