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YaHOo! Translation
by Systan

Thematic or Topically Related Books


The Complete Illustrated Guide to Stamp Collecting: Everything You Need to Know About the World's Favourite Hobby and the Many Ways to Build a ... ... Famous Issues and Over 500 Images of Stamps [Illustrated] (Paperback)

Janet is a former President
of the American Philatelic Society

...World's Most
Valuable Stamp

& the Duke of York

Guidelines for thematic judges and exhibitors at local and federation level
, by Franceska Rapkin
oop (oop = "Out of Print"--Limited Availability.) (.uk price; 1 available c.2009)

The Arts

(Architecture, Music, Cinema, Medicine...)

Medical History through Postage Stamps
, Akira Furukawa (.uk price)

Medicine and Stamps (Volume 3)
, Shampo & Kyle

Description: "Medicine & Stamps, vol. 3 will appeal to anyone with a interest in history and biography, as well as stamp collectors. The book is comprised of biographical sketches of more than 100 physicians and members of the scientific community... "
Review: "... Each person is treated as a separate chapter. This format makes it a good general reference for famous people in the medical area and for medical topics such as diabetes and the history of medicine. .."

Pharmaceuticals, Ceramics.. - Temáticos (books from Portual's CTT) Medicine .
Philatelic Department
Av. Casal Ribeiro, 28-4º - 1049-052 Lisboa Codex, Portugal
Phone: 21 311 17 00
Fax: 21 311 18 48

Stamps & Philately Honors in Science & Medicine:Index of Modern Authors & Subjects with Guide for Rapid Research - By: Pauline N. Operkola - hb Chapters.ca

Stamps & Philately Honors in Science & Medicine:Index of Modern Authors & Subjects with Guide for Rapid Research - By: Pauline N. Operkola - pb Chapters.ca

Organizations, Peoples & Persons

More Who's Who on U.S. Stamps
- by Richard Louis Thomas [Linn's Stamp News]
Features (258) capsule biographies of people who are honored, but not pictured, on US stamps--thus filling in the gaps in Who's Who on US Stamps and making the set a comprehensive guide to stamp personalities between 1847 and 1992. (no .uk price)

Christopher Columbus in Philately
, David E. Nye [ATA Handbook] (.uk price)

Abraham Lincoln on Worldwide Stamps
, Melvin Morris (Editor) [ATA Handbook] (.uk price)
see also the US Topical Section

Franklin D. Roosevelt: The Stamp Collecting President
, Brian C. Baur [Linn's] (.uk price)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy on Worldwide Stamps
, Donald Brenke [ATA Handbook] (OOP c.2009)

Black Americans on Postage Stamps
, Garland McLaughlin (OOP c.2009)

Brookman Price Guide for Disney Stamps
- Arlene Dunn (Editor) [Krause] (.uk price)

Political Campaign Stamps, by Mark Warda (Compiler) [Krause] (.uk price)



Events / History

Titanic: A Postal Collection
, by the IGPA (OOP or Special Order)

The Environmant

Flora, Fauna ... mineral, animal, veggies

Souvenir Sheet of 10 x 37cents US Postage Stamps

Orchids on Stamps, Peggy Alrich [an ATA publication] (.uk price)

Collect Fungi on Stamps (a Gibbons Stamp Catalogue) by D.J. Aggersberg (.uk price)

Cats - Directory of Covers and Cards, Marilyn Johnson [AFDCS] (OOP c.2009)

for Scott No. 2373-5 (no .uk listing)

Federal Duck Stamp Story Fifty Years of Excellance 1934 - 1984 (50th Anniversary),

by Laurence F. Jonson (no .uk listing)

The duck stamp story (SuDoc I 49.2:D 85/4/995) (OOP c.2009)

by U.S. Dept of Interior (1995)

The Federal Duck Stamp Story, Including the Junior Duck Stamp Story (Pamphlet - c.2002)

by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The Duck Stamp Story: Art, Conservation, History by Eric Jay Dolin, Bob Dumaine (.uk price)

The Duck Stamp Story - Eric Jay Dolin, Bob Dumaine (Available C.2009) (.uk price)

Bats in Philately - Thomas M. Lera [ATA HANDBOOK]
(.uk price)

Philatelic Horses and Horse Relatives, by Ruth Y. Wetmore (an ATA Handbook, No. 116) (.uk price)

Fishes, Angling, and Finfish: Fisheries on Stamps of the World, Victor G. Springer, Maynard S. Raasch (ATA)

Collect Fish on Stamps (a Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue) (.uk price)

Collect Birds On Stamps (a Stanley Gibbons Catalogue) (.uk price)

by Hannes Eriksen, Jens Eriksen and D.J. Aggersberg (as Editor)

Birds of the World in Philately, by Beverly S. Ridgely, Gustavs E. Eqlajs (ATA) (.uk price)

Supplement to Birds of the World in Philately, Beverly S. Ridgely, Gustavs E. Eglaus (ATA) (.uk price)

Birds of the world in philately : Supplement II (ATA handbook) by Bruce Cruickshank (.uk price)


The Bible through Stamps
, by Ord Matek (.uk price)

Space, Science & Technology

Stamps & Philately Honors in Science & Medicine: Index of Modern Authors & Subjects with Guide for Rapid Research - By: Pauline N. Operkola - hb Chapters.ca

Stamps & Philately Honors in Science & Medicine: Index of Modern Authors & Subjects with Guide for Rapid Research - By: Pauline N. Operkola - pb Chapters.ca

A Philatelic Ramble Through Chemistry
, by Edgar Heilbronner, Foil A. Miller. (.uk price)
This special limited edition is a collection of short essays and comments on chemistry as told through postage stamps and other philatelic items.
And From the Inside Flap, "Written with wit, expertise, and great enthusiasm, this unique book presents a light-hearted, historically based survey of chemistry and some related topics in physics. It is illustrated with more than 1000 beautiful color reproductions of postage stamps and covers. Many stories and anecdotes have been included. Anyone who teaches, researches or is otherwise involved with chemistry will find this volume of informative, enjoyable reading and a veritable source of engaging material.

Pharmaceutical Philately - George B. Griffenhagen [ATA]
(no .uk listing)

Pharmaceutical Philately - George Griffenhagen (ATA) - Chapters.ca

Pharmacy in Philately Album - George Griffenhagen (Viking Penguin) - Chapters.ca

Astronomy & Philately
, (ATA Handbook) (no .uk listing)

Stamps on Stamps

Stamps on Stamps
, Bunny Kaplan [ATA Handbook] (.uk price)

Sports and Games

Tennis Philately
- Lester M. Yerkes (ATA Handbook c.1994) (.uk price)


(bicycles, motorcycles, airplanes, trains, cars ...)

An Illustrated History of the Travelling Post Office, by Peter Johnson (.us prices)

Bicycle Stamps: Bikes and Cycling on the World's Postage Stamps
, Dan Gindling (.us prices) (UK prices)

Stanley Gibbons Collect Aircraft on Stamps (Thematic Catalogue), Ian Hamilton c.2009 .uk (.us price)

Ben Holladay: The Stagecoach King : A Chapter in the Development of Transcontinental Transportation
, by J. V. Frederick (.us price)
From a review entitled 'Dangerous Mail Delivery":
"...So often we see in westerns the stagecoach roaring into town and well-dressed easterners get out--not even dusty. This book shows the real and extremely difficult days of the stagecoach mail delivery and does it in a very factual, well-documented way. The end of the book should have been put at the first so we could know Ben Holladay before we learned all about the difficulties of getting the people and the mail to the western cities. ..."
Another says: "Holladay was born in Kentucky in 1819 and went to Weston, MO, as a boy (one rumor says he ran away from home). He worked different jobs there for a number of years, married and had seven children, and then got a job freighting supplies for Kearny's Army of the West during the Mexican War. .."

Motorized Mail by James H. Bruns
(.us price) (.uk price)
Reviewed: As a collector of Postal items, I find that this book is a great reference for motor vehicles that have moved the mail. The author, being the curator for the Smithsonian Postal Museum has access to many photos that few people have seen. Some of these are just wonderful. The book is heavily illustrated, and each illustration is identified as to what it is. The history of the Postal Service included with the history of its vehicles is very good, although in order to obtain the complete story, you will need to obtain the rest of Mr. Bruns' books.

Railway stamps (an ATA handbook)
, by Howard J Burkhalter (.us price) (.uk price)

Supplement to Railway stamps
(ATA handbook 1988), by Howard J Burkhalter (.us price) (.uk price)

Railway History Via Post Cards: How We Got There - William F. Rapp (J-B Pub.) - Chapters.ca
(available c.2009)

Railway History Via Post Cards: How We Got There
- William F. Rapp (.uk price) (OOP c.2009 .us, .uk)

On Track : The Railway Mail Service in Canada
, by Susan McLeod O'Reilly (.us price) (.uk price)
Review: "Quite a good book from a human interest point of view.."

Watercraft on Stamps [ATA handbook] - Katherine A. Kirk (.us price) (.uk price)

The Dealer's Art

Successful Stamp Dealing : Tried & Tested Tips & Techniques
- Peter Mosiondz (.uk price)

Stamp investing for profit
- by Patrick W. Lloyd.
OOP .us & .uk

Stamps for investment
, by Kenneth R. Lake. (.us price) (.uk price)
(& 2nd ISBN#: 0491002939; .us; several c.2009) (.uk price)

Stamps for the Investor
- by T. N. Trikilis (.us price) (.uk price)

Collecting Stamps for Pleasure and Profit
- by Barry Krause (.us price) (.uk price)


The Error World: An Affair with Stamps ~ Mr. Simon Garfield (Author)(.uk price)
"Little do wives know how much men spend on their hobbies..."

Triangular Philatelics : A Guide for Beginning and Advanced Collectors
, by Chris Green (.uk price)

Typographic Posters: From Postage Stamps to 24 Sheet Billboards
, David Brier
OOP c.2009 .us & .uk

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