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.Mind-it by Netmind (formerly called URL Minder) -
Mind-it (formerly called URL Minder) has been listed on "Yahoo's 25 Most Useful Sites" longer than any other tool. Why? Mind-it lets you track changes to you favorite webpages. You can highlight sections of a page to track, watch for the appearance of any keywords of interest, track links to a page, or track anything you want FOR FREE and be notified via the email that you are already using when there are changes. It's like having an employee work for you, whose main job is to make sure you are always aware when new information that you care about is put up on the web. ('404' c.200911)
I use it.- aj
.WebTools: URL-Minder: A Simple Site Enhancement - an interesting review - aj
simple explanation <sic> to put it on you site; strength: demographic return data - follows Canadian implamentation ('404' c.200911)
.URL Mind-it: For Webmasters
Add FREE Mind-it to Your Website in 5 Minutes ('404' c.200911)
Thousands of Webmasters are using Mind-it's "change detection" technology to provide their site with a free automatic update service requiring very little work and no monetary investment. All you do is copy the HTML source code for one of the Mind-it buttons shown later on this page. You do not need to have any special CGI programs and there is no special set-up.
This button lets your users sign up for the Mind-it service from a form on your page and NetMind runs the service for you. Users register their page by simply entering an email address and clicking on the "Mind-it" button. The form automatically sends the correct URL to the Mind-it database. Your users' membership in the free service is subject to NetMind's User Terms and Conditions, which among other things promise the user privacy protection and no spamming as a result of this service
.Mind-it's URL-minder: via Canada; different options
Allows only one URL but the email confirmation has the page title; good for your admin.
.PCWin Resource Center - Windows 95/98, CE & NT freeware - Bookmark/Favorites Util's
.Bookmark Converter - NS->IE->NS->IE... ($8)
The ultimate program for converting your bookmarks between the Netscape and Internet Explorer formats. Perfect for everyone, from private persons to large companies.
Features including: (still there c.200911)
Conversion in both directions
No size limit for bookmark files or favorites to be converted.
Command-line conversion
Synchronize bookmarks / favorites automatically on system boot
Remote conversion for multiple users in large networks
Super-easy interface - anyone can use it
(included on site: "Links to other Bookmark related programs")
Magnus Brading,
(listed at Tucows - License: Shareware Cost: $8.00)
.Bookmark Magic: Internet Bookmark Conversion Utility ($20)
convert Netscape Bookmarks to Internet Explorer Favorites.
convert Internet Explorer Favorites to Netscape Bookmarks.
convert many URL files, including folders, into a single HTML file.
convert HTML bookmark files into individual URL files.
Internet Explorer favorites manager.
remove duplicate bookmarks.
sort by bookmark description.
toggle viewing of HTML source.
strip Netscape date tags from a bookmark file.
bold bookmark descriptions.
italicize bookmark descriptions.
indent HTML.
double-space HTML.
The HTML files created by Bookmark magic can be opened by a web browser or even used as a web page. see :)
The evaluation version of Bookmark magic contains no time limits and is not crippled in any way. After 10 non-consecutive days an advertisment will be displayed.
Bookmark Magic runs on Win95, 98, NT $20.00
- still good c.200911
.itList - The Online Bookmark Manager
Bookmark your favorite Web sites... on the Web!
Keep all your bookmarks in one central location
Use your bookmarks from any computer, any Web browser
No Web programming necessary
It's easy to join... (now an IT blog; not bad - includes a list of blog submissions sites - c.200911)
.MURL.COM - Free Online Bookmark Manager (good c.200911)
Anton Olsen
.A Free Central Bookmark Service ('404' c.200911)
.Show-URL Bookmark utility - Print Bookmarks with URL address! (still good c.200911)
With Show-URL, you can now PRINT your bookmark files with their descriptions, as well as their actual URL address. It is as easy as pressing a single button and your original bookmark file remains unmodified. You can also choose to remove unwanted date tags. Output can be SAVED to a new bookmark file (HTML format), or EXPORTED as plain text (without HTML tags)
Of course, you can also use Show-URL to process any HTML Files for which you want to show all URLs.
ShowURL for Netscape Users
16bit v2.50 (220KB)
32bit v2.50 (246KB)
32bit version can handle much larger bookmark files than 16bit version, requires Windows 95 /Windows NT.
ShowURL for MSIE Users
32bit v2.50 (203K)
Press Release for LIKSE & NavRoad Offline Browser / HTML Viewer (still good c.200911)
.The CyberKit HomePage - Tracking spammers and shutting them down
CyberKit is a 32 bit application for Windows 95/98/NT ('404' c.200911)
One of the most satisfying and effective spam-fighting tactics is to identify the spammer and get in touch with his ISP or Web host provider. Nearly all service providers will happily eject a spammer from their system, including removing his Web site. With a little experience, it's possible to use TraceRoute, WhoIs or NSLookup to find out who is providing the spammer's access. CyberKit [], a utility program, provides all of these functions in one simple interface.
Most ISPs are willing to investigate and act on spam complaints. Many use to receive complaints. All are required to have a postmaster@ address, so sometimes it may be necessary to write to that address or to In some cases, the domain owner himself is the spammer. In that case, it's necessary to contact his upstream provider.
from: Enterprise Interactive [] provides Internet strategy consulting and Web content development services.
via: THE "NETRESULTS" NEWS SERVICE 20 January 1999
Edited by Al Bredenberg
Enterprise Interactive