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  • Disabled Stamp Collectors Club (DSCC) (ISWSC Associate, APS Affilate #214)
    "Disabled does not mean Unabled"
    Send SASE to:
    Glen Chisholm, DSCC Secretary
    16878 Laramie Avenue
    Oak Forest, IL 60452-4428
  • The Disinfected Mail Study Circle
    (APS affilliate - Ref. URL)
    Honorary Treasurer & Membership Secretary
    Hans A. Smith
    99 North End Road
    London, U.K. NW11 7TA
    Tel: +44.181.455.08.17
    The D.M.S.C. was founded in 1973, with the blessing of the late Dr. K. F. Meyer, the World Health Organisation authority on Plague, and editor of the definitive work, Disinfected Mail. It was his wish that research into the topic should continue, leading ultimately to the publication of authoritative books and monographs on practice of disinfection and quarantine in all parts of the world : many countries had not even been considered in his seminal work.
    Since then, specialists, including medical and social historians as well as collectors, have been researching and publishing accounts of the treatment of mail, from 14th century up to the 20th, in Pratique. Almost every country in the world has been the topic of one or more articles: and for many of these, (including Egypt, Gibraltar, Hawaii, 20th century USA, Serbia and Russia), the result has been the equivalent of a specialist monograph.
    The scope of the journal has been extended to cover related topics, including maritime and other Certificates of Health; ship's documents of pratique; public health proclamations restricting or restoring the freedom to trade with ports or regions suspected of harbouring infectious diseases; maps, prints, postcards or descriptions of lazarettos ; and vaccination ephemera, including anti-compulsory vaccination envelopes and postcards. Pratique, the journal of the Study Circle, is now published three times a year, and has won many international awards for original research. ...
    Enquiries and requests for applications for membership should be made initially to:
    Chairman & Editor of "Pratique"
    Denis Vandervelde
    25 Sinclair Grove, London, U.K. NW11 9JH
    Tel: +44.181.455.91.90
    or: General Contact: P.O. Box 3277, Arlington, VA 22203, USA (per Stamp2.com)
  • Medical Philately Study Group
    Dr. Stuart Menzies
    3253 Mulbery Drive, Bakersfield CA 93301, USA
  • Jornal: 'MEDITHEME'
    from old Philately.com info pages ; c.1995
    Mark O'Neil's Philatelic Supplies site further notes, "The Medical Philately Study Group does not as yet have a web site but their editor, Dr. Stuart Menzies is keen to hear from prospective members." He can be contacted on E-mail and will be pleased to hear from you. c.2000

  • Diseases, Viruses and Medical Conditions on Postage Stamps
    Listings of stamps covers from 'AIDS' to T.B.
    a Philately.com info page  

  • A Philatelic History of Radiology
    including TB seals and other cinderellas
    - an exhibit of note - aj!
    A Century of Radiology
    1. A Philatelic History of Radiology :
    - Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen: the Discovery
    - Scientists And Inventors
    - Fluoroscopy
    - Skeletal Radiography
    - X-ray Tubes
    - The Heart And Lungs
    - Mobile Photofluorography
    - Radium - The Discovery
    - The Radiologic Technologist
    - Dark Adaptation And Image Intensification
    - Marie Curie
    - Ultrasound
    - The Nobel Prize
    - The New X-rays
    - Contrast Media
    - Neuroradiology
    - Radiation Oncology
    - Nuclear Medicine
    - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    - International Congresses Radiology & Cancer
    - Tuberculosis Seals
    - Anti-cancer Campaigns
    - Cinderellas
    - Radiology Moves Forward
    - Additional Sources

  • The Crusade Against Cancer FDC Page - Mike Smith
    (Mike works for The American Cancer Society - nice work - aj.)
    See also: Mike's Breast Cancer Research FDC Collection
  • Malaria on Stamps - Larry Fillion
  • Medical Stamps [in Japanese] M. Kuzui, Japam
  • History of Medicine Stamps - Truman G. Blocker, Jr., us-TX

    See Also:
  • (U.S>) Department of Health and Human Services ; parent to:
    (U.S>) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    (U.S>) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    (U.S>) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
      Which "helps provide health resources for medically underserved populations..."  

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