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Angels to Zeppelins by Donald J. Lehnus - "A detailed analysis of, accompanied by indexes to, the people and things depicted on all 1,355 postage stamps issued by the US Government from 1847 through 1980. ... Recommended for larger general reference collections in all types of libraries."

From a review, "...Extensive philatelic terms are translated into German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Polish, Greek, etc. Super for figuring out what stamp inscriptions mean and for determining key words in foreign catalogs.

Stamp One Gallery

Selections from Gregg Hopkins' "Number Ones and Other Firsts" - who notes: ...the law authorizing these stamps going into effect on July 01, 1847 was sponsored by Representative George W. Hopkins of the State of Virginia. (I asked via email if he was any relation. - no such luck.. aj.)

From the Canton of Basel - 1845
A Short History of Stamps and Collectors

- Many first issues illustrated and they received the following message:
    "I am a writer currently working on an animated series for CBS called "Flying Rhinos".
    The episode I am writing is sponsored in part by the U.S. Post Office and has to do with stamp collecting and the history of stamps. Your webpage was most helpful and I am only sorry that I didn't find it earlier. I am including it in my script so the animators can find out what some of these stamps look like. ... " - cool - aj


formerly: 'The Engraver': http://www.posten.postnet.se/stamps/blirtill/bild/gravyrplatta.jpg
How A Stamp Is Born - from Sweden's Postal Authority
  • A stamp is born ... from conception to:
  • The Engravers:
    • Czeslaw Slania (see below)
    • Zlatko Jakus - (not on list at last viewing - no longer in favor? - We have a copy of this page; write and we will e-mail it to you free!)
    • Martin Mörck
    • Lars Sjööblom
    • Piotr Naszarkowski
  • See Also: Topical Index Entry: Designers & Engravers
Collecting The Works Of Czeslaw Slania
    Czeslaw Slania - Master Stamp Engraver - is the world's most productive engraver. No one has produced as many engravings as had The Master. He is noted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the champion engraver of all time. ...
    Czeslaw Slania Study Group
    PO Box 1382
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201

(for more: See Also:
Topical Names Index : Slania, Czeslaw)
Other Interesting Sites:
The Last Mail Art Show by John Held, Jr., 1986
JCM's International Collection of Artistamps
- An exhibit of one of what we call the 4 F's : Fakes, Forgeries, Freaks and Fantasies.

Scout Stamp Fakes & Forgeries - Scouts On Stamps Society Int'l (SOSSI )
Stamps on Black History Home Page

Famous Portraits on the Stamps of Israel - made into an entertaing game.
San Francisco Cog Wheel Cancels Page by Rick Mingee - Paperless Stamps, .us-CO 80162
Opera - A Philatelic History - Paul den Ouden (and, now c.2009, others)

The Art of Exhibiting:
A Journey Into The World Of Exhibiting ... a TMF work at ISWSC

Thematics Queensland, .AU An Article: A Question of Rarity (and exhibiting)
and another: What's Your Socore? - Exhibit planning.

Fran Adam's Links to Exhibiting

Chit Chat...

StampCollecting, The Favorite Hobby of Millions ('404' c.2009)
    "Why is stamp collecting the favorite hobby of millions of people of men and women as well as boys and girls? . . . One reason is that it provides a constant source of recreation and pleasure. "Twice happy is the man who collects postage stamps for he has two worlds to live in." ...

The Global Post Office

A delightful look at postal authorities and philatelic agencies around the world.

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