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The Bidder's Edge - an Auction Portal
Provides tools, searchers and services that give bidders a competitive advantage in the online auction process. ... has developed a proprietary technology that enables users to access millions of items listed at leading person-to-person and merchant online auction sites ... established partnerships with leading Internet portals such as Lycos ... covers over 150 of the leading online auction sites including, Yahoo. and (again, at last) eBay Auctions.
In July (2000), shortly after eBay won an injunction to prevent BE from spidering its site while the case was pending, a group of 28 legal scholars filed a joint brief in defense of Bidder’s Edge. ... U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte ruled, essentially, that eBay couldn’t prove Bidder's Edge (BE) lacked antitrust standing for the claim. So he denied eBay’s attempt to dismiss the counterclaim, which contends that eBay is trying to monopolize the online auction market and is violating antitrust laws by trying to limit access to auction listings.

GoTo Auction Management: Sell Your Stuff at Auction!
A management system for quick and easy listing of items across multiple sites including the big 3. - An affilate of mine - aj.'s Universal Search!
Search hundreds of auction sites. They offer other usefull services too.

Auctions On The Net - "Your Resource for Online Auctions Information"
News, reviews, listings... management software, msg board, search for items at auctions ... free classified ads...

AuctionLogic - Web Auction Management

The Andale group

Auction Tools and Business Management Services
Covers Yahoo!, & eBay -
a/o 8/00 has merged with (free counters and image hosting for auctions)/OTWA (Online Traders Web Alliance: support message forums) - Home
Honesty OTWA Home Page

Fortune article: 11/15/99 :
"...When it launches this week, Andale will seek to save power sellers lots of time by offering them the ability to automate their selling. For a small transaction fee, Andale will put items up for sale, automatically calculate tax and shipping costs, generate invoices, provide credit-card services and do basic financial accounting. The idea is to let power sellers be more efficient and strategic so they can sell even more. Le Vell met 26-year-old CEO and co-founder Munjal Shah at a barbeque this past summer and she's now working for him. Her title, one of those silly monikers you find only at tech companies, is "customer evangelist" and most of what she does is communicate with power sellers like herself and help Andale figure out what exactly these people want from an auction-services site. ...

SuperAuction Search - over 7 million auction items from over 200 different acution sites
Yahoo! Auctions, UBid, Auctions, Bid2Bid,,,, Dell Auction, just to name a few! - eBay coming soon! (a/o 8/8/00)
Sellers can post items to eBay, Amazon, or Yahoo! with just a few clicks, View auctions from multiple auction sites, Notify winners, Accept credit cards, Store images, Obtain counters ...
Buyers have Access to multiple auctions, One-click incremental bidding, Keep records, Manage payments ...

ePreview - Inspect It Before You Buy It!

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When is an auction not an auction?

by Dave Moorshead
"... I suggest that it ceases to be an auction, as most would consider an auction, when the owner of a lot bids on his own item. At this point, the owner is trying to manage the ultimate price through his participation, making it an auction in form but a sale in reality. Rightfully, the owner should have advertised the item at a specified price if, in fact, he wants to realize a certain price.
I don't suggest that an owner should give something away; it's the function of a reserve (price) to prevent this from occurring. ...

Steps to Buying Stamps at Auction

by Lowell S. Newman
Auctions are a major part of the philatelic market. The leading auction houses in the United States have combined sales in the teens of millions of dollars, and houses in Europe, Asia and Canada may equal or exceed the volume of US sales.
The first step towards buying at auction is getting on an auction house's mailing list, ... (this "is a compilation of several columns written for the American Stamp Dealer's Association." housed at Stamp Auction Centeral and is primarily target at Public auctions but applies to Postal/Mail Bid auctions as well - aj.)

On the Floor of the Auction

by Scott R. Trepel, President
Siegel Auction Galleries
New York
"... With any bidder, especially the inexperienced, the auctioneer has the responsibility to clearly communicate three basic pieces of information: the current high bid, whether or not the person he is looking at is the high bidder (i.e., the bid is "yours" or "against you"), and the next "advance" in bidding (usually according to established increments).
If you have never attended or bid in an auction before, and expect one day to become this "new" bidder, there are certain basic rules and methods that will make the sale more interesting and more successful. Here are a few to start: ..." (housed at Stamp Auction Centeral - aj)

The Auction's the Deal
A Netscape News Feature by J. Garrett Glover May 10, 2000 : A good, broad survey of internet auctions of all types. aj.

The Beginner's Guide To Online Auctions
... Using one of the major online general auction sites, such as eBay, or Yahoo! Auctions, for the first time can be just as overwhelming, especially for folks who are new to the Internet. Rules and regulations, bidding and selling procedures, auction etiquette, confusing auction formats, and insider lingo -- it's enough to make you want to go back to bed.
But not to worry. You don't have to jump in without a net. We've put together a comprehensive beginner's guide to online auctions. This guide walks you through the entire process for both buying and selling. ... (Bravo! aj)

The FTC's Guide
A Guide for Buyers and Sellers
"... Whether you're a buyer or a seller, there's a smart way to "do" Internet auctions. Here's how to make sure you get the most from your auction action. ..."

The Fedral Trade Commission: Internet Auction Report
"In a coordinated law enforcement initiative targeting con artists that prey on Internet auction users, the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the National Association of Attorneys General and other federal, state and local law enforcers today announced a three-pronged effort to stem the fraud faced by Internet auction-goers. Law enforcement authorities announced that they have taken more than 35 law enforcement actions already and have many more in the pipeline. Tips to the fraud, which involves non-delivery among other offenses, come from auction sites as well as consumers who have been conned. ...
  • The U.S. Fedral Trade Commission (FTC)

  • The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

  • U.S. Postal Inspectors Service

  • U.S. National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG)

  • Person-to-Person vs Merchant Auctions - an article from Bidder's Edge


    Opensite Technologies : Auction Software

    Auction Asst. 2
    The Seller's Helper
    Effective with eBay, Yahoo and auction uploads.


    John Pugh's Stamp Auction Management Software, Surrey, UK -
    STRAND is designed to handle the catalogue production and accounting for a Stamp, Postal History or general Philatelic Auction. It is equally good for a room auction with postal bidders or for a purely postal auction. It runs on all modern pcs using a Microsoft Windows operating system.

    Search results at ZDNet : stamp auction
    no real articles were found but under 'downloads':
    - Win95 Stamp Collector v3.00 [Software Library, 03-28-96]
    - Auction Information Database v3.1.4 [Software Library, 07-06-00]
    - Auction Station 2000 v2.1.63 [Software Library, 07-17-00]
    - Auction Browser v1.701 [Software Library, 08-27-99]
    - Auction Champ v1.7 [Software Library, 05-20-99]
    - Auction Magic v1.00 [Software Library, 01-24-00]
    - More....

    Auction Agents

    What is an Auction Agent
    Why do I Need One?

    by Jeff Purser (housed at Stamp Auction Central)
    "Editor's note: Jeff doesn't claim to be unbiased in his article and he surely isn't. In fact, some auction firms may be offended. But remember, Purser Associates has a well deserved, excellent reputation in the industry. Consider his view in the context of our other articles. ...."...Anyway you look at it, if you bid "on the book" by mail, phone or fax (or eamil - aj), you are in the majority. Only a small minority of bidders use an agent. If the sale is typical, you can't help but notice that in terms of dollar volume, the floor bidders and agents are buying more than the book bidders. Maybe something's going on here that you should know more about. ..."

    Why you should use a public auction agent
    (from Purser's site)
    Public auctions are "where the action is" for serious collectors, investors, dealers ..
    Purser Philatelic Auction Agents, Danbury, CT
    Since 1981, a growing number of knowledgeable bidders have used Purser Associates to personally represent them at auctions. We closed our stamp shop and auction firm to become full-time, professional, independent auction agents. By independent, we mean we are not connected in any way with the auction house or other owners of the material offered for sale. ...
    37 Moody Lane
    Danbury CT 06811-3805
    Phone: (203) 748-2237 -
    Fax: (203) 792-4982
    Toll Free Bid Line: (800) 225-5129
    Member APS, ASDA

    Auction Agents recommended by Eastern Auctions of Canada
    We are pleased to recommend:
    Mr. Gerald Tucker
    C/O Seaside Book & Stamp
    23 Alderney Drive,
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
    B2Y 2N2 Canada
    Phone: (902) 423-8254
    Fax: (902)423-6731
    Toll Free: 1 (800) 377-8267
    Mr. Claude Michaud
    P.O. Box 31248,
    Halifax, Nova Scotia,
    B3K 5Y1, Canada
    Phone or Fax: (902) 443-5912

    The Stamp Center - Recommended Agents
    Paul Hoyer
    5 Cohee Circle
    Wilmington, DE 19803
    Phone & Fax (302) 478-1778
    U.S. & WW:
    Paul J. Fusco
    38123 W. Spaulding
    Willoughby, OH 44094
    Phone (440) 975-8938
    Scott Taylor
    P.O. Box 423
    Ridgely, MD 21660
    Phone & Fax (410) 634-2982

    OZ Stamp - auction agents in Australia
    (bottom of page):
    Dr G.N. Kellow, FRPSL
    Melbourne, phone +61 (0)3 9649 7704. email
    - Attends most major Melbourne auctions. [Editor Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue, Author of many philatelic books, see publications page for some of them]
    Lyndel Walker - PO Box 4200, Middle Camberwell, VIC 3124
    FAX: +61(0)3 9889 8474
    - CHARGES: $10 attendance fee plus 3% commission on the hammer price of successful lots. Faxed results within 24 hours. I attend all major Melbourne auctions.

    General Resources

    AuctionTribune.Com News Wire, "The Internet's Only All Auctions News Source"

    AntiqueCAST - your One Source for all Antique and Collectible news and Auction reviews
    Message Boards, Clubs, Auction News, Auction Glossary... - use to search for auctions on the web; including eBay, "and more"...

  • AntiqueCAST's Glossary of Auction Terms

    GoTo(TM) Auction Glossary
    The world of online auctions has a language all its own. Learn the lingo with our complete online auction glossary.

    The USA Web .com group

  • USA Web - the web portal to the auction community
    Founded in February 1995, offers several online events that help auctioneers promote their business, the cornerstone being the Internet Auction List (IAL). The IAL is the Internet's largest and most comprehensive directory of auction-related information and events with over 1700 listings in over 40 categories. We offer auction information and services for traditional auctioneers, online auctioneers, and consumers interested in auction information. ...
    ... Through acquisition and development, has expanded its service offerings. The Auction Community has evolved into a community site for traditional auctioneers and consumers that features a comprehensive auction directory, search engine, and calendar services, message board, chat areas, newsfeeds, articles, and stock quotes. The Auction Community consists of The Internet Auction List,, FasTalker Directory, and also hosts, maintains, and markets the web sites for several state auctioneers associations and for the foremost traditional auctioneers association, the Auction Marketing Institute (AMI) - see below.

  • USA web's AuctionTalk Community introduces the latest member of their Auction Community - This new site offers many great services for "Auction Enthusiasts". The services include Daily Auction News from a variety of sources, Auction Articles from respected industry insiders & publications, Auction Tools including Image Hosting & Auction Counters, plus many more. - Everything Auction!

  • Directory
    "The FasTalkers" Directory service has everything you need to find YOUR perfect auctioneer. You may search alphabetically by name or by specialty. Scan through their accomplishments, years in the business and biographies. Got it narrowed down to a select few? Listen to their chant and make your decision! Everyone knows auctioneers are fast talkers, but now you can listen for yourself in this first-of-its-kind service...

  • The Internet Auction List (from USA


  • AMI - Auction Market Institute, Overland Park, KS - Phone:(913)541-8115 Fax:(913)894-5281
    a not-for-profit professional education organization by the Indiana Auctioneers Association
    The "Institute's main function is to provide educational and designation programs for the auction industry. AMI offers three designation programs: the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) designed for decision makers in an auction firm and focuses on the operation of the auction firm; the Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate (AARE) designed for auctioneers and real estate professionals involved in the marketing of real estate at auction and the Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA) designed for auctioneers and appraisers of personal property. In addition, the Institute offers seminars and study tours for the industry. "

  • The California State Auctioneers Assoc (CSSA) - An Industry Resource
    Exists "to promote the auction method of marketing through professional and ethical auctioneering practices in the State of California. The official web site is a resource for the members of the CSAA to bring you information about themselves and the many auctions conducted by association members. Full of vital auction information ..."

  • Auctions & Outlets

  • Open Directory - Shopping: Auctions: Antiques and Collectibles

  • Open Directory : Recreation: Collecting: Stamps: Auctions

    Thesaurus International
    [aka : 'Invaluable']
    Fine Art & Collectibles Directory,
    Furrlongs, Newport, Isle of Wight, U.K.
    tel: +44 01983 826000
    fax: +44 01983 826206
    "The world's largest database of forthcomine offline auction lots" - you have to register to get 'search results' but it's free. aj.
    They offer a 'Protector' service where you can register items with them and "Daily cross-matching of your missing item(s) against items coming up for auction at all major auction houses in the UK and from around the world, as well as Invaluable's current dealer stock sales. This search continues for as long as you remain a member." ... (close ties with Scotland Yard so they're primairly effective in the U.K.)

  • Invaluable's search for 'stamps'
    In attempting a search for 'stamps' I discovered you must register (it's free) and this link is to that search which will call up a log-in screen first but will continue once you log-in or register.
    Covers a broad range of auction sites and has a subject index.

    AAA Auctions from Matilda
    A list in 3 categories (USA, World, Australia) with 5 listings in each

    Federal Association of German Stamp Auctioneers via Babelfish for translation to English



    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

    Free: Use PayPal to send money or bills to anyone online. Fast, free and secure. Compliant with all major online auctions.

    Providing a digitally signed image of the item, is the Internet's most comprehensive service for objective identification and valuation - nearly 1000 specialists in more than 285 categories. InternetWeek (ZDnet) reveiw March 2000 notes: " ... produced by Sotheby's and Christie's auctionhouse alumni ... addresses serious business issues with ruthless internet effeciency ..."

    In association with

    Online Auctions at eBay, 2nd Edition: Bid with Confidence, Sell with Success
    By Dennis L. Price, and reviewed by, " ... If you are new to eBay, then this is a MUST HAVE. ..."

    eBay the Smart Way: Selling, Buying, and Profiting on the Web's #1 Auction Site - by Joseph T. Sinclair

    Books at

    Other Services
  • Expertization,
  • Insurance,
  • Escrow ...

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