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Estados Unidos Mexicanos
  • Mexico -
    The Spanish arrived in Mexico in 1516. The Vice-royalty of New Spain governed the area. The peoples of Mexico struggled for independence from 1810 and became a federal republic in 1824. Mexico City was occupied by French forces in 1863-67. The first postage stamps were issued in 1856

    Postal Contact:
    Gerencia de Filatelia y Cultura Postal
    Netzahualcoyotl 109, 6 piso
    CP 06080, Mexico DF, Mexico

    Mexico - CIA Data:
    Location: Middle America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, between Belize and the US and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and the US
    Independence: 16 September 1810 (from Spain)

    Mexico - FIP Data:

    Federación Mexicana de Filatelia
    Apartado Postal 1313
    Mexico D.F. 06002
    Phone: 00525 125 867
    Fax: 00525 123 503

  • COMEXFIL - Council of Mexican Philately - in Spanish; some English
    Para mas informes comunicarse via internet a: jbenavi@mail.giga.com
    o por correo:
    11802- MEXICO, D.F.

  • Aerophilately of Mexico - M.Riosa@btinternet.com
    "My approach to aerophilately - it's somehow different. I do like, of course, Mexican airmail stamps, but I didn't spend a lot of time to study their varieties. From my point of view, their postal purposes are more important that the stamps on its own. I am a fanatic of ordinary looking covers with fascinating stories to be told. Rates, routes, and postal procedures ..."

    Early Air Mail Postmarks
    Air Mail Labels
    R.A.C. Air Contracted Routes
    Air Mail marks
    Links with related sites
    Review of FAM 8
    International Air Mail of Mexico (1926-1936) (including complete International airmail Tariff)
    Mexican Women in Aviation
    CMA's Blind Flight

  • SEPOMEX - Mexico's postal authority - in Spanish; has Filatelic info
    Para cualquier información de los servicios postales, le agradeceremos comunicarse a la Gerencia de Ventas, a los teléfonos (525) 709- 9010 y 709-1566.

    Filatélica, al teléfono (525) 709-9694. Fuera del Distrito Federal

  • Mexican Post History - from postal authority

  • Philately Museum of Oaxaca, Mexico
    Mexican philately began in 1856, when the first postage stamp was issued in our country.
    Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca A.C.
    Reforma No. 504
    Col. Centro, 68000, Oaxaca, Mexico
    Tel: (01 951) 423 66, 423 75, 680 28

  • Philatelic Museums & Libraries data - Mexico

    Museo Postal
    Edificio de la Central de Correos
    Mexico City
    (Contents unknown)

    Oaxaca: see above
    (The "new national philatelic museum of Mexico")

  • Postage rates for Mexico
    from Mark Sietz
  • Price Trends   Mexico Dealers Directory
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