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Brazil was claimed by Pedro Alves Cabral in 1500 for the Portuguese. The first settlement was at Salvador da Bahia. The King of Portugal moved the seat of government to Brazil in 1808. His son, Dom Pedro I declared himself emperor in 1818 and independence was established in 1822. (I suggest a vist to this link - follow the link for 'Pedro Alves Cabral'-aj) Postage stamps have been issued since 1843.

Postal Contact:
Departmento de Filatelia
Quadra A, No. 230, 7 andar
70300-500, Brasilia DF, Brazil

FIP - Federation Internationale de Philatelie member
Federaçao Brasileira de Filatelia
Caixa Postal 3030
BR-01060-970 São Paulo, SP
Phone: 0055 11 852 0237
Fax: 0055 11 852 0237

Brazil Philatelic Association More...
462 W. Walnut St., Long Beach, NY 11561-3133, USA
The UN lists as its offical distributor:
(a dealer contact)

Alfredo and/or Ruth Marcus
Rua Manoel da Nobrega, 1230
09910-720 Diadema - SP
Tel: 011-713-5255
Fax: 011-456-6209

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Philatelic Museums & Libraries data

Malte's Stamp News on the Net - BRAZIL - Images
05/05/1998: Promotion of Voluntary Program
18/05/1998: Homage to Brazilian Circus 22/04/1998: 5th Centenary of the Discovery of Brazil
19/03/1998: Cruz E Souza, Centenary Of Death
19/03/1998: Education
11/03/1998: 'America 98': Women
16/02/1998: Urban Birds (Self-adhesive Definitive)

CIA Brazil Data
Eastern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean
Independence: 7 September 1822 (from Portugal)

...going Postal

Universal Postal Union Addresses for International customer relations
Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos - ECT
M. Fábio Vieira Cesar
Chef du département international d'exploitation et marché postal
SBN - Quadra 1 - Bloco A, 4° andar
70002-900 BRASÍLIA - DF

Téléphone (+55 61) 317 2100
Téléfax (+55 61) 317 2114
Email dprosect@tba.com.br

Brazil - "Correios" - home; has Fitelica section
follow 'Selos'..

'Selos' link
lots of nice graphics, long list of philatelic clubs and agencies in the country ...

Filatelia da ECT - Brazil's filatelic postal authority - in Portuguese - 1997-98 issues with images
SCS Q.4 Bloco A nº 256 - Ed. Apolo
70300-944 Brasília-DF

Fone: (061) 317-1802 ou (061) 322-8310
Fax.: (061) 224-7460

Fale com a gente:
E-mail defil1@pop.ect.gov.br
História do Correio Brasileiro
Selos Emitidos - 1998
Lançamentos Programados-1998
Selos Emitidos - 1997
Produtos Filatélicos Disponíveis
Ação cultural dos Correios
Programação ECT - Galeria de Arte 1998
Fale Conosco (addreses above)

CD-CEP - Brazilian Post Codes ; English

CD-CEP - Guia de Consulta ao Endereçamento Postal codes; Portuguese or English

CD-CEP - Guia de Consulta ao Endereçamento Postal - diff. url

Postage rates
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