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The Road to Auschwitz


As an example of how philatelic and historical research is closely related, Ian Nutley describes the results of his researches into the mail connected with Auschwitz and the Holocaust. ... this cover from Auschwitz was written by Kasimir Andrysik, "a Polish political prisoner who was in the very first batch of prisoners taken to the camp..."
From THE ECHOES OF THEIR VOICES, By Ian Nutley - hosted by The National Philatelic Society, U.K.

Teaching the Holocaust Through Stamps

  • Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps (In Hebrew)
    By: Dr. Chaya Ostrower, Ph.D. - Thesis topic: "Humor as a Defense Mechanism in the Holocaust". Tel-Aviv University.
    Via: Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps, pictures, text and paintings ; no frames ver. (In English)
    >In frames
    >Holocaust through Stamps; pictures and text, Teaching the (alt url; differest frames setup..)

  • Holocaust, stamps, education, teaching
    geocities.com/Athens/Forum/5314/einvert.htm ; '404' c.2008

    an award for CIFR from the Yahoo group below!

  • Centro Italiano Filatelia Resistenza (CIFR)
    old: space.tin.it/associazioni/jakkp/index.html ; '404' c.2008

  • Third Reich Stamps Group (a Yahoo Group)

    See Also: Clubs : Topical Index : War.


    (The study of human society, primarily through the recovery and analysis of the material culture and environmental data - Wikipedia)

  • Old World Archaeological Study Unit (OWASU) ATA-11, APS-05 (f.1977)
    Publication: Old World Archaeologist (quarterly)
    Caroline Scannell, @-Mail
    14 Dawn Dr, Smithtown, NY 11787-1761, USA
    "..a thematic stamp collecting group that collects and studies postage stamps related to archaeology (and cultural anthropology for spice) from the stone age to the beginnings of recorded history."

    "Do you enjoy reading about ancient and classic cultures like the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans or the 'more than classic' Ice Age populated by Neanderthals or Cro-magnon men? Love learning about more modern cultures like the Olmec or Han? Mysterious places like Easter Island or Angkor Wat? How about prehistoric cave art, lost civilizations or mythology?"

  • Mesoamerican Archaeology Study Unit ATA-02 (philatelic)
    Chris Moser, @-Mail
    P. O. Box 1442, Riverside, CA 92502, USA

  • Archaeology in philately. The Origin of Man, by Jacek Wierzbicki toja@archeofil.pl
    (in Polish). Beautiful site, excellent scans c.201201

  • Mesoamerican Archaeology Study Unit (not philatelic)
    www.masu.web.com ; '404' c.2008 (sorry!)

  • Maritime Archaeology Museum (not philatelic)

  • Museum of Underwater Archaeology (not philatelic)

    Other Histories:

  • History on Stamps, Sarah Perelli-Minetti
    New URL (c.2011)
    www.topicalsonstamps.com/history_on_stamps.htm '404' c.2011

  • Histoire - at Tousaint Coppolani's Coppoweb. - In French
    aka: 'Chroniques d'histoire postale'

    Other Events

  • An Antarctic Cover
    Featuring "Australian stamps for Antarctic Territory"
    Stamps issued for the use of members of official exploration expeditions are called 'Expedition Stamps'.
    geocities.com/TheTropics/Resort/2760/antarctic.html - good c.2008, '404' c.2011
    See Also: Polar Regions

  • 100 years of Christmas stamps
    entertainment.vsnl.com/stamps/carticle.htm ; '404' c.2008
  • Christmas
    entertainment.vsnl.com/stamps/christ1.htm ; '404' c.2008
    See Also: Religon

    Fire / Fire Fighting

  • Fire Service in Philately ATA-11, APS-05 (f.1976)
    Publication: Fire Stamp News (quarterly)
    Edward Flory, @-Mail
    149 Sopher St, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301-2209, USA

  • Fire Protection Section
    aka: ArGe Feuerschutz (a club/study group; aj c.2011)
    Jozef Jendřišák @-Mail
    Ostravská 66, 737 01 Český Tešín (Tesin, Czech Republic)
    Tel.: +420 558 737 412, Mobil: +420 604 641 222

  • Motivarbeitsgemeinschaft "Feuerwehr" e.V. (auf deutsch)
    (im VPhA via BDPh-06)
    Herrn Fritz Lameli, @-Mail, Tel.: +49 (0)6241-33680
    Pommernstr. 21, 67551 Worms, Germany
    old: home.t-online.de/home/Wittmer-Juergen/feuerweh.htm '404' c.2011

  • FIRE is the event; commercial: @
    Depicting fires and Fire Service.
    "Send for my list or send your wants list..."
    www.codeworks-uk.com/thematics.html ; '404' c.2008

  • FDC USA / WhiTech More...
    John White @-Mail eUSC-07
    "Interests: First Day Covers: Primarily North Carolina FDOI & related UO's, U.S. Fire Service related Issues." Starting with the 1983 Babe Ruth stamp… produces Whitecraft Cachets, I remember some interesting FDC's he had.. I even have one - aj. Specialty: First Day Covers of North Carolina and Fire Service issues and a few baseball issues.
    old: www.mindspring.com/~jwhite/fdcusa/fdcusa-home.html ('404' c.2011)
    older: www.angelfire.com/nc/whitech/ ('404' c.2011)

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