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   Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO)


(See Also: Encyclopedia of Music Philately (Stamp Collecting) )


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  • Musical Stamps Motivgruppe
    (in English)
    a nice site - intersting links page - aj.
  • Mozart on Stamps - Patrick Kinders  

  • OPERA - A Philatelic History
    - by Paul den Ouden
    Welcome ...
    ... to the history of opera as shown on postage stamps of the world. These pages will attempt to document the development of opera from its' incepetion in the late 16th century to the present day. We will include the composers, the librettists, the conductors, the producers, the venues and any other opera-related theme that appears on stamps.

    Bear in mind that I am neither a historian nor a musicoligist - I am simply an opera-loving stamp collector! All the stamps that appear here are from my own collection - I hope you enjoy them.
  • Musique
    in French ; a category at Coppoweb
  • Musicians on the Stamps of Israel - Sam Zwetchkenbaum
    Try to guess who's on each stamp, then click on the stamp to see if you're right! (part of his 'Famous Portraits on Stamps of Israel' site)
  • Peter Lang's Musical Stamps Home Page
  • T. Furuya's Music on Stamps [in Japanese]
  • Chinese Stamps: Piano Music "The Red Lantern" with Beijing Opera Singing
    an exhibit from China's Postal University
    Stamptune - Stamp Tunes stamps, covers, cards, varieties covering all phases of music.
    E-mail only - drop them a line and see what they have...  

  • The Museum of Broadcast Communications
  • The MIDI Farm Internet
  • MP3 Search - Lycos Music
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian Composer biographies in classical music
  • Classical Music Web Ring (not philatelic)
  • Yahoo! Digital (
    Yahoo and Beatnik have "sonified" this site. You will hear sound effects, musical riffs, song previews, and interactive remixes. Interactive Listeners Wanted!  

    The Theater, Cinema ..

  • Fine Arts Philatelists (FAP) ( info page)
    For '.. appreciation and enjoyment of all aspects of fine and performing arts through philately ..' ; site features an article from their journal by Beatrice M. Killough : Juana La Loca (c.3/1996)
    Sec.: H. Ruth Richards, @, Secretary: 10393 Derby Drive, Laurel, MD 20723, USA  

  • Dances Of The Whole World Stamp Catalogue
    The complete catalogue of the 3,000 postage stamps showing dance. All countries, all kinds of dance. Color pages with selected stamps. Published by the Greek Dances Theater, authored by world renowned dance historian Alkis Raf
    Greek Dances Theater
    8 Scholiou Street
    Plaka, GR-10558
    Athens, Greece
    Tel (30.1) 324 4395
    (found c.3/2000 in a classified ad at APEX Ephemera  

  • Les acteurs du cinéma français  

  • Cinéma
    in French ; at Coppoweb ; a superb site - aj.  

  • Cinema (en Ingles)  
  • Giovanni Fulantelli, .it (Cinema stamps)  

  • Dance
    : from a PR Chinese Stamps exhibit at BUPT (China's Postal University)  

    Painting, Sculpture ...


  • Paintings and Arts on Stamps - Victor Manta (E-mail)
    Multilingual: featuring a free downloadable database of art stamps worldwide and the Paintings and Arts on Stamps Internet Club (PASIC) ...
    The site was created and is maintained by Victor Manta, a Swiss stamp collector. He has been collecting stamps for a long time, "Paintings and Arts on Stamps" being his third main philatelic area of interest. ( Romania is another) He is a member of the Union of Swiss Philatelic Associations, of the International Webmasters Association and of the American Philatelic Society (#1461). (And, now, has started the Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO) [renamed from 'Association of Philatelic Web Publishers (APWP)' 7/2001] which we have joined. - AJ 4/28/2001 )
    Victor says, "This non-commercial site provides information about new issues, offers free advertisement, free club membership, an Art Gallery, useful links and comments."
  • Styles & Movements of Paintings on Stamps
    from Jaap Harstra's
    Paintings on Stamps [EN] - E-mail
    "The 'Styles & Movements' page is reserved for some periods in the world of paintings. Such as: Rock Carvings, Caves paintings, Fresco's, Madonna's, Impressionism, Abstract and Expressionism paintings."
    With thanks to Victor Manta for alerting us to a new URL. 4/28/2001
  • Dark Caves - Bright Visions - Fram Adams
    Ice Age Cave Paintings of France and Spain

    Japanese artworks on stamps - from Yasuhiko Iwaoka
    "This series started in 1948. Multi-color printed stamps, a piece per year, are issued since 1955. From 1975 to 1989, and in 1991, a pair per year were presented.... (takes a while to load! - aj)
  • Sculpture
    in French ; a category at Coppoweb  



  • Jules Verne Stamps

    by Zvi Har'El (alt URL)
    a/o 2000/02/02
    Bahamas 1965-7 Williamson Photosphere
    Cameroon 10 October 1978
    Central African Republic 24 October 1966
    Cook Islands 7 November 1980
    Cuba 12 April 1981
    France 3 June 1955
    France 20 November 1982
    Gabon 10 June 1970
    Grenada 4 May 1979
    Guinea 8 November 1979
    Hungary 21 August 1978
    Mali 4 May 1970
    Mali June 1970
    Mali 27 October 1979
    Monaco 7 June 1955
    Monaco 2 May 1978
    Nicaragua August 1978
    Togo 14 July 1980
    Upper Volta 27 September 1978
    (his list is arranged by date - rearranged here by entity he provides references to books and images of the stamps - May 1, 2000 - aj)

  • Littérature - Writers on stamps - in French/English + via AltaVista
    and explore this site through the front door - truly fascinating; covers French poets too - aj (and offers English translation via AltaVista; or it used to be. note: AltaVista offered here.)
    Incl.; La poésie (The Poets) (and a lot more)
    In French ; Literature category at Coppoweb
  • Writers Unit (#30 APS)
    c/o George B. Griffenhagen, Sec./Treas.,
    2501 Drexel St., Vienna, VA 22180-6906, USA
    For authors, editors, publishers and anyone interested in philatelic literature.  
    Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO)
    from Victor Manta (see above)
    See Also:
    "...prepared for the benefit of journalism students by Pamela Parker in 2011. This site is a great source of consolidated data and guidance regarding the field of journalism ..."
  • THOR+: The Virtual Reference Desk, 'Purdue.EDU'
  • The Author Anniversaries pages, Philip Harper [aka: King Kong]
    "which should answer your question, should you be wondering which authors were born or died on this day in history, or which authors share your birthday." (and he provides lists of Good Short Reading materials and copyright reasearch data)
  • The On-Line Books Page - John Mark [and Mary] Ockerbloom, U. Penn.
    Resources for finding books to read or get on-line (free).
    Mary hosts pages on Women Writers
    John also indexes copyright research data - includes banned books and more...

    cf Universal Library Project copyright data, Carnegie Mellon (data befor 1978)
    cf Copyright Monographs Database - US Copyright Office (data since 1978)  

  • Mask Study Unit ATA (alt URL)
    1220 Johnson Drive #104 Ventura, CA 93003, USA
    "...promotes the study, exchange of knowledge and enjoyment of the fascinating array of masks of all types as they appear on stamps, cancels and other related philatelic items.
    Sub-topics associated with masks are: Dance, Theater, Art, Opera, Archaeology, Costumes, Native Americans, Carnival, Folklore, Anthropology, Eastern Religions, Medicine, Sports and Industry." (alt url is a info page)  


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