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    Stamp Issuing Entities
    All stamps have some degree of 'national' origin and this section provides a forum to record available data related to that origin.
    * An 'Entity' menu lists individual names, provides a limited 'Philatelic Geneaology' and, where applicable, links to available files or resources.

    The effort with these menus is to feature country or area names as they are known in the English language which 'issued' stamps but does not, usually, list those that ONLY overprinted stamps of another area (see the Glossaries/Tools section below for overprint identifiers); the exception being where a limited, special resource is available - like album pages - in which case it will be directly linked from the menu to the resource as well as in the entity file of the inscribed stamp issuer.

    In many cases the English name is not the one found on a stamp and recourse to the available inscription identifiers may be useful. For example, if you have a stamp who's inscription (words originally printed on the stamp) reads 'Africa Occidental Espanola', you could look for this term and find it is known as 'Spanish West Africa' in English and this is what you look up in a 'Entities' sub-menu. Or, perhaps the inscription is in a foreign alphabet such as Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese etc - well, this is an area for further work here though some helpful links are provided. Any help in this area is solicited - see 'Glossaries' below.

    The 'Entities' Menus   
    (from 'S' Menu)

    Format: >NAME : [formerly], yrs of own issues; errata ..., (next) ...

    Spain : 1850- {Album Pages}

    Spanish Guinea : 1902-59, (Rio Muni) {Album Pages}

    Spanish (Western) Sahara : [Cape Juby, La Aguera and Rio de Oro.], 1924-76, (Mauritania to 1980, Morocco) {Album Pages}

    Spanish West Africa : 1949-51, (?) {Album Pages}


    The general 'Format' for 'Entities' menus:

    'Format' links you here.
    'NAME': = Entity under discussion: 'Spanish (Western) Sahara' for example. - Here the form of the 'NAME' implies (incorrectly for philatelic identification purposes) two varients: Spanish Sahara & Western Sahara; Westerm Sahara is basically a regional referemce (no stamps issued in that name) - but ... see

    '[formerly]' = The prior entity in philatelic times (since 1840) from which the 'Name' generated or was attached. [in square brackets] - there can be more than one implying two or more areas joined together to form the 'Name' being considered - here "Cape Juby, La Aguera and Rio de Oro" joined to form Spanish Sahara. There are many lapses in this work of this element and help is appreciated.

    'yrs of own issues' = The year(s) during which the NAME entity issued stamps in that NAME; may be associated with 'errata' such as terms which attempt to clarify relationships - separated from 'yrs of own issue' with a semi-colon either before or after.

    '(next)' = The next philatelic entity 'NAME' (if any) that ensued (if known). (in parentheses)
    {} = denotes that Bill Steiner's site provides album pages in electronic format. May not always be listed in the menu area so follow the genealogical trail and check an active link provided somewhere in the chain or check at Other sources may also be used - only your mouse knows for sure.

    {} provides a link to our Dealers Directory listing dealers residing or specializing in that country or area.

    All elements are optional, non-exclusively separated by a comma (,) and subject to correction so don't hesitate to communicate any helpful data - And Thanks! in advance. aj

    And my particular thanks to Jim Yeaw who's was the source of much of this work.

    Glossaries / Tools etc.
    Primarily intended for [Frames], there is a 'No Frames' version - but note that the no-frames version will open an additional browser when you choose a link to a resource. Just let the browser open and switch (Ctrl-[TAB]) back and forth. Choosing another link will fill the existing extra browser.
    Provides links to reference materials and tools such as Stamp Glossaries, Stamp Inscription and Overprint Identifiers (including some about Cyrillic, Indian and Greek alphabets), Color Charts, mystery and bogus stamps etc.

    Note: "All the major catalog publishers - Gibbons, Michel, Minkus, Scott, etc. - deliberately alter the illustrations of overprints to deter forgers from using them as sources. This practice is clearly explained in either the front or endnotes of the catalogs, but this has not stopped "copycat" forgeries. ... An honest seller should permit you to buy "on extension for expertization" with full return privileges should the material not prove to be genuine. ..." "Caveat Emptor!" (this is from SOSSI ; Scouts Stamp .org at the 'Note link above. - aj.)

    General Introduction