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By Air
... February 18, 1911
The first officially sanctioned airmail flight takes place in India between Allahabad and Naini Junction, a distance of five miles across the Ganges River. ... a one-time flight which was staged in conjunction with an exhibition. A total of about 6,000 letters and postcards were carried (of which the pilot autographed 400) but these are now scarce ...
From: A Concise History of Airmails
At: First Flight Covers

  • Aircraft on Postage Stamps - Jim Yeaw
  • Aerophilately of Mexico - Marino Riosa
  • Zeppelinpost-Arbeitsgemeinschaft info (Alt URL)
    (a Zeppelin Study Group in Germany)

  • Aerophilatelie.De - Philately by Robert Keller, Germany
    Ein Portal zur Aerophilatelie in Deutschland


  • ZEPPELINs and AIRSHIPs - John Dziadecki, @
    Comprehensive history in all areas including stamps.

  • eZep.de
    A dedicated web portal for zeppelin mail, airship memorabilia for sophisticated collectors and scholars.
    Includes expertization, a blog and a e-mail newsletter.
    from: Dieter Leder
    Seepromenade 6
    88709 Meersburg, Germany
    Telephone: +49 (0) 7532 808029
    email: ZPJ@arcor.de


  • Zeppelin Collectors Club
    Cheryl Ganz (@) c.2007
    P.O. Box 77196, Washington, DC 20013
    ezep.de Data Pg.
    old data pg. http://www.collectors.org/CD/Show_Club.asp?ID=2378 '404' c.2009


  • History of Aviation - Thomas Divier

  • Helicopter on Stamps, By Peter Street, UK
    "I have entitled it Helicopters on Stamps but I have also included autogyros, tilt rotors, cartoons, drawings, models, parts of and anything that has a rotor to give lift."


  • Flying Fakes - (the Ganiff Fakes)
    From the Arthur Salm Foundation of The Collector's Club of Chicago (cf: AskPhil.org)
    Derived " ... from a speech presented by Susan E. Morton, U. S. Postal Service Crime Laboratory, San Bruno, Ca. at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, New Orleans, 1986. It was brought to our attention by Collectors Club member Ken Gilbart, who took part in the investigation and the findings.
    The dealer is not named since he, and his wife, committed suicide rather than go to trial and they were never found guilty or innocent. ... many of these fake covers are still "flying around" ...
    (focused on US covers, published Feb. 2000)  
    See Also:
  • International Aero-Philately Club
    aka: Internationaler Aero-Philatelisten Club
    - Otto Lilienthal (IAPC) - @
    Achim Lange (c.2006)
    Lubminer Str. 35
    01109 Dresden, Germany
    ph.: 0351-8802043  

  • Aerogramme Society
    PO Box 380, Mitchell, ACT 2911, Australia
    & :
    PO Box 3470, Clovis, CA 93613-3470, USA, @

  • American Air Mail Society: Links!
    Stephen Reinhard = @
    P. O. Box 110
    Mineola, NY 11501, USA
    ph.: (516) 746-5543={ofc}
    fax: (516) 294 0923={home}

  • Aerophilatelic Federation of the Americas
    Lower Lobby - Ste. D, Elgin Tower Building
    100 East Chicago Street, Elgin, IL 60120
    (Does this organization still exist?)
    data from an old article :
    "Collecting Airmail, Cheryl Ganz, Editor"

  • Aerophilatelic Society of Southern Africa FISA-08
    c/o Sec./Treas.: Dave Morton, dmorton<@>mweb.co.za
    2 Anemone Ave., Welgedacht 7530, South Africa

  • British Air Mail Society
    (formerly: British Aerophilatelic Federation)
    Keith D. Hanman - @
    55 Jubilee Avenue
    Whitton, Middlesex TW2 6JA, UK


  • IAS - Irish Airmail Society
    Karl Winkelmann @
    5 Dalys Rd., Rochford, Essex SS4 1RA, UK
    Mr. David Reid (c.2008)
    18 Glenlucan, Killarney Road, Bray,
    Co. Wicklow, Ireland

  • AMSNZ - Air Mail Society of New Zealand FISA-10 steve@philatelic.org.nz
    P.O. Box 29-144, Fendalton
    Christchurch, New Zealand
    Tel.: 03-358-4838
    Sec.: Alan Tunnicliffe @,

    "The Air Mail Society of New Zealand was founded in 1930 at the commencement of regular aerial services in this country. ..with over half its members residing overseas."

  • FISA - Fédération Internationale des Sociétés
    Aérophilatéliques More.. FIP
    (International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies)
    Pres. (c.2008): Stephen Reinhard = @
    P. O. Box 110 ...
    Mineola, NY 11501, USA
    ph.: 516 294 0923={home}, 516 746 5543={ofc}


  • FIP Commission for Aerophilately (new url c.2006)
    (lists others not here)
    Source: FIP - See: 'Contacts' / 'Commissions'
    (Alt URL: via AAMS - new alt url c.2007)
    Stephen Reinhard = @
    c/o AAMS
    P. O. Box 110
    Mineola, NY 11501, USA
    ph.: 516 294 0923={home}, 516 746 5543={ofc}


  • Albert M. Schneider, France:
    Expertization of Balloon Mail (and France)
    See Also: Topical Index : 'Balloon'


  • Dieter Leder, Germany: - @
    Expertization: Zeppelinpost; catapult mail


  • Hermann Walter Sieger, Germany @
    Expertization: German airmails of 1912;
    air and zeppelin post, catapult and rocket mail.

  • Dr. Joachim Simon, Germany:
    Expertization: Zeppelinpost; catapult mail ..

  • Aerophil - Email
    Kendall (Ken) C. Sanford APS, IDPA
    613 Championship Drive
    Oxford, CT 06478-1298, USA
    ph./fax : 203-888-9237
    AEROPHILATELY - Books and Covers from AEROPHIL (commercial) "..world's largest stock of Aerophilatelic books - both new and used, and a large stock of air crash covers.." (formerly located in Switzerland, Ken has returned to the USA)

  • ESPACE Lollini's Concorde Catalog
    Featuring, "all the stamps worldwide issued about
    the Concorde Supersonic airliner."
    Their page offers movie clips too!  

  • Concorde Briefmarkensammlung, Germany
    Concorde covers & stamps

  • our Space related page
  • Specialized Collecting : Ist Thing first : aerogrammes
  • Topical Index : Aerophilately ...  


    By Sea
  • Navicula - .de
  • Ship Stamp Society (Alt URL)
    10 Heyes Dr., LYMM, Cheshire WA13 0PB, UK
    Covering all maritime themes - England, 'This is the specialist society for you, and one of the very few which manages to issue a magazine every month.' (Gibbons Stamp Monthly - April 1999).
  • Wreck & Crach Mail Society ; air, rail, sea, posts
    Glen Stephen's Stampboard data pg.
    Mr. Brian Peace
    3 Elms, Church Lane, Chapel Allerton
    Leeds LS7 4LY England
    See also: dealer Ken Sanford's ' Aerophil '
    He is Editor, "La Catastrophe"

    The Wreck & Crash Mail Society was formed in the latter part of 1994, and is devoted to the collecting and study of all aspects of delayed and/or damaged mail and interrupted mail services. Currently the Society is composed of four study groups, namely:
    Air Crash Study Group,
    Railroad Wreck Study Group,
    Ship Wreck Study Group,
    Suspended Mail/Conflicts Study Group.

  • Universal Ship Cancellation Society
    747 Shard Court, Fremont, CA 94539-7419, USA

  • Interested in ships & lighthouses on stamps? Join the ship-stamp mailing list. Send an e-mail to the majordomo with no Subject, and the message line: "subscribe ship-stamp (your-email-address)" ; no parenthesis.
  • Ian Billings - @
    of: Norvick Philatelics (Alt URL)
    P. O. Box 119
    Dereham, NR20 3YN, UK
    ph.: 44-08450090939
    Features the stamps of Great Britain, Special Event and First Day postmarks - Maritime themes
    Including Lighthouse stamps and cancels.

  • Titanic Stamps - from Stampville
  • Ed (Edwin) Jackson's Boats and Ships (on US Stamps)
    a single frame exhibit.  
    by Land
  • The Pony Express
    From the USPS ' History of the U.S. Postal Service

  • Pony Express Museum
    914 Penn Street
    St. Joseph, MO 64503-2544

  • The Wells Fargo Bank History Museum
    420 Montgomery Street
    San Francisco, CA 94104-1205
    (search for "museum")


  • Automobiles on Postage Stamps
    Here Jim @ Philately.com provides lists featuring autos by manufacturer!
  • Philatelic Land Rovers
    by: T.F. Mills
    Includes ANYTHING Rover-ish!
  • Philatelic Study Unit Motor Vehicles
    Klaus Merkent
    Firnhaberstrasse 2, D-86159 Augsburg, Germany

    See Also:  
  • Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, CA
    Bill Boomer's 1940 Ford
    Bill Boomer (@) also keeps ' Bill's Philatelic Bargains, gotta 'down-size my collection', .ca-SK



  • Bicycle Stamp Club More... ATA-11
    USA contact: (c.2004, 2011)
    Bill Eubanks, @
    21304 2nd Ave SE,
    Bothell, WA 98021-7550, USA

    U.K. contact: (c.2004, 2011)
    Contact: Pres. Brian Sole
    3 Stockfield Road, Claygate,
    Esher, Surrey KT10 0QG, UK

    Australia contact: (c.2004, 2011)
    Tony Tiederman, @ (editor)
    P.O. Box 90, Baulkham Hills,
    NSW 1755, Australia

    By Rail

  • Horst Brix's Railway Thematic Stamps (in German & much in English)
  • Postal History of the First Transcontinental Railroad
    by Bruce C. Cooper
    "Perhaps one of the most important benefits to the public at large of the opening the Pacific Railroad in 1869 was the greatly increased speed and reliability -- and vastly decreased cost in direct Government subsidies -- of the transport of transcontinental mail. (Government subsidies for construction of the railroad were another matter, of course!) "
  • Mail By Rail (formerly 'Railway Mail Service')
    From the USPS 'History of the U.S. Postal Service

  • Railway Mail Service Library
    117 East Main Street
    Boyce, VA 22620-9639
  • Belgium Railway Stamps by Frank Daems
    and he covers general Europe
    and writes catalog software (freeware)

  • Jon Digranes' Norwegian Railways On Stamps
  • Hans Vink's Dutch Railways On Stamps
  • Jan Langenberg's Dutch Railways on Stamps
  • Kari Paananen's Finnish Railway Philately
  • Manfred Kopka's German Railway and World Philately (in German)
    'Eisenbahn in Deutschland auf Briefmarken der Welt'
  • Trains of Europe
    "In this site you will find my own pictures of trains, railways and railway related subjects from different European countries and my collection of European railway stamps. I'm grateful for any help in determining types, serial numbers, descriptions of any of the items shown."

    Other page links on site include:

    European railway stamps / Railway Stations / Railway Artefacts / The Dutch Railway Museum / Links / The small track to Belgium / Facts from Holland / Index of European Railway Resources / (3 different railway webrings) - and more! - (new URL a/o 7/2001)
    Includes a special page on Regional mail in N.E. Finland

  • Railway Philately Exhibit: A Survey of Rail Philately
    "This Exhibit started as a one frame exhibit and like topsy it grew. Please keep in mind that all of the items are available for purchase. "

    from: The Rail Philatelist (new URL a/o 7/2001)
    Al Peterson
    P.O.Box 25505 Colorado Springs, CO 80936
    Phone : (719)-591-2341, (orders) (800) 807-RAIL
    conducts mail sales ...
    Their listing in the 'Directory' at Collector's Mall. Featuring other dealers related to rail mail as well!.
  • A Prague (.CZ) Museums Guide
    If you are a steam engine fan this may be the place for you, as it shows the history of the use of steam engines for navigation in Prague. Podskali itself served as the centre for steam engine navigation and many sailors and raftsmen lived there. Open only Wed - Thu 10 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. - 6 p.m. - Podskalská Custom House, Rasinovo nábrezí, Prague 2. The page also lists the The Postal Museum, Nové mlýny 2, Prague 1 and The National Technical Museum, Kostelní 42, Prague 7 - Phone: 37 36 51 with the description: " If you are interested in technic and transportation, this is the museum to visit. Very few tourists finds the way out to it, so if you get tried of the crowds at some of the more popular museums it may be time to visit this museum. Open Tue - Sun 9 a.m. - 5 p.m."
  • Mobile Post Office Society
    via Swanson
  • Mobile Post Office Society
    P.O.Box 51, Lexington, GA 30648-0051
    via R. Kunz
  • The RPO Postmark Page by Rick Kunz - @
    Primarily U.S. related.
    "... Most mail of this era originated in the cities and towns where it received the local city's postmark. The history of the RPO is recorded in the postmarks used on mail that was taken to railroad station letter boxes or handed directly to the clerks on the trains. ..."

    Rick's chief aim is on page 2:

    The Railroad Postmark Pricing Project
    "This is an ongoing project, and collaborators and more data will be welcomed. Contact Rick Kunz if you'd like to help."

    Data provided:
    Price Chart - by number sold
    Rarity Factor Chart by number sold
    Auctions included
    Dealers included

    Great Britain and Ireland Railway Letter Stamps 1957-2007:
    Colour Edition: A Handbook and Catalogue [Spiral-bound]

  • The Railway Philatelic Group
    "...established as the foremost source of published information on all aspects of railway philately." - The Group publishes a quarterly journal, Railway Philately, and also runs an exchange packet, a postal auction and an annual convention.
    For details write:
    F. W. Taylor, @
    5 Garth Lane
    Widdrington, Morpeth
    Northumberland NE61 5EN. U.K.
    (Formerly hosted by Frank Wilson - Frank sells related material via:
    Frank J. Wilson
    57A Bourne Road
    Spaulding, Lincolnsshire, PE11 1JR, U.K.
  • Paper Heritage
    P.O.Box 77 Heathfield TN21 0ZL England.
    Telephone: 01435.865686
    (International +44.1435.86.56.86)
    email mail@paperheritage.co.uk ...
    old: www3.mistral.co.uk/paper.heritage
    "Established in England in 1979, we attend fairs, mainly in Britain, and deal in stamps (but not postal history) of all coutries, except for Great Britain and the British Commonwealth." (has a specific page for TRAINS with the notation: "Country collectors may find a visit to our Full Railway List worthwhile, especially for China, Cucuta, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Turkey, to name but a few." - AJ ;) {c.2008}
    See Also:
  • Dr. Robin David Gwynn : Expertization: ship and rail wreck mail, .nz
  • Jim Mehrer's Postal History: Literature section: Railway Postal History Books
    Some original works!

  • Where's That Vehicle Come From?
    (or, Trainspotting for Road Users)

  • Trains & Stamps @ Amazon.com
    A respectable listing! c.2008 aj.

  • Our 'Postal History' section for more on airplanes..ships.. & our clubs section featuring specialist Postal History clubs.

  • Topical Index : Rail...

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