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Alta Vista
by Systan

Books for Other Countries M - R



King George VI Large Key Type Stamps of Bermuda, Leeward Islands, Nyasaland Dickgiesser, R W - Cloth 55.25 (Normal Price 65.00)


Cancellations and Postal Rates of Sarawak, 1858-1963; Smith, William Batty-, etc. PB 12.75

SarawakThe 1871 and 1875 Issues - A Plating Study and a Postal History; Watterson, W N - Cloth 24.22

Postal History of British Malaya - v.1; Proud, Edward B Cloth 42.50

Postal History of British Malaya - v.2; Proud, Edward B - Cloth 29.75

Postal History of British Malaya - v.3; Proud, Edward B - Cloth 25.50

Postal History of the Occupation of Malaya and British Borneo, 1941-45; Proud, Edward B - Cloth 42.50

Kedah and PerlisTheir Stamps and Postal History, 1887-1941; Holley, D Robin M - Paperboards 42.50 (Normal Price 50.00)

Stamps and Postal History of North Borneo - Pt.2; Shipman, L H PB 8.71

The Postal History of the Occupation of Malaya & British Borneo - Staff Proud Bailey Co. Ltd. (State Mutual Book & Periodical Service) -

Postal History of British Borneo; Proud, Edward B Cloth 21.25

Ceylon Camps for Boer Prisoners of War, 1900-02 - Their Postal History; Stroud, Richard PB 12.75



Malta Halfpenny Stamps 1860-1884 - The Reference List v.2; Smith, Clive - PB 17.00

MaltaThe Stamps and Postal History, 1576-1960; Martin, R E Cloth 38.25

Postal History of Malta; Proud, Edward B Cloth 29.75


Mauritius Postal History and Stamps ; Revisions and Additions; Ibbotson, Peter Cloth 25.50


British Postal Agencies in Mexico; Heath, John M Cloth 0.85

Stamps of the Mexican Revolution, 1913-1916 - Nicholas Follansbee - [Collectors Club] hb $40



Postal Stationery of Burma and Myanmar 1948-97; Warren, Richard PB 3.82

Postal History of Burma; Davis, Gerald PB 5.95

Postal History of Burma; Davis, Gerald Cloth 11.90

New Zealand

History of the New Zealand Military Postal Services, 1845-1991; Proud, Edward B - Cloth 38.25

New Zealand, 1901-1929: The Penny 'Universal' and Penny 'Dominion' Issues - Mark A. Juvisich - hb $225


Postal History of Nigeria; Proud, Edward B Cloth 59.50


Paquebot Marks of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden; Drechsel, Edwin PB 2.12

Maritime Postal History of Norwegian Steamships; Moldenhauer, F C PB 0.85

Short Maritime Postal History of Norway - A Review of the History, Mainly in Date Order, of Norwegian Shipping in Near Waters and Its Connections with Postal Arrangements Since 1827; Jackson, Eric N - Spiral 6.80

Norway: Eighteen Sixty-Seven to Eighteen Sixty-Eight Issue Coat of Arms Typographed - D. Thunelarsen,Jared H. Richter (Editor),Harry B. Jones (Translator) - [Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation] $3.50

Norway: Eighteen Seventy-Seven to Eighteen - Arnstein Berntsen,Jared H. Richter (Editor),Gunnar Steen (Translator) [Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation] $5

Norway: Eighteen Seventy-One to Eighteen Seventy-Five Issue Skilling Denominations, Shaded Posthorn - Jared H. Richter [Scandinavian Philatelic Foundation] $5

Norway: Eighteen Seventy-Eight Issues Oscar II Krone Values [1983] - Per Gellein, Jared H. Richter (Editor), Harry B. Jones (Translator) [Scand. Phil.] pb $3.50

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Cancellations and Postal Markings; Brown, David Murray Cloth 6.80


Panama - Pacific International Exposition: Postal Markings - David Savadge [Machine Cancel Society] pb $16.00

Panama Telegraph Stamps - Joseph L. Ross - pb $22

Papua New Guinea

Postal History of Papua New Guinea 1945-1998Postage Paid Markers,Pt.1; Garwood, Michael - Spiral 12.75

Postal History of British New Guinea and Papua, 1885-1942; Roger, Lee Cloth 12.75


Postal Place Names in Poland: A Philatelic Gazetteer; Kay, George K PB 21.68
Central Lithuania - A. G. Pacholczyk $68


Postal Censorship in Imperial Russia by David M. Skipton, Peter A. Michalove $75 Special Order

Siberia Postmarks and Postal History of the Russian Empire Period; Robinson, P E - Spiral 6.80

Siberia : Postmarks and Postal History of the Russian Empire Period; Robinson, P E - Cloth 10.62

Siberia - Supplement Postmarks and Postal History of the Russian Empire Period; Robinson, PE - Spiral 8.50


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Phildex (English and French)
This gentleman offers a 'free!' (due to copyright issues) service of cross referencing catalog numbers between Scott, Gibbons, Y&T ; just follow his instructions... rough currency equivalents 7/2/00 :
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= EURO 1

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