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Can you identify these flags?

  • The Philatelic Vexillology (flags on stamps) Society
    Qualification for membership is as follows:

    · 1. Each member must be fluent in saying or thinking "The Philatelic Vexillology Society".
    ·.... (cost: 'something worth about a pound')

    Founder - Robert Murray, E-mail
    5 Inverleith Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 5PU Scotland .
    Tel.: (0131) 4787021, (0131) 5521220 '404' c.2008

  • Chris Pinette's Flags on Stamps
    (was) Part of a much larger flags display '404' c.2008 '404' c.2008

  • Bob Hunt's Prospectus for a Flags on Stamps Study Group  

  • Richard Mallett's Flags on Stamps website
    and his: Flags on Stamps (a YaHOo! Group)

  • Hobby Philatelie - "Coats of Arms" (Heraldry)
    but: '404' c.2008

  • Carto-Philatelics : stamps about maps, text story: map production and use - by Menno-Jan Kraak: Cartographer

  • Ceramics : Philatelic Exhibit Pages by Tom Fortunato... tmf

  • Triangle Stamps '404' c.2008  

  • Demographic Stamps
    "can you say de'mo-gra'phi-la'tel-y?" asks Ed...
    E-mail: Ed Stephan

  • Ulrich Schmitt's Hologram stamps '404' c.2008
    'I am always interested in trading hologram items - please check my trade page ...'
    He also features his book: "Holograms on Stamps" - "Hologramme auf Postwertzeichen"
    A review of his book: "The German edition of "Holograms on Stamps" was first issued in 1999 and received fundings from the German Organisation for the Enhancement of Philately and Postal History :
    Stiftung zur Förderung der Philatelie und Postgeschichte
    Mildred-Scheel-Str. 2
    53175 Bonn (.cf)

    The first (1999) and second (2000) German edition as well as the first (2000) English edition were also supported by one of the leading hologram producers: Light Impressions Int'l Ltd. (see below)

    The publication can be obtained from good philatelic dealers specialized in hologram issues and from HIT e.V. If you experience trouble in obtaining your copy please contact me. Or check with:
    Light Impressions International Ltd. IHMA (Int'l Hologram Mfg Assoc)
    5 Mole Business Park 3, Randalls Road
    Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7BA, United Kingdom
    Tel.: +44 (0)1372 386677, Fax: +44 (0)1372 386548
    ("The co-founders, Steve McGrew and John Brown, still own and actively run the company." c.2008 ajw.)

    Ulrich notes:
    Hungarian-born electrical engineer, Dennis Gabor first described holography in 1948 and won a Nobel Prize for Physics in 1971 for his invention, a system of lenseless, three-dimensional photography that has many applications. ...

    The technology of embossed holography was developed by Steve McGrew in California and became a reality in 1979 when it became possible to transfer holographic information from light sensitive glass plates to nickel embossing shims.

    Light Impressions was set up in 1982 by Steve McGrew and John Brown to develop the commercial potential of this new technology.

    (See Also: our World Stamp Expo 2000 Review; esp. Trace Hologrpahic)

  • Ron's Hologram Stamps - list of issues (several have graphics)
    but: '404' c.2008 :(
    1. Austria 10-18-1988 1441 Made in Austria emblem
    2. Brazil 10-14-1989 2210 Biennial of Sao Paulo
    3. USA 12-03-1989 U617 Env .25, Space shuttle/station
    3a. USA Same as 3, w/ "Sample" overprint
    4. Finland 01-19-1990 810 Postal and telecommunications
    5. Finland 01-19-1990 811 Postal and telecommunications
    6. USA 09-09-1990 U618 Env, Football players
    7. Hungary 11-15-1991 3254 SS, Wappen coat of arms
    7a. Hungary Same as 7, with red numbers
    7b. Hungary Same as 7, imperf
    8. Poland 11-16-1991 3056 SS, Butterfly
    68. Hong Kong 12-31-2000

    Other pages feature:
  • Hologram Postal Stationery List
  • German Hologram Issues*
  • Hologram Revenue Stamps
  • Presentation Folders, F D C's and other Holograms
  • Almost Holograms
  • Hologram EFO's
  • List of Articles About Hologram Stamps
  • Related Links
  • Hologram Stamps FAQ (onsite) DISCLAIMER - Feel free to copy or print .. list(s). You can use it however and wherever you want. Let me know if you like it or not.
    Ron's E-mail:

  • Coins on Stamps
    Marcel Zumstein, E-mail (old) : (c.2001)
    ~but...I'll offer you 5 "common" stamps for any stamp with a coin on it.~ (several graphics - aj.)
    old url:  

  • Wine on Stamps Study Unit ATA, APS
    Publication: 'Enophilatelica' {Qtr.}
    E-mail : James D. Crum, Pres., @ (c.2001)
    E-mail : David Wolfersberger, President, @ (c.2008)
    E-mail : Bruce L. Johnson, Editor, @ (c.2007-2008)
    Or Write Bruce: 115 Raintree Drive, Zionsville, IL 46007
    "We invite you to join us in ... exploring all aspects of Wine on Stamps -- vineyards, presses, barrels, wine bottles and glasses (even chalices) as well as wine in music, art and other aspects of our culture, and even our politics. We publish the quarterly journal 'Enophilatelica'." '404' c.2008

  • Writers - APS unit 30 data

    Writers Unit 30 of the APS. For authors, editors, publishers and anyone interested in philatelic literature. Dues $15 for U.S. members; quarterly journal. Write:

    George B. Griffenhagen, Sec./Treas.
    2501 Drexel St.
    Vienna, VA 22180-6906. (from Meekel's)

    President Franklin Rooseveldt, Philatelist

    (And the number of fingers?)

    Emmanuel DELPERDANGE's 'incredible collection of Stamps'
    'More than 100 cray design errors on stamps : a sample out of a collection of more than 2.500 items." '404' c.2008 (forwards from family page)

  • inscrit au Hit-Parade de (2008.12.21=6491, 2010.08.16=97,209)

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