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  • Gay & Lesbian History on Stamps Club (GLHSC)
    The GLHSC AFDCS-07, ATA-11, APS-05 was founded in February 1982 by four stamp collectors in the New York City area. It's members are both stamp collectors who collect gays and lesbians on stamps and gays, lesbians and bisexuals who happen to be stamp collectors. GLHSC is a study unit of ATA (#458), APS (#205) and AFDCS (#72).

    Publication: Lambda Philatelic Journal (quarterly)
    (c.1999): For a sample copy of their journal, send a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope with 55 cents in postage (send an IRC if outside of the US) to:

    Joe Petronie (c.2011)
    PO Box 190842, Dallas, TX 75219-0842, USA
    E-mail: glhsc@aol.com home.earthlink.net/~glhsc/index.html '404' c.2009

  • The African-American Philatelic Experience ,
    by Sanford L. Byrd
    'This site is for anyone who is or may be interested in the collecting African-American Philatelic material. We hope to inform and enlighten you through these pages. If you have any comments and/or suggestions', please send E-Mail

    'We are interested in your comments and will try to reply to all inquiries. If a reply requires a conventional mail answer, please enclose a SASE.' (Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope)
    Postal address:
    AAWWSP (Note: Sanford passed away in 2002 but link above (or below) to ESPER has preserved his work),
    PO Box 1864,
    Midland, MI 48641-1864
    FAX: (517) 839-5942
    www.slsabyrd.com '404' c.2009
  • Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections (ESPER)
    PO Box 8888, Corpus Christi TX 78468-8888, USA
    Now hosts the AAWWSP articles by Sanford Byrd. c.2010

  • Stamps on Black History Home Page
    "Our Site was selected as a valuable resource for Discovery Channel School's African American History Program for Spring, 1998.

    old: 10320@advanced.org, library.advanced.org/10320/Stamps.htm ('404' c.2010)

  • Famous Women on Stamps - Anne Digranes
    "... Because I am Finnish citizen living in Norway I started with Famous Norwegian and Finnish Women on Stamps. If you want to make any comments or swap stamps, please contact me.

    See Also: Mary Ockerbloom's (NOT philatelic)
    A Celebration of Women Writers

  • Famous Portraits on the Stamps of Israel -
    Sam Zwetchkenbaum
    The way this game works is simple! You pick the category from the list below. Then you will be shown a screen JAM-PACKED with pictures of famous people on Israeli stamps. Try to guess who each one of them is, then click the stamp to find out if you're right! Plus, you'll learn more about that person. It's that easy.

    Famous Women
    Political leaders
    Zionists...the builders of Israel
    Arts and Literature
    Rabbinical Portraits
    Heroic Lives

    Send your comments to:szwetch@umich.edu
    Sam Zwetchkenbaum
    - FACINATING! aj


  • Mail to the Stars Collectors Society
    (Movie Star Mail), OH 43209, USA


  • "Indians" Or:
    Native Peoples of the Continental United States - an exhibit by Fran Adams .
    "Long before recorded history, Asian ice-age hunters stalked game animals across the 'Beringia' land-bridge to North America in a quest for survival. ..."
    Note: www.franadams.com/web/exhibits/indians.html '404' c.201008 ;) hope she's well... aj
  • American Indian Philatelic Society
    5460 Margie Lane, Oak Forest, IL 60452-3727, USA
    I find no modern reference to this Soc. - any help? AJ Ward c.2010


  • World Forum Philatelist
    Specializeing in the United Nations - site includes an online museum.
    (For more on the U.N. see our other pages ...

  • United Nations Agencies on Postage Stamps
    The U.N. first issued stamps in 1951 and features many stamps honoring and commemorating the specialized agencies of the United Nations. These agencies are: .... (a Philately.com info page!)
    philately.com/philately/united_nations_org.htm '404' c.2008

    A dubious cover cachet

  • Salvation Army Collectibles - David Miller, @
    "... history, philately, free downloads, books and more."
    Good section on stamps - especially the 'dubious' cover cachets! - and a Checklist (c.201008)
    old URL: website.lineone.net/~david.miller./  

  • And from Shades Stamp Shop, Christchurch, .nz:
    Greenpeace Philatelic Souvenirs
    Greenpeace has for several years issued cinderella or local post stamps for use on their campaign support vessels and also in the earlier years from their Antarctic Base situated in the Ross Dependency (a dependency of New Zealand).

    A sales outlet; also deals in New Zealand ++


    "I am looking for Girl Scout stamps. HELP! :-)   - Debbie Lynn
    From our guestbook 2/2001 - A.J.
    "Scouts on stamps" Created by the Scouts of
    TROOP 11, P.O. Box 231, Kent, Connecticut 06757-0231, U.S.A. in October 1996.
    This page was started as a "stamp collecting" merit badge project.
    Please tell us if you have any suggestions

  • Hallvard Slettebø's Scouts on Stamps Page

  • 50 Years of Scouts on US Stamps
    "Starting with a friendship in England with Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, Juliette Low was inspired to bring Scouting to American Girls. ..."

    from: Scouts on Stamps Society International (SOSSI)
    22 Cedar Lane, Cornwall, NY 12518, USA

  • E-Mail the webmaster

  • Australasian Scout & Guide Stamp Collecting Society
    P.O.Box 201, Gladesville, NSW 2111, Australia

  • Scout & Guide Stamp Club (SGSC), @ (f.1957)
    c/o: Tim Reed, @-Mail
    10 Falconwood Close, Fordingbridge,
    Hampshire SP6 1TB, England
    Tel.:: +44 1425 650961
    old: 57 Church Rise, Chessington, Surrey KT9 2HA, UK
    old: home.san.rr.com/rsfhome/sgsc.htm '404' c.2011
    older: '404'

  • Scout and Girl Guide Stamp Club
    16 Effingham House, Kingsnympton Park, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 7RU, England (UK)

  • Scout Filatelisten Benelux
    Aan de Bocht 3, 9000 Gent, Belgium
    old: http://users.telenet.be/scoutsfilatelisten/ (directory only c.2011)
    older: http://www.scoutsfilatelistenbenelux.be/ '404'

  • Scoutisme et Collection
  • (France) ('404' c.2011)

  • Scout & Stamp Home Page - commercial but interesting,
    "Our database contains: 6465 items. (at the time: 1999) ('404' now)
    2857 with images and 3608 are not.
    'Most of our scout stamp images are scanned by and used under permission from Troop 11, Buffalo Stamp, and Scouter Stamps.'
    Resources from Scout & Stamp - Worldwide Web contacts.
    E-mail the webmaster
    Scouter Stamps
    PO Box 2683, Plattsburgh, New York 12901
    E-mail, Phone (518) 561-8932
    Provides the 'Official Album of the Boy Scouts of America'
    and a 'Check List/Price List' which is also a link provided from Troop 11.

  • Libyan Boy and Girl Scouts Stamps - Ibrahim Ighneiwa, Libya

  • Thémascout - Jars Affectueux
    In French ... loads of images country by country, Chat, Forum, Lexicon ..  

    Buffalo Stamp ., NY, USA - Scout (& Space) Stamps Sales incl. topical lists
    "We are professionals with over twenty years of experience serving Scout collectors and dealers and are longtime and respected members of such organizations as the
  • APS, ATA
  • Scouts and Guides Stamp Club (England)
  • Scouts on Stamps Society International (USA) (above)
  • ArGE Pfadfinder (Germany)
  • World Scout Sealers (Canada) ['Sealers?']
  • St George Philatelic Society.
  • J. David F. McKee, member Cinderella Stamp Club., Ireland.
    Publishes a Checklist of Scouts, Guides & Brigade Stamps of the World, see 'Ireland' link for details!

  • Global ScoutNet
    Not philatelic

  • Boy Scouts of America - BSA - National Council
    Not Philatelic; directly

  • Calumet Council, Boy Scouts of America
    Not philatelic

  • See Also: Clubs : Topical Index : Scouts. (& Guides)

    Personalities By Name

  • Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) ('404' c.2011)
    A philatelic tribute to the Bengali Nobel Poet Laureate . (As author of Gitanjali and its "profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse", he was the first non-European who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913.)

    Rabindranath Tagore appeared in the stamps from the following countries:
  • INDIA (1952, 1961, 1971, 1987)
  • ARGENTINA (1961)
  • BRAZIL (1961)
  • RUMANIA (1961)
  • RUSSIA (1961)
  • SWEDEN (1973)
  • BULGARIA (1982)
  • VIETNAM (1982)
  • COMORO ISLANDS (1977; in this stamp you can find left of Tagore is W.B.Yeats, Bertrand Russell and Ernest Hemingway)
  • BANGLADESH (1991)

    (& Correos Uruguay has issued a stamp commemorating Rabindranath Tagore's 150th birth anniversary in 2011)
  • Marco Polo In Philately (cc.), by Mr. Marijan Segedin,
    Secretary General of the Croatian Philatelic Federation, "The philatelic opus of Marco Polo voyages are quite rich in a last few years. The first edition appears in Italy 1954 (two postage stamps). After that the next edition was commemorative cancellation in former Yugoslavia, it was in use on post office 50260 Korcula in 1984 ..." (good graphics! aj c.2011)

    Mr. Marijan Segedin, secretary general
    c/ Croatian Philatelic Federation
    PO Box 259
    Tel: (private) +385 (0)911 429002, +385 91 1 318776 *
    Tel: (office) +385 (0)91 392924
    Fax: (office) +385 (0)91 392925

    And this is only part of a much larger (not philatelic) work on Marco Polo. - aj

    See "Marco Polo - home page' below; see also Linn's Stamps News of Mar. 1, 1999 page 30 - a new Marco Polo stamp...
    Part of the larger:

    Marco Polo - home page

  • Captain Cook Society (@) More... ATA-11 (f.1975)
    Life and voyages of Captain James Cook
    Publication: Cook’s Log (quarterly)
    USA: Brian Sandford,
    173 Minuteman Dr, Concord, MA 01742-1923, USA
    United Kingdom: Alwyn Peel, @
    13 Cowdry Close, Thornhill, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF12 0LW UK
    Australia: Riemer Brouwer,
    5 Arthur St, Unit 2, Briar Hill, Victoria 3088 Australia
    Canada: John W. Richardson,
    19 Oakhurst Dr, North York, ON, Canada M2K 2N2,
    New Zealand: Allan Berry,
    238 Waikiekie Road, Thames, New Zealand
    old: CaptainCookStudyUnit.com & Secretary@CaptainCookStudyUnit.com
    older: freespace.virgin.net/chris.jones/ccsu.htm

    Christopher Columbus Philatelic Society (@) More.... ATA-11, APS-05 (f.1982)

    Publication: Discovery! (quarterly)
    Donald Ager, Pres. (c.2011)
    PO Box 71, Hillsboro, NH 03244-0071, USA
    Leslie Seff, Sec. (c.2011)
    3750 Hudson Manor Ter Unit E., Bronx, NY 10463-1126, USA
    Life and voyages of Christopher Columbus.
    old: home.prcn.org/~pauld/ata/units/columbus.htm
    older: http://www.philately.com/society_news/columbus.htm

  • Chronologie des timbres au ..
    (several French personalities and professions)
    "From 1846 ..., find the principal contemporary events of, for example, Luc-Olivier Merson:

    ~It appeared difficult to summarize the life of such an artist without approaching the context of the time.
    ... Astonishment also and strange impression of the Net surfer for which the 74 years of the life of a man will be summarized with as many clics of mouse: "

    Translated via AltaVista's 'Bablefish' - just chose "French to.." and copy in the url from a link above.

  • Honorary Darwin Stamps
    (From the British Post Office)
    An exhibit at Stamp One Auctions (& Searches), AZ, USA. (or is it NH?) - c.2009

  • Princess Diana stamp list - from: Linn's Stamp News
    This list includes over 460 sets of stamps honoring Princess Diana. In the listing, one asterisk (*) indicates that the item is not listed in Scott, and two asterisks (**) mean that the item is too recent to have received a Scott number.
    Click on items with a hyperlink to view full-color images of these issues. Please note that many of these images are large and will require a longer download time.
    linns.com/online/special/diana.asp '404' c.2011
    As and alternative: URL c.2011; botton of page!

  • Princess Diana Postage Stamp Checklist 1981 - 1997; commercial site
    $5.00 postpaid (U.S.) [+ $2 for foreign addresses'] will get you a hardcopy. - 2/99
    (Ladd Stamps is listed in our Dealers Directory .)
  • Elvis Presley Postage Stamps
    Message board, offers stamps via Stampville ... Elvis bio and chronology.
    www.elvisstamps.com/ '404' c.2011

  • Elvis On Stamps (book)
    www.xtn.net/~elvis/ - '404' 5/2001
    Co-Publisher: Charlie Hodge, ".. one of the best friends of Elvis' entire life...

    "Fortunately for Elvis fans, over 37 countries have issued numerous stamps from all phases of his remarkable lifetime...

    E-mail: elvis@xtn.net ;

    music (was) on each page and offers(ed) a Elvis stamps reference book for sale.

    Smokey Mountain Publishing Co.
    7690 Asheville Highway
    Greeneville, TN 37743 , USA

    See Also:
    Graceland - A Division of Elvis Presley Enterprises
    ..includes the licensing of the name, likeness, image, signature and voice of Elvis Presley


  • The Beatles on stamps!
    - All of them; the Beatles and the Stamps (c. 2001)
    geocities.com/rafvdberghe/ '404' c.201008

  • Jules Verne Stamps
    Just a 'small' part of a site dedicated to many aspects of Jules Verne.

  • Biographies of people on stamps @ Philatelie.com
    An extensive system listing people who appear on stamps and what stamps they appear on.
    philately.com/philately/biographies.htm '404'

    As an alternative:

    List of people on stamps,
    Wikimedia (Wikipedia) Foundation (c.2011)
    "Fact-index.com financially supports the Wikimedia Foundation"

    See Also:
    Our Philatelic Names Index .

  • Biographical Dictionary Search Page
    Not philatelic - but a good resource. aj
    "S9.com is a Wikipedia type system and everyone can edit biographies or even create their own. S9.com was established in 1997 and since then has grown into one of the largest biography sites on the planet." (c.201008 URL updated)

  • CMG Worldwide
    ..the home of properties and personalities considered to be among the most prestigious in the licensing industry. Based in Indianapolis, CMG Worldwide secured its position during the 1970s as the premier company for representing the families and estates of deceased celebrities. Today, CMG Worldwide represents over 200 diverse personalities and corporate clients in the sports, entertainment and music fields including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Babe Ruth, Bill Elliott, Sophia Loren, Humphrey Bogart, Buddy Holly and Bette Davis.

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