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Architecture: Lighthouses, Windmills, ...

  • American Topical Association - August 1999 Feature : Windmills on Stamps
  • Lighthouse Stamp Society - APS Affiliate #221
    - this Virtual Stamp Club info page lists:
    Dalene Thomas, President
    8612 W. Warren Lane
    Lakewood, CO 80227-2352
    www.users.uswest.net/~dalene1 (the old url aj.)

  • Lighthouse Stamp Society (new URL); c.2000
    The new url includes:
    Stamps, Cancels, Cinderellas, Postal Stationery, Links, Photos, Lighthouse Money, Lighthouse Phonecards
    Related Sites (Links)
    Dalene Thomas' Web Page
  • New Zealand Lighthouse Stamps, Garry Law, .NZ  

  • Great Lakes Lighthouse Stamps
    from The Lighthouse Preservation Society 1-800-727-BEAM
    'The first head of America's Bureau of Lighthouses, George R. Putnam, once said that, ". . . lighthouses appeal to the interest and better instinct of man because they are symbolic of never-ceasing watchfulness, of steadfast endurance in every exposure, of widespread helpfulness. The building and the keeping of the lights is a picturesque and humanitarian work of the nation." His sentiments surely echo those of countless sailors, who for centuries have relied on the guidance of lighthouses. In fact, lighthouses have proven to be such a popular icon with the American public in general that the U.S. Postal Service is once again singing their praises.'

    (from a 1995 Press Release which goes on to conclude:)

    'Local groups have joined together with national organizations such as The Lighthouse Preservation Society and the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association to change government policies on lighthouses and raise monies to save them. Although a musher (number) of lighthouses have been restored in recent years, with some 800 still in existence there is still much to do. In the words of the U.S. Postal Service, "With the loss of each lighthouse that deteriorates beyond repair, we lose a piece of our unique maritime history."  

  • Lighthouse Stamps and Cancellations - Kristen Rasmussen
    Lighthouse Stamps - Kristen Rasmussen
    new url - but it forwards to the one above as of 6/29/00 aj.  

  • The first Westrn-style lighthouse in Japan was lit on ...
    "... Five years earlier, in September 1864, Japan was defeated in the battle of Simonoseki Straits against the combined fleet of the U.K., the U.S., France and Holland. Harry Smith Parkes, Minister or the U.K., demanded not that Japan should pay reparations but that Japan constructed eight lighthouses and build two lightships. ..."  

  • Lighthouses on Stamps by Tim Odom
    "Welcome to Lighthouses On Stamps. The purpose of this site is to help lighthouse stamp collectors learn more about the lighthouses portrayed on the stamps they collect. ..."  

  • Interested in ships & lighthouses on stamps? Join the ship-stamp mailing list - click here: live email link. send with NO Subject, message body: "subscribe ship-stamp (your-email-address)"  

  • Georgia Lighthouses - U. S. Postage Stamp Project
    Please Show The Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee Your Support ... Sample Letter Available Here - Click on any Lighthouse to learn more about it...  

  • Seamark Illustrated Catalogue of Lighthouse Stamps and the 'Seamark Newsletter'
    Catalog: Keith Hall, @, Church Cottage, Leigh, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 6HL
    Newsletter: Derrick Jackson, @, 46 Berkeley Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3SJ  

  • Topical Index : Lighthouses ...  

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