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The Online Auction Block - data is old (c.2000-2002) and due for a re-do - aj. c.2008. (Try here c.2014 - these pages are mostly history.).

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'P2P' OnLine Auctions

The top 3

GO Network Auction: joined with eBay Auctions and everything! also hosts Greg Manning Auctions and has a joint venture with Sotheby's Auctions and has sites in the U.K. and Germany.
In Association with
Auctions, books etc. A different site from in the UK but owned by them as is in Germany and in France (though France does not yet offer auctions).

in Association with

A function I first noted with Christies' Auctions then QXL Auctions and now at, "We bring the auction to you! With our unique blend of technology and tradition, we allow you to bid in traditional auctions without leaving the comfort of your home. Dying to find the last piece to complete your collection? Interested in a specific type if merchandise? Now you can access it!" - see their auction page - aj. also features Sotherby Auctions ; go to their coins & stamps sections and you'll find the link... aj.
Computerworld News & Features : Sotheby's/Amazon auction site opens for bidding
Bidding began at "a joint site launched yesterday by New York's Sotheby's Holdings Inc. and Inc.

"Some 6,000 items are on the block in 10 categories, including coins, stamps, sports and Hollywood memorabilia, .... " By Stacy Collett (November 19, 1999)

Yahoo! Auctions - A Free Service
- and it was.. then it wasn't - at all!

2 Stars

The FairMarket Group

CityAuction : Coins and Stamps ; identical to MSN in appearance; # of item roughly the same +- 100
Buyer fees: free
Seller fees:
Auction Listing Fees : Free
Classifieds Listing Fees : Free
Seller Transaction Fees :
--From $0.01 To $25.00 : 5.00% Per Listing
--From $25.01 To $1,000.00: 2.50% Per Listing
--$1,000.01 and up : 1.25% Per Listing
New Request It - Request for Quote Pricing : FREE for a limited time! (a/o 5/00)
Information Link: (it was hard to find) they seem to be a TicketMast CitySearch function : one notable item: Sep 20, 1999 : Microsoft, Excite@Home and Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch Team with FairMarket To Create Online Auction Network with Largest Distribution Worldwide (see link below) may not be reachacle?, "...FairMarket AuctionPlace is a comprehensive technology and services offering for companies that want a private-label auction. FairMarket provides hosting and support including extensive security and fraud prevention, billing, collection and customer service. FairMarket sites are members of the FairMarket Auction Network. ... ..."
Sep 20, 1999 : Microsoft, Excite@Home and Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch Team with FairMarket - PRNewswire

MSN Auctions: Coins and Stamps ; 2,197 stamp items 5/19/00

Lycos Auctions: Stamps & Coins ; similar in appearance ; same # of stamp items.
Lycos ® is a registered trademark of Carnegie Mellon University. Auctions: Coins & Stamps ; similar in appearance ; roughly same # of items +- 100 ; must vary on how often each site updates.
1850 stamp items 8/1/00

What Am I Bid ??? Europe's Premier On-Line Auction : Stamps, Coins & Scripophily
noted over 16,000 items under 'Stamps' 5/19/00 & Scripophily : Bonds (217).
on 8/1/00: Stamps (33759)

Yezzz! - online auction in Belgium: Coins, Cards & Stamps category (39 pages of item 8/14/00)

Scandinavian (online) Auction Systems - Collectibles Category (incl. coins and stamps) - (Norwiegan- some English)
about 175 stamp items 8/1/00. - seemed a mixed merchant/person2person affair.

icollector: the premium online auction service for art, antiques and collectibles
Their searcher turns up some nice things under 'stamps'... they don't list 'stamps' as a category. ; follow this link for that.
"The first to bring the auction industry online to you in 1994, the site is now home to over 650 auction houses, dealers and galleries giving you easy and immediate access to buy hundreds of thousands of items for sale."

The QXL group

QXL-Auktion (England) - Stamps (660 items) - offers Geman, Dutch ( & Flemmish) , Italian, French
and seperate sites for Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland

Welcome to ibidlive - Offers Japanese, Spanish, American, Euro links Where online auctions are televised live! (Culver City, CA, USA link)
"ibidlive auctions are fun, easy, and LIVE. Auctions have been popular for hundreds of years, but until recently, you or a representative had to be in the auction room to make a bid. Delayed bids, now popular due to the Internet, do not capture the excitement of a LIVE auction. But with ibidlive, you can participate in LIVE auctions as a passive viewer or an active bidder. All you need is a TV and a connection (and, I assume, a computer - aj. - the FAQ implies a computer monitor will do.) to the Internet and you can bid right from your living room!
For information about auctions in the US contact at:
10736 Jefferson Blvd., Suite #449
Culver City, CA 90230 USA.
Or email us at:

Awardmasters Philatelics Online Auctions - about 600 listings 8/7/00
a mixed merchant/p2p auction:
"ATTENTION SELLERS: No insertion or listing fees. You only pay the final sales commission if your lot sells.
AUCTION FACTS: Customers Served: 2018
(flys the APS logo) and conducts a stamp chat room/forum - est. 7/30/00.

Dennis R. Abel Online Stamp Acutions and Sales - oh, say 400 + items as of 8/7/00
the 'best little' auction...

Stamp Auctions by Jozwik(347) - over 400 items 8/7/00
This gentleman has taken the intiative and paid to list his Yahoo! Auction sellers page on ....

Russ Romei's Stampfair ONLINE Auctions - 200+- items 8/7/00
Mixed merchant/p2p (free listings); glad to see he's still here! - offers approvals, kiloware ...

Playle's Auction Mall - Postcards, ephemera (incl. stamps..) - CD & Music - Jewelry
long established; mixed merchant/p2p auctions (via Stamps & Philately ; 129 items 5/19/00 ; same as
There is a basic listing fee of 25 cents per item plus 2.5% of the final price when the item sells. (78 stamp items 8/1/00 - aj.) Auctions, Patomac, MD
at the time (8/14/00) , they were announcing 'We have just completed our inaugural bilingual on-line auction'
And from their 'rules' page:
Focused on China Philately Collectors with quality service, in-depth knowledge, and community atmosphere.
- All the consigned materials must be sent to CollectChina.Com by insured registered mail at the consignor's expense.
- Only 5% commission on realization price, no charge on the unsold lots.
- No other charges including cataloging, illustration, insurance, or lotting fee.
- No minimum total consignment values.
We offer advanced payment plan for your consigned materials to help meet your urgent cash need.

Czech Rep. : Internet Philatelistic Shop (specializing in Czech Rep.) Sales, Online Auctions - (Česká or limited English)
Česká : Internetová obchodní filatelie - úvodní obrazovka
from their Intro page:
We are specialised in all state-forms that had been in the area of the Czech Republic since the beginning of the Czechoslovakia in 1918 till today and that were producing their stamps. You can find e. g. : a philatelic consulting page, stamps galleries, on-line auctions. You have a possibility to publish an advertisement under competition-less conditions, to buy a special literature and other philatelic tools. Well, there is something for everybody you need only to make a selection.

Everything4auction : Stamps (79 items 8/2/00)

Abidon, online auctions: collectibles and antiques

BidMore Online Internet Auction ; 36 items 5/19/00 - Stamp Category - 24 items 8/2/00
a mixed Merchant/p2p auction site

Live Auction Online (L.A.O.) - 16 stamp items 8/2/00

Snuze!com - 16 stamp & coin items 8/17/00 (Krause Publications) : Stamps ; 6 items 5/19/00

Live Auction Online - 1 item 5/18/00

Auction Port Online Auctions - 1 item 5/19/00
doesn't seem very active yet but it's free and a sweet system! Someone should buy it - aj. 7/27/00

Buffalo Bid internet, auction, Antiques, Collectible, Western Memorabilia, Postcards, ephemera, buy, sell, coins, tobaciana, toys, advertising
several categories; very few items 7/00

Stamp Auctions : For Sale a/o 7/2000

Buy It or Bid
The Future Web Site of - still. 8/00

Up4Sale! ; Free auctions ; They Folded
page says, "Thanks for the Memories"

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In association with

The Official eBay Guide..

The Official Ebay Guide to Buying, Selling and Collecting Just Anything
by Laura Fisher Kaiser, Kaiser Laura Fisher, Michael B. Kaiser, Pierre Omidyar
And from one of 7 buyers reviews:
The Best Book on e-Bay (but we knew that anyway, didn't we?), March 3, 2000
"This book is put out by the people of e-Bay. And it seems the best for all Ebaysians. The Big Theory is that e-Bay will not tell you "insider tips". Not true. This book does tell you about "sniping" and they do tell you it's fair game. They even tell you how to do it! So I would forget this theory, primarily since it is absolutely false. This is a review on "The Official e-Bay Guide". But although it is the best book on e-Bay, it is not the only book on e-Bay. Some "sticklers" will even tell you that you need no books on e-Bay - 'Just follow the e-Bay tour.' Don't believe it! (also) credit to "eBay for Dummies" by Roland Woerner, Stephanie Becker,and Marsha Collier. ... Anyway, order those two books from IF you are on eBay or want to BE on eBay. Good luck.

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