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While most of this is ancient (c.2000) -- Yahoo and Amazon no longer do auctions -- it's still an interesting look at history. . .

This is more current information here (c.2014)

Online Auctions

Now, here's a payment system worth being aware of. - the #1 payment service on eBay! :

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
for both buyers and sellers!

Unlike some online payment services (such as the eBay bill collection service, Billpoint or another like ProPay, which charges some users nearly 4% of the purchase price), A basic account with PayPal has absolutely no fees. They earn revenue from interest on the balances - the float - in PayPal accounts which they, in turn, loan to financial institutions. - And they offer 'premium' services.

Now available in 39 countries.

That's finding your niche.
Read more: Click Here!

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The Big Three

Auction Resources

When is an auction not an auction?

by Dave Moorshead

An excerpt: "I suggest that it ceases to be an auction, as most would consider an auction, when the owner of a lot bids on his own item. At this point, the owner is trying to manage the ultimate price through his participation, making it an auction in form but a sale in reality. Rightfully, the owner should have advertised the item at a specified price if, in fact, he wants to realize a certain price.

I don't suggest that an owner should give something away; it's the function of a reserve (price) to prevent this from occurring. ...
From The Virtual Stamp Club

The Beginner's Guide To Online Auctions
... U sing one of the major online general auction sites, such as eBay or Amazon.com Auctions or Yahoo! Auctions, for the first time can be just as overwhelming, especially for folks who are new to the Internet. Rules and regulations, bidding and selling procedures, auction etiquette, confusing auction formats, and insider lingo -- it's enough to make you want to go back to bed.

But not to worry. You don't have to jump in without a net. We've put together a comprehensive beginner's guide to online auctions. This guide walks you through the entire process for both buying and selling. ... (Bravo! aj)

e B a y
The most well know of all! And they earned it.

Seller Fees:, general
    Regular Listings (based on the 'mininum bid' or 'reserve price'* you state):
  • .30 on items up to $9.99
  • .55 to $24.99
  • 1.10 to $49.99
  • 2.20 to $199
  • 3.30 for items $200 and up
  • (except Real Estate: $50 flat, Dutch auctions are "times the number of item" ; maximum fee $2)
  • You get one 'free' re-listing if your item does not sell. (they refund the second fee if it sells) * Reserve auctions also have another fee (refundable if it sells)
    Final Value (or 'closing' or 'sold') fees:
  • 5% up to a $25 sale price
  • An additional 2.5% on ballace over $25 up to $1,000 (i.e. $25 x 5% + the 2.5% over $25),
  • Then 1.5% on a ballance over $1,000 ...
  • (except Real Estate; none)

Credit Card Requred. Other fees may apply if you elect for options.
AuctionWatch: eBay Revises Privacy Policy, User Agreement
In the event of merger or aquisiton..
My eBay page - My eBay feedback ratings
See Also


The latest on eBay via Moreover.com

Sources incl. NY Times, CNET, MSNBC and more..

Others Use of eBay

  • NCBuy (which is Infospace's use of eBay)


  • eBay Auction Asst. & Auction Asst. Pro
    Now also hosted at eBay "We have always believed that eBay(TM). is the Biggest and Best Auction site on the web, we're very happy to become part of the eBay team in December 1999."

    Our Mission:
    Blackthorne Software is committed to providing eBay(TM) users with low-cost, high-featured software to automate tasks associated with listing and maintaining auctions on eBay(TM).
    eBay Centered Services

  • Andale / Honesty / OTWA Community
  • Andale - Selling tools and management services for online auction merchants (and, now, store fronts 5/3/2001)
  • Honesty.com provides free auction and website counters (which are used here) as well as image hosting etc.
  • OTWA (Online Traders Web Alliance) provides message forums, articles, tools ...
    "It's only by giving that we preserve the community we've helped to create"
  • Auctionworks - Power Tools for Power Sellers
    " .. July, (2000) Auctionworks announced that 15 of eBay’s top Power Sellers have chosen the site as their preferred inventory and auction management tool. Included in this group is John Hannon, who sells as “Parrothead88.” Hannon is acknowledged as one of the top ten most influential people in online auctions and was the first eBay user to reach a feedback rating of 10,000." More below

    (Note: Andale now does offer store fronts - A.J. 5/2001)
    Auctionworks' Cost Comparison Chart a/o 5/3/2001
    Auctionworks Andale
    Auction Fees* 2% of sale;
    minimum of $0.10 and
    maximum of $0.75 per item sold
    2.95% commission on items under $25;
    1.95% + $ .74 on items $25.01 - $1,000;
    .95% + $19.75 on items $1,000.01 and up
    StoreFront Fees* 2% commission of sale Does not offer StoreFronts
    * A modified fee structure may be necessary for customers who require customized features and/or site integration.


    Dennis R. Abel Stamp Store and Auctions

    "The Smallest Auction On The Net ... We don't want to be the biggest ... just the best!"l

    Offers the ability to have an auction from 1 to 14 days (no time selection so have to post your auction at the hour you want it to end) - My Abel list, My Abel Seller Feedback list and My 'My Page' - a nice offering especially if you don't have a web site! 
      Fees etc. (He starts sellers with a $50 FREE ACCOUNT! "For a limited time." then:)
    • If your reserve or opening bid is $0.00 to $9.99 , $-0.25.
    • If your reserve or opening bid is $10.00 to $24.99 , $-0.50.
    • If your reserve or opening bid is $25.00 to $49.99 , $-1.00.
    • If your reserve or opening bid is $50.00 to $999,999.99, $-2.00.

      Calculated Charges at Item Close:
    • 5% of your final closing bid, if $0.00 to $25.00 .
    • 2.5% of your final closing bid, if $25.01 to $1000.00 .
    • 1.25% of your final closing bid, if $1000.01 to $999999.99.

    And due in July 2001:

    Stanley Gibbons' Stamps At Auction

    "Hi AJ., I've just been looking at your auction reviews - very informative. Thought you might be interested in our latest web addition - Stamps At Auction. This new auction site from Stanley Gibbons is going to change the future of online stamp auctions as we know them. Similar to eBay, S@A will be a collector to collector / collector to dealer / dealer to dealer environment. Collectors can place up to 10 lots completely free of charge. Dealers will be able to bulk load data for a fixed annual fee plus a minimal lotting fee. The site will also offer specialist services such as 'Gold Star' which means that lots are described by Gibbons experts before being added to the auction. This way we will attract higher value lots. Why not visit the site's homepage ...", Harvey Steed

    Amazon.com Auctions and everything!
    - Amazon.com Auction Fees
    Seller's Fees:
    • Listing: .10 cents per item (Waived for the Pro Merchant Subscription - $39.99 currently)
    • Closing (item sold) Fees: small>5% under $25, 5% +$1.25 to $1,000, 1.25% over $1,000
    • Or if accepting Amazon Payments: 2.5% + .25 up to $1,000.
      Which has their ' Amazon.com Auctions Guarantee
      ("Purchases that are not settled with Amazon.com Payments--for instance those paid by check or money order--are eligible for up to $250 in A-to-z Guarantee coverage provided they are residents of the U.S., the U.K., or Germany.")
    Sellers must use a credit card ... billed on the same day each month, or whenever your balance exceeds $100.00.
    - Send questions to Jeff Bezos- the boss. (He says he reads 'em all.)
    ( My Rating page)

    Yahoo! Auctions

    Listings last 2 to 14 days and have time selection. No Closing Fee.

      Listing Fees* (NOTE: No closing fees) :
    • Opening bid of $ 0.00 to $ 9.99 = $0.20
    • Opening bid of $10.00 to $24.99 = $0.35
    • Opening bid of $25.00 to $49.99 = $0.75
    • Opening bid of $50.00 up   = $1.50
    *Reserve auctions have an additional fee :
    $.40 or for opening bids up to $24.99
    $.75 for $25 up
    For example, if you're selling an item with a start price of $1.00 and a reserve price of $15.00, you would be charged a listing fee of $0.35 and a reserve fee of $0.40. Your total charge is ($0.35 + $0.40) = $0.75. If you sell your item, you will receive $0.40 credit back
    Additional fees may apply if you choose listing options such as gift icon, bold text listings, featured auction placement, or showcase.
      And on the Seller's Help page:
    • How do I sell many items at once with Bulk Loader?
    • How can I manage my auctions offline with the Yahoo! Seller's Manager?
    • What is Merchant Auctions and how can I use it to accept credit card payments?
    • and more ...

    Every Yahoo! Auctions buyer is covered free of charge under the terms of our Yahoo! Buyer Protection Program, which is provided by Lloyd's ...

    - My Sales Page- Ratings 
    Note: Requires a credit card on file for ID verification now offers the ability to select a very nice option of having the auction end five minutes AFTER THE LAST BID - a very fair method of doing things. aj. And a new option is the ability to have your auction recycle up to 5 times if it doesn't sell. Yahoo! 
    Hint: if you use an "img src" tag (not an 'a href') in an item description the photo icon does appear in their listings (this is a helpful idea when you've filled up their limit of storing (50+-) graphics on their site.)

    Auction US
    My Sellers page

    George is a man with heart.

    More ...

  • Playle's Auction Mall (see also services below)

  • Collector's Auction (now Collector's Universe) 

  • Utrade (now CityAuction) all listings are free - comparable seller closing fees/commisions to Amazon et al

    At this point I stop; there are so many... and many more can be found on this site by just checking out listed commercial resources in any specific category. aj.

  • Ruby Lane

  • Collector's Cafe (Gibbons) ...

    I said 'Stop'? ...

  • Auction Port
    "The Best Antiques, Collectibles and More That Auctions Have To Offer "
    Submit Data

    Auction Software and Services

  • Auction Submit - "FREE! EASY to use!"
    Use one form to Submit to: eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon or your shop on Shoporium.com tm

  • EveryAuction : Open Source Free GPL Perl CGI Auction Script
    A "package that allows just about anyone to set up an online auction site." (used -but heavily modified- by Dennis Abel above)
    It is "free, user supported, auction software ... released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), EveryAuction is being supported and advanced by hundreds of dedicated users."

  • Playle's Auction Software "..designed, developed, and written from scratch by Playle's Auctions. .. used "under fire" since October 1, 1997 .."

  • Phila-Live Auction Software "...designed so that it can be used for any type of auction, not only philatelic items. It is also ideal for all kind of collectibles, eg. antiques, coins etc. Our Software department can be directly contacted at: Software@Phila-Live.com."

  • Collector's Paradise Software!™ : AuctionTrak-2000™ - At $60 +- it is worth a review.

  • The Auction Broker!
    ".. allows you to create and design your own customized auction ... available for rent or purchase. You can run your licensed copy of The Auction Broker on your server. Or use one of their Super Powered servers  

  • AuctionWorks
    • Covers "eBay and other relevant online marketplaces"
    • Monitor multiple auction site bidding
    • Establish a 'Store Front'
    • Fees are based on successful sales. (5/2001)
    • Several Management Tools : Inventory based.
    • See eBay Services above for price comparisons with Andale.
  • BidFind ; (with a classic definition of the acution world, 'dynamic pricing community') and who features coBids - "A Community of Auction Sites on the Internet ... a new and exciting way to conduct auctions on the Net. coBids members can view items from member sites and bid on them without the need to register at each and every auction site."

  • Net-Auctions.com
    Links to over 760 Live Auction companies nationwide. Exclusive Dealers Only area for B2B auctions, classifieds, and wanteds! New regional online auctions for all 50 States. Including a nationwide directory of live upcoming auctions.
    from Bidfind's 'Partners' page which has more ...

  • ePreview - Inspect It Before You Buy It!
    Provides 'Secure Purchasing Services for your next internet transaction."
    • The seller displays the ePreview icon on his listing indicating to potential buyers that he is willing to extend ePreview Secure Purchasing Services.
    • The buyer sends payment to ePreview to verify and hold in escrow.
    • The buyer selects an affiliate in his area. ePreview notifies the seller where to ship the merchandise.
    • When the merchandise has arrived at the affiliate’s location, ePreview will notify the buyer it is available for preview.
    • ...

  • More from BidFind ...

    Submit: Period.


    Other Resources

  • Joe Luft's Resources: Auctions

  • AJ's Auction Listings - More links to all types of auctions and services.

  • Open Directory - Recreation: Collecting: Stamps: Auctions

  • The Internet Auction List - add yours. 

  • AuctionTribune.Com News Wire, "The Internet's Only All Auctions News Source"

  • AuctionsOnTheNet.com

  • Curioscape - The Internet's Exclusive Directory for Antiquing and Collecting on the Net. 

    And a final word from The Fedral Trade Commission:

    In a coordinated law enforcement initiative targeting con artists that prey on Internet auction users, the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the National Association of Attorneys General and other federal, state and local law enforcers today announced a three-pronged effort to stem the fraud faced by Internet auction-goers. Law enforcement authorities announced that they have taken more than 35 law enforcement actions already and have many more in the pipeline. Tips to the fraud, which involves non-delivery among other offenses, come from auction sites as well as consumers who have been conned. ... (and here is the FTC 'search page'; try 'internet auction'.)
    Here's The FTC's A Guide for Buyers and Sellers
    "... Whether you're a buyer or a seller, there's a smart way to "do" Internet auctions. Here's how to make sure you get the most from your auction action. ... If you run into a problem during your transaction, try to work it out directly with the buyer or the auction web site. If that doesn't work, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by calling toll-free 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357) or visiting the FTC's web site ..."


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