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Glossaries note

AskPhil (extensive):

Incl.: Directory of UPU Illegal Stamp Notices
and The Salm 'List of Labels Purporting to Be Stamps'
ISWSC's ISWSC Stamp Identifier - including:
- Cyrillic & Greek inscriptions
- Bogus issues
Cavers' Overprint IDer (Excellent)

Larry Kebel's .pdf copy of one
found (c.2009)
Mike Mill's Glassine Surfer IDer
Claghorn's "Comparative Philatelic Forgery Identification Site"
HFF's Forgery Links
Ye Meng's list of bogus issues (incl. some locals)

The Olathe Poste's
The Philatelic Identifier
Stampville's (dead c.2008)
- Glossary (both DEAD)
- Inscription & Overprint Identifier
'Identify Stamps': A-Z, Bogus & Fantasy, Republi.., Post..
S.C. Virtes Stamps - Identifiers: A-Z, Indian/Hindu, Greek
- Overprint & Inscription identifier
- Stamp Glossary
Philatelia Alosta's (dead) Identifier [EN, DU]
also a glossary in Dutch
Linn's Stamp News Resources:
- Stamp Issuing Entities
- Currency Guide
- Stamp Glossary
Gibbon's Stampcafe (dead) Glossary
(& dead 'Currency' ID tool)
Rhea's Identifier
'Stamp Lingo' (Glossay)
USPS's 'Stamps Online' Glossary
Love Indonesia's Stamp Glossary
Purring Tiger's (dead) Words & Terms's Standard Philatelic Abbreviations
Cronaca Filatelia's (dead) Glossary
Indonesia Philatelic (dead) Web Dictionary
Peter Gladman's brief interesting list
Great Britain Phil. Soc. Glossary; seeks help.
incl. a Style Guide (glossary) for writers
see also 'Non-English' - Portuguese, Dutch Identifiers below

Bengt Bengtsson's (dead) list of Undesirable Stamps
Swanson's (US) Machine Cancels 1900-20 Identifier
PSS Precancel Terms and Definitions (oh well)
Glossary (tailored to Canadian 'Admirals' issues but instructive)
Filahome's Stamp Collecting Encyclopaedia
Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia Dictionary resources
All Known Watermarks Directory by Stampguyz (NO DNS circa 2001; see

Stamp Watermark Database (appears to be the same as 'Stampguyz'; dead!)
Unidentified Philatelic Objects - Rick Scott
Here You Can Identify Your Weird Stamps And At The Same Time Help Other People Out
Philatelic Mysteries - (opps: dead) "Help a fellow collector..." and/or post your mystery stamp.
Phildex Catalog cross reference service (Eng, Fr)
JCM's International Collection of Artistamps - Fantasy material
Purring Tiger's
- Abbreviations (dead)
- Color Abbreviations (dead)
Translation of the Various Designations of Colors (dead)
Scott Catalog Prefixes's Biographies of People of the World on Stamps
by Paul G. Partington and Dr. Udo Skladny
Dictionary of Philatelic Celebrities - Gilles Patin, .fr
Toke Norby's The Perpetual Calendar
Philatelic Webmasters Org.:
Illegal Stamps
Undesirable Stamps
Tips for Webmasters
Weiner's Perpetual Calendar
Java version
Source code
Philately And Postal's online 'Day of Week Calculator'

Cronaca Filatelia's Dictionary table (dead)
(.it, .fr, .us, .sp, .de)
Hungarian+ Vocab.
Japhila's Engish, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian
by Ladislav Kertesz, Dunajska Streda, Slovakia (DEAD)
Graham's German Catalog Terms (DEAD) - "GER-ENG DICTONARY"
Selloland's Dictionary

Ducth (DEAD) Identifier, & Glossary
French philatelic dictionary
Kosel's German 'Lexikon für Sammler'
German 'Lexikon' - '404'
German 'Lexikon' Local copy
Spanish - Glosario de Términos (DEAD)
Selloland's Spanish Glossario
Portuguese Stamp Identifier ++ (DEAD)

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Specialized Collecting Reference Section

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