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Alta Vista
by Systan

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AskPhil's Estate Planning articles (bottom of page)
listed articles 5/00:
- A Collector Can Aid Estate Administrator
- Overview of Estate Planning
- Prepare Your Estate Administrator


Collectibles Insurance Agency - Insurance For Collectors, Collectibles, Collections
They offer two forms: For APS members and for non-APS members. ;)

SDI is pleased to be able to offer the best stamp insurance known
Stamp Dealers International.'s International Philatelic Register ; like a paid classified ad, IN EFFECT: insurance portection ...
The International Philatelic Register is a service provided to any collector or dealer to register images and detailed descriptions and histories of rare and important philatelic items. Registration may be for a variety of reasons, including:
- To provide an independent worldwide site for registering an image and history for insurance, resale or historic record purposes.
- To provide a means for showing an item being offered by private treaty sale.
- To solicit offers for an item.
All registrations are made on a confidential basis and the level of access to the image and ownership information is strictly determined by the registrant. Images to be registered can be done by the owner via emailing an image file or by sending a photo (such as from an auction catalog). Registered items will be assigned a number and password which is the only way the image can be called up. The owner can thus control who has access to the image file and descriptive information. Ownership information is never disclosed unless the owner wishes, such as when he is soliciting bids. The charge for registration of an item is $25 when you supply the image files and $35 if we have to create them from a photo submission. If an item is sold, it can be re-registered by the new owner for a nominal fee.


APS Expertizing Service

AskPhil's Expertizers & Expertizing Committees list

AskPhil's "How To Get Stamps Expertized in Germany"

Newport Beach, CA: PSE - Professional Stamp Experts - Collectors Universe
Professional Stamp Experts (PSE)
P.O. Box 6170
Newport Beach, CA 92658
877-STAMP88 (782-6788)
FAX: 949-833-7955
Email: : Classified ads: Expertising
usually has at least the APS ("over 170 specialists" - - Contact: -
American Philatelic Society, P.O. Box 8000, Dept. TB, State College, PA 16803 Ph: (814) 237-3803 Fax: (814) 237-6128)
and ASDA; for appraisals (3 School Street, Glen Cove, NY 11542-2548 - free list with SASE)

Stamps and Philately, Timbres et philatélie, Briefmarken und Philatelie : experts

Stamps and Philately : Experts Associations - in English
Association Internationale des Experts Philatéliques AIEP

Chairman: Emil Rellstab Wiedenbuehlstrasse 50, CH-8617 Moenchaltdorf

Honorary Chairman: Dr. Enzo Diena, Via Crescenzio 19, I-00193 Roma

Nationals Associations

Bund der philatelistischen Prüfer e.V., München
Chairman: Günter Bechtold, Postfach 1155, D-82351 Weilheim, Tel. + Fax (0881) 4 12
Geschäftsstelle: Dr. Helmut P. Oechsner, Gustav-Weisskopf-Weg 13, 90411
Nürnberg, Tel. (0911) 5 21 68 61, Fax (0911) 5 21 62 92
Association Suisse des Experts Philatéliques
Président: Emil Rellstab, Widenbüelstr. 50, CH-8617 Mönchaltdorf, Tel (01) 948 06 56 ,
Fax (01) 948 09 78
Fees per stamp: 3% + CHF 25.-

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Expert's Committees

B.P.A Expertising Ltd
Administrative office :
P.O. Box 127,
Leaterhead, Surrey KT22 ORG, England
Tel 01372 843085 , fax 01372 843930
Fees per stamp : £18 + 2% of catalog's price over £900)
American Philatelic Expertizing Service
P.O. Box 8000,
State College, Pennsylvania 16803, USA
Fees per stamp : minimum $15.-
The Expert Committee for the Royal Philatelic Society London
41 Devonshire Place,
London W1N 1PE, England
tel 071 935 7332
Fees per stamp : £18 + 2.5% over catalog's value of £750
(Maximal fees £250)
The Philatelic Foundation
21 East 40th Street
New York , NY 10016 , USA
tel (212) 867 3699 , Fax (212) 867 39
Fees per stamp : on request
from: Stamps on the Net , Lausanne, Switzerland

ABPS, Benefits: Expertising (As a member of ABPS you have exclusive access to special discounts for goods and services from a wide variety of sources)
The Royal Philatelic
41 Devonshire Place
London W1N 1PE
(020) 7486 1044/5

fax: (020) 7486

French postal history - experts addresses

For the examination of covers there are beside some dealers two well-known experts in France:

Jean-François Brun,
85 Galerie Beaujolais,
Jardins du Palais-Royal, F-75001 Paris -- Phone: +33 1 42 61 48 88 --
Fax +33 1 42 60 59 99
Roger Calves,
8 rue Drouot,
F-75009 Paris --
Phone: +33 1 48 24 44 13 --
Fax: +33 1 48 01 09 20
Outside France there are different experts affiliated to the local stamp collector or stamps examinator organizations:
Alain von der Weid,
1 av. Pedro Meylan,
CH-1211 Genève 17, Switzerland -- Phone: +41 22 735 75 10 --
Fax : +41 22 735 76 90
James van der Linden,
B. P. 1, B -
4837 Baelen, Belgium --
Phone: +32 87 76 44 05 --
Fax: +32 87 76 49 91 --
e-mail: --
Expert in Marques de Passage
Expert of the German Bund der philatelistischen Prüfer:
Dr. Raymond Goebel,
109 allée Léopold Goebel,
L-1635 Luxembourg --
Phone: +352 44 10 95 --
Fax: +352 45 57 76
-- from prephilately - up to 1900

Corneille Soeteman S.A. - Expertise Internationale (groups)
Corneille Soeteman S.A. - Les principaux Experts Internationaux (individuals)

SotheBay International Ltd.
...The group's earnings are derived principally from the auction and sale of antiques, artefacts, collectibles and other valuables. SotheBay International Ltd has a network of private collectors, both institutions and individuals, to ensure that it has a continuos supply of products. The group sponsors and finances expeditions to recover artefacts from shipwrecks, for instance. Other sources of income include training, authentication services, ....

Welcome to Collectibles-Museum, Republic of Mauritius
Collectibles is an independent organisation providing comprehensive appraisal and authentication-services for items auctioned.
Welcome to visit our principals and organisation:-
The Group has been awarded with a USD150 million development project of Islamic College and Eco-tourism project (joint venture with Malacca Government, under ICM on January 29, 1999), which encompasses the Group's Cultural Multi Media Super Corridor and Museum under water (, first of its kind in Asia. ...Through our portal,, you can have access to the major cultural centres, museums, and galleries in the world; we are linked to over 200 major museums, galleries in over 100 countries.. It's a Digital Fiesta!
The group's earnings are derived principally from the auction and sale of antiques, artefacts, collectibles and other valuables.
. is more than a business entity. It is a community of members. A community of lovers of antiques, artefacts, art, jade, rare collectibles. It is also a community of smart investors. This community has at its core students, teachers, archaeologists, historians, scientists, oceanologists, *authenticators* (emphasis added - aj) and curators. Our global community also includes museum and gallery owners of corporations with a strong commitment to the preservation and protection of our environment and heritage on earth.
a function of SouthBay Int'l Ltd. - aj. recommends for : Stamp Expertization : Sergio Sismondo , Syracuse, NY
10035 Carousel Center Dr
Syracuse, NY 13290-0001
Tel: 315-422-2331
Fax: 315-422-2956

Escrow Services

i-Escrow Inc. - Safe Online Transactions
"... We ensure buyers get what they pay for and protect sellers against fraudulent credit card charges. ... Handles the demands of the largest auction sites and the most complex net market makers. ...

see also my internet auctions review

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