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Alta Vista
by Systan

Book Publishers & Sellers

Leonard H. Hartman

Philatelic Bibliopole Catalog of Philatelic Books and Literature; New and Used - from Leonard H. Hartmann
You will note Leonard's name on many publication on my site - aj.
Offers original material like his 'Peer Reviews' of Confederate States of America (CSA) articles - a true biblophile.)

American Philatelic Congress Articles Search File
This file currently (6/00) provides a listing of article's in 65 volumes of the American Philatelic Congress Books. From the 'Philatelic Bibliopole' Leonard H. Hartmann

Western Philatelic Library Tearsheets for sale (a listing hosted by Leonard H. Hartmann)
Western Philatelic Library Tearsheets: ... pages on a single subject area extracted from journals, newspapers, pamphlets, etc., going back many years. ...The compiling of these sheets is done by volunteers and the cost charged is set to cover copying costs only.
"Wherever possible pages from several sources on the same subject are combined to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, such as when an article is augmented or refuted by a letter-to-the-editor, or subsequent articles on the same subject appear in the same or separate sources. Some of these sheets are from the original journal printings, where possible, otherwise they are photo copies."
Orders must be placed with the FWPL Bookstore, PO Box 2219, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Credits: Sleuthing/compiling, Matt Hedley; typing, Jo Skinner; editing, Harold Short Hosted by Leonard H. Hartmann (THE Philatel Bibliophile - aj. ;-0)

Robson Lowe Books, books written or published by RL
Here Leonard Hartmann posts (and sells - when available) a wonderfull listing of the works published or produced by Robson Lowe, "a World Class Philatelist in all Respects!" whose "death at 92 on August 19, 1997 leaves a void that will not soon be filled."
A small sample the the list here:
Philatelist Index, 1866-1876 and 1934-1974 by James Negus 1976, 150 pages, cloth, edition of
200, $55.00
A Glossary of Abbreviations found on Handstruck Stamps by Leslie Ray 1959, 12 pages, card
The Inland Posts 1392 - 1672, A Calendar of Historical Documents Edited by J. W. M. Stone - 1987, 342 pages, cloth, $30.00
Historical Letters to Gratious Street, London 1570 - 1601 by Robson Lowe 1988, 44 pages, card, $10.00
British Postage Stamps of the 19th Century by Robson Lowe Published by the National Postal Museum.
1968, 1st edition, 272+8 pages, cloth, with dj, 1979, 2nd edition, 272+8 pages, cloth, with dj. $50.00
Guide Lines to the Penny Black by P. C. Litchfield The 1979 reprint edition of this work was also bound as the final volume in the Billig's Philatelic Handbook Series, No. 44 issued by HJMR, 1986 reprint of 1949 book, 224 pages, card bound, $22.00
British Line Engraved Stamps Repaired Impressions, 1855-1879, 1982, 340 pages, 1 sheet addenda, cloth, $150.00
Unpaid and Underpaid Mail 1840 to 1921 in England and Wales by Johnson 1982, 32 pages, card, illustrates 483 charge marks, $3.50
Newspaper Postage Stamps by Robson Lowe & John Chandler 1980, 12 pages, self cover, $3.25
Posted in Advance for Delivery on Christmas Day by Cyril Kidd 1974, 16 pages, self cover, $4.00
My Post Office Journal by Rowland Hill 1954, 24 pages, card
The list covers:
British Empire, Forgery, Maritime, Other Countries (Africa, Andorra-Andorre ... ; a-z +-) - (an education in itself - aj.)

James Bendon Ltd. - Philatelic Books - Limasol, Cyprus
".. one of the world’s leading philatelic publishers and distributors of philatelic literature. .. "

Krause Publications Online Catalog
Publishers of Minkus/DAVO albums, 'Stamp Collector' & 'Stamp Wholesaler' magazines and more ...

Stanley Gibbons Publications - magazine, catalogues, albums and accessories
Publishers of Gibbons Catalogs and magazines and more...

Italy, Vignola (Mo) : VACCARI - Filatelia-Editoria ; stamps, books, magazine (publishes too) ; lists associations (inside)
- FCFI - Federazione Commercianti Filatelici Italiani
- IFSDA - International Federation of Stamp Dealer's Associations
- ASCAT - Associazione Internazionale Editori Cataloghi di
- USPI - Unione Stampa Periodica Italiana
- AIE - Associazione Italiana Editori
- AIPE - Associazione Italiana Piccoli Editori
.. over 700 titles also in original language and more than 1400 second hand books, ancients, rare, decrees and postal regulations (the 1x1 one by one net price sale).

Scott Publishing - catalogs, magazine ...

Linn's: Marketplace: Welcome to Linn's Bookstore!
Publishers of Linn's Stamp News

General Retail of new and used books

Books on

In Association with - Query "postal history"

Search for 'postal history'

Search Canada's for 'stamp'

Phil Bansner - U.S. Postal History & Worldwide Philatelic Literature
"The U.S. Postal History catalog was last updated 03/16/2000 and currently contains 23,708 items. The Worldwide Philatelic Literature catalog was last updated 03/21/2000 and currently contains 6,169 items. .."
Phil Bansner's Philatelic Literature search engine

Subway Stamp Shop, Inc.
a great place. - also handles Michel catalogs.

D.W.POWELL - "We Specialize in Online Philatelic Catalogs. "
minor note: when you click on the menu bar it appears not to change; just scroll down the menu to see the changes!!!

Wooden Horse Books - used and rare books
Daniel J. McAdam, Proprietor - used to have more... ;(


like myself. offers books via
and news features, e-letter, chat, resources...

Cancel Nations Stamp Co. : Philatelic Bookstore

Stamp Collecting Bookstore @ Delphi Fourms/stamps
reseller via

Philatelic Bookstore - Compare stamp books' prices from 9 online bookstores
Buy and sell used philatelic books and cataloges as well as search 9 online bookstores: (U.S, Germany & U.K.)

Book Search at The Advanced Book Exchange "the world's largest network of independent book sellers" and "out-of-print" books
...combined the inventories of over 5500 independent booksellers (a/o 12/99) from around the globe.
Location: Victoria, BC. Canada; Established in 1995
. Search for New, Out of Print and Used Books
"Over 15 million new, used, rare, and out of print books at your fingertips...
. is produced by the bibliophiles at 13th Generation Media ( of Berkeley, California. Our goal is to provide fellow readers unbiased realtime information about books available online. Rather than selling books ourselves (does the world really need another wannabe?), we've teamed up with over 15,000 of the finest booksellers online to bring you the largest book catalog available anywhere, either online or offline."
A great example of inter-linked resources - aj! - Includes, Barnes & Noble, Advance Book Exchance ....

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